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ERGO (Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization) has officially closed down as an Oregon nonprofit group. Formed in 1993 by Derek Humphry (a best-selling author) it provided helpful guidance to many terminally ill persons, and was the source for the sales of guide books such as “Jean’s Way” and “Final Exit” both in paperback and ebook form.

ERGO’s work is now carried out by the extensive Final Exit Network USA (finalexitnetworkwork.org) which he helped to found in 2004.

Derek Humphry, now 93, is drawing back from lengthy active participation in the right-to-die movement. He founded the Hemlock Society USA in 1980 and was co-founder of the World Federation of Right To Die Societies. In those days groups advocating any form of end-of-life guidance were highly controversial.

His books will continue to be available via Amazon and Kindle.

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