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We’ve had an extraordinary demand for the book ‘Final Exit’ since it is mentioned in the movie NOMADLAND, (3 Oscars 2021) thus delivery will be slower than usual — but certain….the publishers have had to go back to press.

Derek Humphry is the author, not Dr. Kevorkian as the movie character mistakenly says.

But it is instantly available as “Final Exit 2020″ Ebook download at


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Scotland is edging towards enacting legislation that will give dying patients the right to end their lives.

The SNP has pledged, if re-elected, to set up a citizen’s assembly representing a cross-section of society to look at legalizing assisted dying. The Scottish Greens, who may form a coalition government with the SNP after May’s election, are already committed to introducing “safe and compassionate laws that allow terminally ill adults the right to an assisted death when the time is right for them”.

Polling indicates that the vast majority of voters in Scotland support changing the law to be more like Switzerland and the ten US states where assisted dying is allowed.

The governor of NEW MEXICO has just signed into law the End of Life Options Act.  This is the 11th U.S. state to allow people with terminal illness to die the. way they want.

There is a handy research tool  on this subject the Death with Dignity National Center website:


Author error in new movie “Nomadland” ( 3 Oscars 2021)

CORRECTION re the book ‘Final Exit’
Beginning at the 37-minute mark of this fine movie, the protagonist is having one of many “slice of life”-type conversations with a new friend who suddenly appears to be sick.

The new friend explains that she had small-cell lung cancer, that it had metastasized to her brain, and that her doctors had given her seven or eight months to live.

Then she says, “I have this book called Final Exit by Dr. Kevorkian. Some people call him Dr. Death. It’s like various ways that you can end your life if you need to. It’s kind of like a recipe.”

The author of ‘Final Exit’ is Derek Humphry, not Dr.Kevorkian.

It was 18 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in l991.  This guide book is still on sale daily — updated — in bookstores, Amazon, Kindle and the internet worldwide. See www.finalexit.org


Dr Henry Marsh: The law insists that I suffer until the end

Dr Henry Marsh

After many decades of working with patients facing death, a recent diagnosis of advanced cancer means that I now face death myself — possibly within a year, perhaps up to five years or more if I am fortunate.

Although my discomfort is currently tolerable, I am deeply concerned by the very real possibility of a slow, undignified and painful death. As a doctor for over 40 years, I know that dying can be deeply distressing for both patient and family, despite what the opponents of assisted dying claim, however good the palliative care.

It is not just a question of physical suffering but also of the loss of autonomy that dying so often involves and which I dread most of all. I am quite certain that if people in my situation knew they had the ability to choose how, when and where they would die, it would greatly reduce their suffering…..continued….

Read his plea in Friday’s Times of London.  But why didn’t he speak up before he fell ill ??  This argument has been going on in Parliament since l936 in the UK


March was a month of legislative action: Spain legalized euthanasia, Canada finally signed Bill C-7 into law and the Tasmanian VAD Bill passed the final vote in the Lower House.

Unfortunately, the Portugese Constitutional Court overturned the in January approved euthanasia bill. However, the decision left open the option to euthanasia provided that the legislation is better drafted.

Keep abreast of events at      www.finalexit.org

Canada has expanded the scope of its laws on medically assisted death to include people whose demise is not foreseeable and opened the door for the mentally ill to have the procedure.

The law, given royal assent on Wednesday, revamps assisted death in Canada and comes as assisted suicide is legalised in Spain, fulfilling a pledge by Pedro Sánchez, the prime minister.

The changes make euthanasia legal in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland and nine US states.  Rules vary considerably.

Book Notice

THE INEVITABLE:  Dispatches on the Right to Die

By Katie Engelhart    St. Martin’s Press  3/2021

I’ve read every non-academic book on the right to die in the last 40 years and the scope of this new one comes as a pleasant change:  in-depth, international, doctor-probing, and examining certain people who want accelerated death from birth to their life’s end.

(This cannot be a ‘book review’ as I know too many of the people in it and am myself occasionally referred to. So, it’s a ‘notice’.)

The intensive studies of the backgrounds and philosophies of four doctors (Shavelson, Nitschke, Irwin, Kevorkian), ground-breaking professionals, are a gem in themselves, something not examined this way before.

The suffering and distress of selected persons with painful and distressing illnesses who are looking for a quick, non-violent end is told in deep, thoughtful stories. And compassionate. We need to know exactly how it is for some.

Author Katie Engelhart, Oxford graduate and journalist, tells the important story of the whole contemporary right-to-die movement in very readable style — with those troublesome source notes tucked away in 49 pages at the extreme end.

A vital and needed book. — DEREK HUMPHRY

Did you happen to see Friday night’s program “Father Brown” on PBS TV ?   Show name: ‘The Angel of Mercy.’

It featured two deaths which at first seemed normal to the police but which the great ministerial R.C. ‘detective’ suspected to be murder.

He eventually found that both persons, who had advanced cancer, had been gassed. A person who believed in euthanasia had provided them each with a gas mask and a bottle of gas (did not say which gas) and they chose to self-deliver.

The story was set between l945-50 UK because there was talk of food rationing.
The Euthanasia Society in London was formed in l935 and a bill on assisted suicide  failed in Parliament in 1936, as it still does. But the subject was then very little known.

I suspect the script writer used today’s open knowledge of inert gas self-deliverance to reach back 60 years for a story line. Father Brown naturally did not approve, but the program was not  on the whole judgemental.  Unusual.

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Talk about odd distribution of vaccines to combat the pandemic!

All my family in England (regardless of age) have received both their shots.

My family in France — no signs of shots coming at all.

I have received one shot (Moderna) this week on account of being over 80 in Oregon, USA.

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