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The ERGO organization officially closed October 2023.  Its work is done by the Final Exit Network (FEN, a nonprofit US national organization based in Florida).

Derek Humphry’s books  (including ‘Final Exit’) are available at Amazon and Kindle,

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ERGO (Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization) has officially closed down as an Oregon nonprofit group. Formed in 1993 by Derek Humphry (a best-selling author) it provided helpful guidance to many terminally ill persons, and was the source for the sales of guide books such as “Jean’s Way” and “Final Exit” both in paperback and ebook form.

ERGO’s work is now carried out by the extensive Final Exit Network USA (finalexitnetworkwork.org) which he helped to found in 2004.

Derek Humphry, now 93, is drawing back from lengthy active participation in the right-to-die movement. He founded the Hemlock Society USA in 1980 and was co-founder of the World Federation of Right To Die Societies. In those days groups advocating any form of end-of-life guidance were highly controversial.

His books will continue to be available via Amazon and Kindle.

Compassion and Choices reports that thanks to the persistence of Dr. Chuck Miller and many advocates in Hawai’i, Gov. Josh Green, on June 6, signed into law HB 650, a bill that improves the Our Care, Our Choice Act in 3 ways: 1)

It reduces the mandatory waiting period from 20 to 5 days, 2) allows the Attending Provider to waive the waiting period if the patient is unlikely to survive, and 3) allows APRNs to practice as both the Attending and Consulting Providers.

This will make medical aid in dying much more accessible to so many terminally ill Hawaiians.

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A euthanasia advocate claims the death of a 23-year-old woman with a painful terminal illness shows the benefits of new voluntary assisted dying laws work – but he says more still needs to be done.

Brave Lily Thai ‘peacefully passed away’ after a years-long battle with autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy (AAG) – a rare condition where a person’s body attacks their own nervous system – which left her unable to walk, drink or eat without being sick.

The South Australian used assisted dying laws, introduced in January this year, to end her life surrounded by loved ones at Laurel Hospice at the Flinders Medical Centre on June 21.

Doctor Philip Nitschke – who has been dubbed ‘Dr Death’ for his work in the controversial medical area – hopes Lily’s case will help ‘allay people’s concerns’ about assisted dying and ‘strengthen support for the laws’.
South Australian Lily Thai, 23, who was suffering from a terminal illness passed away after she decided to use assisted dying laws to end her life .

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In only the first three months since Voluntary Assisted Dying came into law in Queensland, 490 medical practitioners have sought to become authorised VAD providers.

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The nonprofit group which runs Oregon’s right-to-die law, ELCOR, experienced growth across all services in 2022. Nearly 1,700 phone and email requests for information and services were received, a 31% increase from 2021.

Because the residency requirement was discontinued in May 2022, EOLCOR’s out-of-state requests increased by 545%, from 33 to 213.

Oregon was the first of America’s ten states to pass medical assisted dying law in 1998.

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Choices in dying — A Donation ?
A modest donation to ERGO (nonprofit 501c3) would help with our research and guidance. (ERGO: Euthansia Research & Guidance Organization)

See the donation icon at


or mail check to
ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, OR 97448 USA
Thank you — Derek Humphry, President

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President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday 0417/23 France must improve the availability of palliative care and there would be a draft bill by the end of the summer on whether some form of assisted dying should be allowed

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“Jean’s Way” book on Kindle

This is the cult classic “Jean’s Way” by Derek Humphry, first published in l978. It outlines the story of a woman suffering from incurable cancer who at the end, rather than endure more, she took her life.
This book has been one of the most significant books of the right-to-die debate. Its author also wrote the bestseller “Final Exit.” It outlines the story of a woman suffering from incurable cancer who at the end, rather than endure more, she took her life with drugs supplied by her husband, Derek Humphry. Although what Humpbry did was a crime (assisted suciide) he was not prosecuted on the grounds of compassion.

On Kindle for $6.

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