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  1. ergo says:

    This idea of using a car would NOT work because the helium must be PURE to be lethal. There would be sure to be some oxygen present in such a large space. Read the book – ebook ‘Final Exit’ for careful details.

  2. SprocketMonkey36 says:

    What should the output level be for helium, nitrogen and/or argon 15psi? What if I used two tanks at 8psi would this also work to help ensure the tanks don’t run out before I pass away. I’ve created my exit bag, I just am not sure what the output flow should be.
    thank you.

  3. ergo says:

    Actually, it takes only 5-6 good gulps of PURE helium, nitrogen or argon to cause instant brain death.
    A terminally ill person seeking a peaceful end would turn the tanks fully on, thus with the pipe/s
    inside the plastic bag, closed at the neck, coma and death would follow within minutes. The flow of gas does not need to be metered; this can be done if desired.
    Do not use a helium tank marked HELIUM/AIR as it is diluted.

  4. CharlesSF says:

    I’ve been searching for a supplier of Nembutal and was led by a friend to this site – http://vitalfinale.com/. I’ve been in contact with Vitalfinale but before I part with my $800.00 I would appreciate feedback upon whether this supplier is known and if so, whether they are reliable.
    Appreciate comments.
    ANSWER: I cannot guarantee the reliability of any drug sales web site; so many are scams. Derek Humphry

  5. dolly says:

    Great to find you! I’ve been thinking about this for most of my 73 years, but it’s getting very close now. There’s no way I can go on … but I need a way that’s certain. I’m sorry I delayed on the helium hood; and I gather orally administered potassium chloride is not as simple as it seemed a few years ago. Or are they just saying that to discourage us?

  6. ergo says:

    Dolly: Potassium chloride is only lethal when injected in substantial amounts,
    A person cannot swallow sufficient to end life.

  7. Sauron says:

    Hi, I would like to inform you that Penta- Hypnol bottles of 50ml containing 3.5g of Pentobarbital sodico , can be easily found on agrovets in: tres cruces calle de oro, center History of Cusco, Peru.
    I was visiting the city in the first half of 2015 and could get 6 bottles to 16 soles each .

  8. mylife-mychoice says:

    All of these questions and confusion about amounts of drugs, gas, helium, scams just seem so unsure. Please forgive this comment if it offends, but why not use a gun in the mouth method. I’ve had two failed suicide attempts. Pills/alcohol one and pills/alcohol/carbon monoxide 2nd. I said next time will be the gun. But I wanted to research non-bloody peaceful method. But from all comments here, it seems to much uncertainty. Any comments please.

  9. ergo says:

    Using a gun? Consider who has to undergo the shock and horror of discovery and then cleaning up?
    Self-deliverance in a non-violent manner from a terminal or hopeless illness requires forethought, planning and carefully carrying out. It allows loved ones to be present; shooting does not.
    The persons who make the comments and inquiries on this blog are actually trying to be well-informed in advance to as to do it right eventually.
    Five US states and a bunch of European countries now have lawful doctor-assisted dying, so there is hope. Times are changing. D.H.

  10. ogre says:

    Hello – I am very concerned about the Dignitas page headed “instructions regarding medical interventions during the dying phase” – the page states ” THERE ARE HOWEVER VERY RARE CASES IN WHICH, DUE TO AN ANOMALY OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, THE UNCONSCIOUS PHASE CAN LAST SEVERAL HOURS BEFORE DEATH OCCURS.” I find this dreadfully worrying – what happens exactly? – how do I know if this will apply to me or my loved one? – what effects will arise? – is the ‘patient’ aware of the ” anomaly” – etc.
    Thanks for any advice you have

  11. ergo says:

    Regarding ogre’s fears about Dignitas: they state that this is “very rare”.
    They are covering themselves just in case.
    It’s like the risk when going into any surgery — neither you nor the doctor is 100% sure of what will happen.

