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Information for terminally ill or hopelessly physically ill, competent adults

‘Last Rights Publications’ in Canada went out of business, just after Final Exit 3rd edition was published. So ignore the information In Final Exit paperback page 140 about where to purchase the helium hood kit. (This out-of-date info is not in the April 2010 edition of ‘Final Exit’.)

Also recent Final Exit eBook editions noted the helium hood kit was available from the GLADD Group. That is no longer the case.

Helium Hood Kits are no longer available from the GLADD Group. No other source of the kits is known at this time. Review the comments below for additional info.

Ideally, TWO 14.9 cu.ft tanks each for 30 party balloons are needed. The GLADD kits are made for use with two tanks. (Actually, simply 4-5 good gulps of pure helium are lethal — the 2nd tank is in case one happens to be empty.)
The tanks can be purchased from a toy store or a party store. Ask not for ‘helium’ but for a ‘party balloon kit’ (each of which contains one tank of helium.)
The same tanks are also advertised for sale on the internet by Target and at Party America. Put ‘party balloon kits’ into Google Search Box. (But much cheaper in toy stores, where you can use cash.) Nitrogen works just as lethally as helium if that is available.

The illustrated information information in the paperback or digital Final Exit book must be studied closely for successful self-deliverance. Final Exit paperback and eBook and Final Exit DVD video available through the ERGO Bookstore

Derek Humphry, jnlst & author, Oregon 24 January 2011

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  1. ergo says:

    Since the FBI raided the manufacturer in Southern California and shut her down (GLADD) nobody will risk resuming making inert gas hood kits. As the next best thing, there’s an illustrated pamphlet on the ERGO Bookstore on “How to make your own inert gas kit”
    Reading materials in the USA are protected under the 1st Amendment right to free speech. Only France has a law banning any literature relating to suicide planning — other countries just stay clear of prosecutions, thankfully. D H

  2. EB234212 says:

    Hello D.H,

    Is there a way I can buy with cash from store?, I am panicking about buying with credit card and leave a digital trace. I know it is nothing to panic about, but after living with chronic debilitating pain from last 5 years, I am now always panicking about things- small or big. This is one of the many side effects of my disease which has left me nothing more than a flesh with no feelings or soul. I feel empty inside and outside. As if I am nothing but a flesh and bone with the burden of living this way for rest of my life, suffering all along.

    Thank You!

  3. EB234212 says:

    Hello , Sir

    Would you be kind again on my miserable life. Due to ankylosing spondylitis, I have become a house of pain along with many limitations on my mobility including trouble breathing comfortably with my nose(sometimes it is easy, and sometimes not). However, I can breathe deeply with my mouth. With helium bag, is it recommended to breathe with nose or mouth? Will breathing deeply with mouth have the same effect of filling my lungs with helium as breathing through nose? . I am very concerned if I botch the execution.
    Secondly, how likely is it that someone may get brain damage because of botched plan?
    I can understand the difference between very likely, or rarely, and I am willing to take risk if it is rarely. I think you might not have considered my previous question suitable for this thread. So, I will not ask that again.

    It will be very kind of you, if you would advice me, so I am able to get a reprieve from my misery. I do not want to achieve anything else in my life, not at the cost of suffering the way I am.

    Kind Regards, EB

    REPLY:I am not a medical person of any type so cannot answer your questions. You should seek professional advice.

  4. Gasbuggy says:

    WARNING – Balloon Time has changed their Helium/Air mix to 80/20. These tanks are ineffective. Do not use!

    To conserve helium the change was made in 2015. If the tank label states that the contents is a helium/air mixture do not use these tanks for oxygen deprivation. They will not work for that purpose.

    The above warning appears on the following site.

    Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization

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