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Betty Rollin’s husband wanted physician-assisted dying but being in New York he could not have it.

The New York Tines obituary on him said, in part:

Harold Edwards, known by his large circle of friends as Ed, died of colon cancer on November 10 at 84 at his home in New York City. He was a mathematician working in number theory, algebra, and the history and philosophy of mathematics.

Dr. Edwards was brilliant, charming, a prince among men, and a devoted husband to the love of his life, Betty Rollin, a former NBC news correspondent and author.

In ‘Last Wish‘, Betty wrote about her mother’s terminal cancer and their involvement in her suicide.

Betty and Ed went on to became active in the movement to legalize physician-assisted dying.

As of now, there is no law in New York which would have allowed Dr. Edwards to die with assistance as he wanted to do.

People are constantly asking what is the situation on doctor-assisted dying for the terminally ill in the USA. The legal scholar Thaddeus Pope has published a new and insightful article on the state-to-state differences for medical aid in dying. This is an abstract:

Medical Aid in Dying: Key Variations Among U.S. State Laws

Thaddeus Mason Pope

ABSTRACT: Medical aid in dying (MAID) is legal in eleven U.S. jurisdictions representing one-fourth of the U.S. population, but despite its legality, MAID is practically available to only a subset of qualified patients in these states.

MAID’s eligibility requirements and procedural safeguards may impede a patient’s access. In response, state legislatures have begun to craft more flexible rules as they recalibrate the balance between safety and access. There is already significant variability among U.S. MAID statutes in terms of eligibility requirements, procedural conditions, and other mandates.

While the Oregon Death with Dignity Act has served as the template for all subsequent MAID statutes, the states have not copied the Oregon law exactly. Furthermore, this nonconformity grows as states continue to engage in an earnest and profound debate about the practicality of MAID.

Thaddeus Mason Pope, Medical Aid in Dying: Key Variations Among U.S. State Laws, J. Health and Life Sci. L., Oct. 2020, at 25. © American Health Law Association, www.americanhealthlaw.org/ journal.
It’s ten places, not eleven as stated above. They are:

District of Columbia (not yet a state)
New Jersey
Montana has a court ruling permitting this.
(November 2020)

Many people ask me where is it easiest to get nembutal in Mexico?

Veterinary Nembutal can be bought in vet/animal stores in Mexico but it has to be searched out. Some stores will have it, some not, some unwilling. There is no sure place! Those in the countryside are most likely. This is the feedback we get. Tijuana is not a good shopping place — notorious for problems……

Progress towards wider medical assisted choice in dying at life’s end……

With bipartisan backing, New Zealand has just passed a progressive law. Now, beginning on Nov. 6 of next year, doctors will be able to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine to patients suffering from terminal illnesses.

“What a great day to be a Kiwi,” said David Seymour, the lawmaker who had sponsored the act. New Zealand is now a kinder, more compassionate, more humane society.”

In the US, medical aid in dying, where a terminal patient can request a lethal pharmaceutical to self ingest to end their suffering, is now legal in nine states and the District of Columbia.


Nowadays it’s fashionable to use euphemisms for elderly suicide, self- deliverance and doctor-assisted suicide. Old age self-killing is now called the ‘completed life’.

The arguments for and against are already laid out in dozens of articles and books, almost entirely by academics and physicians (see Google). Thus, I will summarize mine as a lay person:

For a person over 70 who has declining health and scant happiness it is logical to end their life if they so wish. Each person must decide for themselves, not go with a trend or somebody else’s persuasion.

Suicide in not a crime, nor is it such a disgrace as it was in older times, provided there is a reason.

I think this reason for leaving life should not be sanctioned or advocated or practiced by groups.

Life is a personal responsibility, thus whether a person hangs on to the inevitable end depends on individual medical circumstances, personal ethics and each person’s quality Continue Reading »

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An interesting contrast:

Watching the Tour de France on TV where EVERYBODY in the 100s of spectators over 100s of miles is masked.

Pandemic is bad in France as in the USA.

Seeing the big Trump rallies in Nevada (very hot) there is NOBODY masked and no distancing! Suicidal!

I wonder if these Trump supporters will decline to have vaccinations when they arrive?

Anthony Lester, a London lawyer, who often fought cases concerning right-to-die issues has died. When on the Sunday Times staff in the l960s and l970s I often worked with him – a remarkable man – on campaigns. Following are two extracts from a lengthy obituary in The Times of 10 August 2020:

Extract 1 from the Times Obituary:
Lester, who was once described as “an old-style advocate of the Rolls-Royce school”, spent a lifetime campaigning for equality and free speech. He was the godfather of much of the legislation, playing a pivotal role in the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976, and introducing the civil partnership legislation in 2004.

Extract 2 :
Lester’s other notable cases included the 1993 ruling in which doctors were permitted to stop feeding Tony Bland, a victim of the Hillsborough disaster who was in a persistent vegetative state; acting for Diane Blood, who successfully fought to bear her dead husband’s children; and acting on behalf of Annie Lindsell, a terminally ill woman who in 1997 sought to give her GP the legal right to assist her suicide.

Lord Lester of Herne Hill, UK,QC, barrister, was born on July 3, 1936. He died of heart disease on August 8, 2020, aged 84
Full obit. at https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/register/lord-lester-of-herne-hill-obituary-vqdkf0pn0

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Like many others, I’m asked regularly whether certain drug sellers are scams. Particularly Nembutal. Now Dr. Phillip Nitsche has done something about these fraudsters.

For many years, Exit International has published a list of online Nembutal scams in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook in order to warn readers (& the general public) not to waste their money attempting to buy Nembutal online.

Nembutal Scammers operate fake websites, fake email addresses, fake phone numbers, fake forums, fake Social Media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).

Dr.Nitschke lists about 30 of the known scammers.

Visit www.NembutalScams.com

There find a list of scammers and to add your own experience of cheating.

You might like to take a look at my video on YouTube re my latest book (Ebook) at

https://www.youtube.com/the final exit
It concerns thoughtful advance planning about the end of life.

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An 89-year-old doctor, seriously ill, wrote this comment:

“I am reading Derek Humphry’s “Final Exit.” It is a wonderful book. It should be required reading in medical school. The topic should be discussed in medical school. The style reminds me of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” my kind of book, clear thinking, easy to understand.”

Visit: https://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

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