  12. DemusRanks says:

    Hello. I’m here to ask about Final Exit and its instructions. Their whole DVD to help us get a peaceful death was based off of Balloon Time helium tanks and the specs for that tank. Now that the company diluted their helium tanks with oxygen, isn’t Final Exits DVD now obsolete? There was a specific set of instructions where the bag and the tube has to be a certain size. What alternatives are there now?

  13. ergo says:

    Answer to DemusRanks:
    The Final Exit DVD is out-of-date only in respect of using helium from Worthington Party Balloon Kits, which are now diluted 20%. Pure helium can still be obtained from local gas supply companies everywhere. Or nitrogen (also an inert gas) can be instead used effectively — same technique. It is a bit more expensive but can be more efficiently controlled. Suggest you read “How to make your own inert gas kit” a new publication on the ERGO Bookstore at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  14. DanightlessHead says:

    Looking for the Exit Bag. What happened after the GLAAD group was shut down? Did anyone else step in to take their place or does anyone still sell it? I was just about to order one right when they got raided and it was too late. This was 5 years ago. I do NOT trust the DIY methods of making one. Its extremely risky. Way too easy to botch. Where could I buy one fully made?

  15. ergo says:

    Since the FBI closed down GLADD in So.Calif. nobody dares to again start manufacturing inert gas hood kits.
    (Also, the lady who did it has since died of old age.) The only resoource now is my pamphlet “How to make your own inert gas it” (illustrated) which can be downloaded on http://www.finalexit.org/erego-store (nonprofit bookstore)

  16. DanightlessHead says:

    For nitrogen, how big should the tank be? On MaxDogBrewing their link for US customers recommends 20 Cubic Foot tank from Cyberweld. Thats not the biggest size they have. Im worried cause if its too small, it might run out. Should I get a bigger one or is 20 enough?
    ANSWER One bottle of nitrogen should be sufficient, especially as this particular gas is measured and well controlled.

  17. Ahura Mazda says:

    Do I need a regulator for the helium tank? I looked at several videos but I am not technically inclined and am worried I might screw up.
    ANSWER: No need for a regulator with helium but needs one with nitrogen because this inert gas leaves the tank under pressure.
    Make sure your helium is pure helium — that the tank not marked HELIUM/AIR.

  18. prieto3 says:

    I have seen the method of exit bag is not recommended for people with lung problems such as COPD. But are problems with breathing significant? Let’s say that the person who is still in the early stages of the disease, where he still does not feel SOB, can use this method?

  19. Fredo says:

    Yes, ERGO, please answer this ?. I have end-stage COPD & am VERY concerned. Am even looking for “CO2 scrubbers.” All very confusing & seemingly impossible to effect. So very much want a peaceful parting, but afraid those of us with lung problems will suffer needlessly. Again, please help. I am very ill with little time left. Thank you for all you do.

  20. Fredo says:

    Dearest Ergo, I am not asking you to tell me how to deal with CO2 issue (understand Exit International legal issues). Simply asking for a “yes or no” response. Again, I am at end stage COPD – meaning I take in little oxygen and expel a lot of CO2. Will nitrogen gas hood method work for me or cause suffering? All I want is, when ready, a peaceful delivery (latest NIH study says hospice fails especially those with COPD). It’s a bad way to go. Hope you can, legally, answer that ?. If not, at least let us know. Again, thank you for all that you do. 🙏

  21. ergo says:

    It’s impossible, scientifically or medically, to give a cast-iron answer to your question. But this is what colleagues in the movement who help a lot of people have told me from experience:
    Using inhalation of helium or nitrogen for self-deliverance from COPD is as effective as with other medical conditions. Of course, it has to be done — as always — very carefully in the prescribed method.

  22. Fredo says:

    Dearest Ergo,

    Exit International is promoting a 2015 edition of the book (very expensive), Five Last Acts, The Exit Path, that purports to, among so many things, give detailed info on nitrogen method & detailed pictures for this & making hood. They claim that the info ensures against botched (rare) self deliverance.

