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FINAL EXIT 2020 is now available for downloading. Also,
Final Exit paperback, 3rd edition, now comes with an extensive addendum updating it. Both versions only from https://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

FINAL EXIT 2020 Ebook just out

A reader of the new Ebook writes:
I ordered the online copy some weeks ago but only recently got around to reading it all. Congratulations! I think you have done a fine job of laying the basic information out there for people to read and learn.

I am very happy that I bought it and read it, as I intend to recommend it to people who call looking for current information. Thanks so much for doing this. I know it demands a good deal of time and energy. You have given us a real gift. With admiration, Ann M.

Download Final Exit 2020 (and any other book or Advanced Directive) at

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(Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization)

For 25 years ERGO has been pounding away via blogs, listserv, books, pamphlets and video
for the right of terminally or hopelessly ill persons to choose when and where they die.
Much progress has been made — better understanding of self-deliverance (Final Exit) and some
law reforms. Still some way to go!

ERGO has no staff, no offices, but running expenses such as internet fees, utilities, office supplies, printing and postage and so on, mount up. Your help with a holiday donation would be most helpful.
ERGO has been tax-exempt and tax deductible since l993. The IRS ID # is 93-1118314.

If you can help our mutual cause, many thanks.
Happy Holidays! ** Derek Humphry, president

By mail:
ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, ORegon 97448, USA
By internet
(See the gift icon)

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The outrageous cost of the two most effective drugs used in Medical Aid in Dying are at last being questioned by Senators and Congress reps in Washington.

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and U.S. Reps. Earl Blumenauer, Peter DeFazio, Suzanne Bonamici and Kurt Schrader have questioned the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on its role in barriers faced by people seeking death with dignity, including prohibitively high costs and availability of medication prescribed by physicians.

In a letter to DEA Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon, the Oregon lawmakers asked for details on the agency’s process for approving applications to import medication used for death with dignity, or “medical aid in dying”, specifically the commonly prescribed and short-acting barbiturates pentobarbital and secobarbital.

Although approximately 20 percent of the United States population now lives in a state where medical aid in dying is legal, it remains difficult for people to access the medications prescribed by their physicians. The DEA has the authority to approve the importation of certain drugs, including pentobarbital and secobarbital, yet applications are currently languishing at the agency to import these medications and lower the cost of end of life decisions for people choosing death with dignity.

“People facing a terminal illness should be able to spend their remaining days with loved ones. They should not have to struggle to locate medicine that allows them to determine their end of life story, or worry about the financial impact on them and the loved ones they leave behind,” the lawmakers wrote.

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Final Exit 2020 eBook

Final Exit 2020 is only available through the ERGO Bookstore. Order and download the eBook at https://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

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(Digital eBook Edition)

Self-deliverance and assisted dying for the terminally and hopelessly ill

By Derek Humphry

This new version of the famous guide Final Exit has been called a suicide handbook, yet careful readers will find that it is powerfully addressed to terminally and hopelessly ill adults who have fought for life and no longer wish to suffer.

It is the thinking persons bible to self-deliverance and assisted dying to achieve a peaceful end within the family when pain has become unbearable.

When Final Exit was published in 1991 it was a best-seller on the New York Times book list for 18 weeks. Final Exit 2020 eBook is the 21st century successor, encapsulating all that we’ve learned about end of life choice options, since the Final Exit paperback was published. Includes the methods of self-deliverance using inert gas and newer drugs, amply illustrated. (The original kit document is not necessary, thus removed.)

Death with dignity requires more than knowledge for drugs and inert gases; thus this book outlines family involvement, the laws on helping another to die, insurance, hospice and Advance Directives (aka Living Wills). Death by self-starvation (VSED) is discussed as an option for personal euthanasia.

Final Exit 2020 argues that there is no need for a ‘Dr.Death’ such as Jack Kevorkian was, because personal, thoughtful final options are now available . Download and read the ebook to find out how.

Order Final Exit 2020 [Digital Edition] here

* * *

Derek Humphry is an award-winner author (Martin Luther King Memorial Prize) who in 1975 helped his first wife suffering advanced cancer to die at her choosing. He wrote about this in his classic book Jean’s Way. Later he formed the Hemlock Society (1980-2003) to modernize laws and attitudes concerning end of life choices.

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The Oregon Death with Dignity Act turns 25 today.

On November 8, 1994, Oregonians voted to pass the first assisted dying law in the U.S. and the world, demonstrating their belief that terminally ill patients deserved the right to choose how they die.

The historic vote came after a hard-fought campaign led by a dedicated group of advocates, who drafted, promoted, and defended the statute from fierce opposition. Today we celebrate them, as well as the other courageous individuals across the country who have supported and grown the death with dignity movement over the past quarter-century.

The first-of-its-kind statute has survived multiple legal challenges and worked flawlessly, offering Oregonians with a terminal illness a way to control their final days. *The law **has provided a model for other states across the country*: eight states and Washington, D.C. now have assisted dying laws, allowing access to the option to 70 million Americans.

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It’s interesting that suddenly the UK police are asking for a reform of the
law forbidding assisted dying. There have been about a dozen attempts to change
the law since l936 and all failed. Britain lags behind many other countries which
have approved careful, thoughtful death with dignity laws.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset is among 18 PCCs to have
signed an open letter to the Ministry of Justice asking for the government
to reassess the law on assisted dying.

Martyn Underhill, who leads on the issue of suicide nationally for the
Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), coordinated the
letter, which has been sent to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for
Justice, Robert Buckland.

Mr Underhill is leading the campaign on behalf of Ron Hogg, the Police,
Crime and Victims Commissioner for Durham, who has motor neurone disease
and wishes for the law to be changed to allow him to end his life.

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New voluntary assisted dying clinic opens in Basel, Switzerland

Pegasos Swiss Association (https://pegasos-association.com/)

Established in August 2019, Pegasos is a Swiss voluntary assisted dying (VAD) association based in Basel, Switzerland. Pegasos was founded in August 2019 by the same Swiss professionals who helped 104-year old Professor David Goodall to die in Basel in May 2018.

Pegasos is staffed by a committed team of Swiss professionals (including medical staff) who have been working in the assisted dying field in Switzerland for the past decade (mostly at other clinics).

Pegasos offers an dying service to approved adults of sound mind, regardless of their country of origin/ residence. Pegasos believes that it is the human right of every rational adult of sound mind, regardless of state of health, to choose the manner and timing of their death. Pegasos
enables a person to receive a peaceful, dignified and caring assisted death at their clinic in Basel.

The aims and objectives of Pegasos include:
— to cut some of the red tape (in terms of the way paperwork is handled)
— to minimise waiting time (allowing for urgent situations to be accepted in a matter of weeks not months)
— to offer a service that has English as its first language (cutting the risk of things being lost in translation)

Email: contact@pegasos-association.com
Phone: +41-79855-4090 (Skype preferred)

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A book just published you might consider
ordering from Amazon books. The title seems
self explanatory!

Why many people prefer death or active
deliverance to living with dementia

By Colin Brewer MD

[I’ve seen an advance copy; it is very informative and
also has an Advance Directive connected to dementia. It’s a low cost
paperback. –D H]

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