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Queensland will become the fifth Australian state to legalize voluntary assisted dying (VAD) after state Parliament passed a historic bill on Thursday.

After more than two days of emotionally charged debate, the bill passed with 61 MPs supporting the legislation and 30 voting against it.

The new laws — which are not set to take effect until January 2023 — will allow people aged 18 and older who are expected to die within 12 months, and who meet strict eligibility criteria, to seek medical assistance to end their lives.

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The British Medical Association (BMA) has finally dropped its long-standing
opposition to assisted dying. This is a significant milestone.

This landmark decision comes ahead of Baroness
Meacher's Assisted Dying Bill being debated on 22 October 2021
in the House of Lords.

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Just been talking on the phone with a woman in New York who paid $1,000  for 100 Nembutal tablets from a Mexican seller on the internet which were never delivered.

In all the years I’ve been monitoring these type of drug offers for self-deliverance I have not heard of one that was completed.  They’re all scams.  Nembutal is the favorite come-on.

Some of the sites offering drugs look very professional and convincing, until you look closely and notice the absence of medical qualifications and where the seller is based.  Some will take PayPal as this cheated NYC woman used.

The D E A, courier services and USPS know who, from experience, these drug dealers are and would intercept and seize packages.

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The British Medical Association (BMA) is coming under pressure to drop its opposition to assisted dying as efforts to change the law gather pace.

At its annual representatives meeting next week the doctors’ trade union is to consider a motion recommending that it adopts a neutral position on the issue. It comes after a survey of nearly 29,000 of its members concluded that medics were split on the issue.

Politicians in the Lords and Scottish parliament are involved in parallel moves to attempt to change the law to legalise assisted dying, with a YouGov poll earlier this month showing 73 per cent of Britons in favour of doctor-assisted suicide.

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73% of UK supports MAiD for the terminally ill

A YouGov research poll in the U.K. shows that there is overwhelming public support for doctor-assisted suicide for patients suffering from a terminal illness. The same report shows that Members of Parliament are heavily divided on this issue.

Almost three quarters of Britons (73%) think the law should be changed to allow doctors to assist in the suicide of someone suffering from a terminal illness, including 74% of Conservative voters and 76% of Labour voters. However, just 35% of MPs feel the same way.

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Jean’s Way: A Love Story

by Derek Humphry

A bestseller over 50 years. Ten translations.

Consider buying this classic book on KINDLE for $6 and an easy 420 KB download, 150 pages.

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From the Final Exit Network newsletter, Vol. 20, # 3, Summer 2021:

A right-to-die icon spoke from the grave (kind of) and gave a living RTD icon a big
sales boost to a best-selling book, Final Exit.

Oscar-winning Nomadland (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress) includes a passing reference to
Derek Humphry’s ultimate DIY guide for self-deliverance.

At the 37-minute mark of the film, a person is having one
of many “slice of life”-type conversations with a new friend
who suddenly appears to be sick. The friend explains that she
has small-cell lung cancer, that it has metastasized to her brain,
and that her doctors have given her seven or eight months to live.
Then she says, “I have this book called Final Exit
by Dr. Kevorkian. Some people call him Dr. Death.
It’s like various ways that you can end your life if you
need to. It’s kind of like a recipe.”

It was a recipe for a run on the book. Suddenly,
sales of all versions doubled, then tripled – all due to a
surprise mention in Nomadland.
The paperback sold out, and Random House
reprinted it by July 1.

“It was not pleasing to have the most successful of
my 13 books attributed to someone else,” Humphry
mused. “But the reason appears to be that the book’s
title is better known than my name, while Dr. Kevorkian
remains famous for the 130 people he helped to die.”
(Kevorkian died in 2011.)

The author error made no difference because the
book title name is well known, thus easily found by
searchers. “It is rare for any book to be mentioned in
a movie, especially a book as controversial as this,”
Humphry said.

Final Exit has never stopped selling since it first
appeared in l991.  Back then, Humphry had to publish it himself,
under the imprint of the Hemlock Society.  To huge
surprise, it became a New York Times #1 best-seller,
remaining on that list for 18 weeks. There were 10
translations.  Sales have continued for 30 years (constantly
updated) as a paperback, ebook, Kindle and audio.



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Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Suicide Act in England - the law that 
criminalized assisted dying for terminally ill people. 

There are now Assisted Dying Bills coming in both the House of Lords and the Scottish
Parliament. On many occasions in the past such law reform has failed but  now public opinion has changed.

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On  July  20, a 28-year-old man in the Netherlands was arrested for trafficking suicide powder. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, at least six suicides are linked to the man. The Justice Department suspects the drug was provided to hundreds of people. Research should show how many people actually took the drug and how many people died from it.

The criminal investigation started after the death of a woman in May 2021. A suspicious substance and data carriers were found with her, which led the investigation team to the 28-year-old man. An investigation was then launched into the question of whether the suspect provided the substance to more than one person. The suspect sold the drug from November 2018 to June 2021, justice says.

The suspect was a member of Coöperatie Laatste Wil (CLW): a Dutch Right to Die Society that advocates for self-determination when it comes to dying. “I understand that he acted in a peaceful manner,” says Jos van Wijk, chairman of CLW about the man.

“His trade shows that people want this stuff,” says Van Wijk. But he is disagreed with the way S. proceeded. „I do not think that anyone should simply function as a pick-up address.” Van Wijk believes that anyone who wants to die should be allowed to die. He believes it is important that people are properly instructed about safety use of the suicide drug, which is referred to as ‘agent X’ by, among others, CLW mentioned, and that conversations are held in advance with the person who has a death wish.

Derek Humphry adds note:  I believe the substance was sodium nitrite. Assisted dying in the Netherlands is only lawful when done by doctors.

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There is an interesting peer-reviewed research published in OMEGA-Journal = of Death and Dying. Click here (https://doi.org/10.1177/00302228211033368) = to read the article – “Why People Think They Might Hasten Their Death When= Faced with Irremediable Health Conditions Compared to Why They Actually Do= So.” (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/00302228211033368)

This is an extract:

Since Derek Humphry’s best-selling book in 1991, Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide, public opinion on terminally ill patients seeking a hastened death has moved from wildly controversial to enormous public support, including now the majority of physicians (Humphry, 1991; Kane, 2020).

After initial concerns about potential harmful consequences for vulnerable populations proved unfounded (Lindsay, 2009; Albaladejo, 2019), more and more countries and states are passing legislation to support the public’s interest in being able to have control over the manner and timing of their own death when faced with irremediable health conditions.

Final Exit Network (FEN) is one of the organizations in the United States, alongside ten (and growing) state approved medical-aid-in-dying options, and other domestic and international groups and countries, that support end of life options. Examples of these organizations include Compassion and Choices, Death with Dignity, Dignitas, Exit International, and the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

These programs continue to grow in number and provide resources for those seeking information about how to achieve a peaceful death rather than a drawn-out process of increasing frailty, violent gun options, or loss of quality of life and autonomy due to health conditions over which they otherwise have little or no control (Bellamy, 2017). Seniors ages 85 and older had the second-highest suicide rate in the United States in 2018, and firearms were used in 70.0% of them among seniors aged 65 and older (America’sHealthRankings, 2021; Mertens & Sorenson, 2012).

State-sponsored physician-aid-in-dying programs and informational organizations like the ones we have mentioned above aim to offer elders and others with intractable health conditions peaceful options when it comes to controlling their deaths. (end extract)

Updated ‘Final Exit’ paperback and ebook now at


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