    I have 2 questions (urgent, given current Justice Dept. stance on all of this & my condition):

    1. I am only interested in nitrogen hood method. I have your materials about all of this. But, still have ?s about hood method…especially, how much space (as in inches), especially given COPD, between hood & neck (this is not really addressed in your publications) as well how to ensure against arm (especially) movements. I learned about your wonderful work on Frontline which quoted your organization as 50% likely & showed one of your dear volunteers assuring a person – turned out to be a federal agent ☹️ -that he would ensure against involuntary arm movements by holding arms down. I have to do this alone.

    2. Would you suggest ordering their very expensive book? They claim to provide such detailed information (on many methods, yet specify nitrogen & hood) that any possible “botched” effort eliminated.

    As always, thank you for all that you do; risking so much to help those of us who suffer medically (especially true for those of us with COPD).

  23. ergo says:

    You are referring to two books here. One is ‘The Peaceful Pill Handbook’
    from Exit International, of Australia, which comes in paperback and ebook.
    The other book is ‘5 Last Wishes’ from Exit Scotland.
    Both book are loaded with information about self-deliverance. But you must choose which is suitable for you.
    Of course, there’s the trusty, 26-year-old ‘>Final Exit’ (updated) at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  24. Spanaker says:

    Can nitrogen gas be used for self deliverance?

    ANSWER: Yes. And it’s more easily to control than helium.

  25. Fredo says:

    Please explain your newest post re “prize” for best self-deliverance equipment. I thought your organization already described this (as in your latest publications)!

    Is there something wrong with “equipment” you describe in great detail- from turkey bag to nitrogen tanks & tubing? Or,i in over 50% chance of body “twitches” leading to hood removal?

    Find this disturbing to say the least. In my last post, you assured me that your most recent publications (which I have) are most effective.

    Please, tell us what is wrong with your published methods.

    As I’ve let you know, so little time left and truly need a trusted, effective, and peaceful self-deliverance.

    Thank you.

  26. ergo says:

    The methods overall described in ‘Final Exit’ are the best known to be effective currently.
    The book is also a valuable guide to important matters surrounding a self-deliverance (family, law, insurance,etc.)
    But our movement is always looking for better ways. NuTech is an international group (20 years old) always seeking for viable alternatives, and this prize for the best idea. Surely that hunt is commendable?

  27. Fredo says:

    Yes, you are so right. Any new & better ways are commendable. And thank you for reassurance on what we have now.

  28. jmike718 says:

    Any idea how long an older Balloon Time helium tank is good for? I’ve had mine for about 5 years now. Is there a way to test it’s potency? Thanks

  29. ergo says:

    Provided the tank has not been meddled with, or partially used,
    it should be lethal after 5 years,and some more.

  30. ClaireM says:

    Is a tank with 99.99% helium suitable?


  31. Bernard_Q says:

    If helium is mixed with air, will this be indicated on the tank? It’s critical to know this…

    Answer: A diluted helium tank has by law to be clearly marked HELIUM/AIR

  32. est says:

    Hello I have only found helium canisters at 95% purity, will this be effective?
    They should be.

  33. oldberkeley1 says:

    I have found sources that sell Industrial Grade Nitrogen and Hi-Purity Nitrogen.

    Would you happen to know the purity of the Industrial Grade product?

    ANSWER: All inert gas cylinders must have clearly stamped on them the specifications of the contents . That’s the law.
    So a buyer must inspect. Not likely to be diluted — then it would be unusable for scientific purposes; it’s the toy balloon inflation helium cylinders that are diluted nowadays.

    NOTE: Nowadays the edoc “How to make your own inert gas kit” is contained (with illustrations in the new book “FINAL EXIT 2020″ at https://www.finalexit.org

  34. CJ5400 says:

    Let say I want some help with the post-cleanup. Who/how would I get someone to help?

    ANSWER: This is your personal issue. Perhaps ask your doctor or hospice for ideas?

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