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There has been a lot of talk recently of getting from Mexico bottles of veterinary Nembutal for self-deliverance.

Some reports claim one bottle is enough. True, one bottle of veterinary Nembutal (6 gms) will end the life of a frail, elderly person already close to death, but a physically strong person, healthy in all ways except their terminal illness (for instance, brain cancer) it is necessary for the person wishing be certain to die to drink two bottles of it (12 gms).

I base this on case reports reaching me from around the world. Support for the two bottle method comes also from the customary dose of Nembutal used in the Oregon law as being 9 gms, while Dignitas in Switzerland prescribes 12 gms. I have heard of delays or failure by some using the one-only bottle strategy.

Also, getting vet.Nembutal over the Internet is not easy, plus the price rises from the average of $30 per bottle in a Mexican store to as much as $800 each via an intermediary.

Caveat emptor.

While it may sound convenient visiting a Mexican border town, it is wiser to go to an inland city where life is calmer.

— D H

100 Responses to “Danger of underdose with Mexican vet. Nembutal”

  1. mj2012 says:

    Does it matter if the bottle of nembutal is stored horizontally in its original packaging for years? I ask because of a possible interaction between the liquid nembutal and the rubber stopper that seals the bottle. I know that certain drugs interact with plastic, but what about rubber?

  2. ergo says:

    I’m not an analytic chemist so hard to answer. But nowadays most bottles of pills or liquids have an aluminum
    cover sealer, then the cap. Can you check without unsealing the bottle? Best to store the bottle upright in any case.

  3. mj2012 says:

    I was referring to the rubber that the hypodermic needle penetrates through. On top of that is the metal seal, and with some bottles, a plastic cap (Pisabental has all three, I think). I believe all of the bottles have the rubber stopper, unless some are being manufactured differently.
    In any case, I was just wondering how stable nembutal really is long term when it touches anything other than glass.

  4. somo84 says:

    So you need two bottles of the 6gm. Got it. How likely is vomiting in an otherwise normal, healthy person? How likely is it in someone that is frail and ill? What exactly should be done to reduce the likelihood of vomiting? Do you need a prescription medication or can it be done with something over the counter?

  5. ergo says:

    To avoid vomiting when taking the Vet. Nem. or any overdose, a person needs to take lots of either Zofran, Compazine or Reglan.
    They are on doctor prescription, but complain that they’re for travel sickness you now have. Over-the-counter anti-emetics are chancy in this procedure.

  6. Linda28 says:

    Are there still sellers of nembutal online that are not scammers?

    ANSWER A person just told that they lost $730 to a Mexican outfit. D H

  7. Perle says:

    Hi. I have some questions.
    How fast do two bottles of pisabental kill? I know two bottles are enough to die fastly but i ve read on this thread one person survived after 10 hours of ingestion of two bottles of nembutal.
    How should i store them? Can i store them in a drawer of my bedroom?

  8. ergo says:

    Two bottles of veterinary Nembutal are likely to kill the average person in 30 minutes. Ten hours is unheard of Perhaps this person did not take sufficient anti-emetics beforehand? Anti-emetics every hour are essential.
    Reglan and Zofran are superior. (They are on prescription for anti-nausea; ask your doctor) As I say in my book ‘Final Exit’ ALL medications should be kept in a cool, dark, out-of-sight place.

  9. Lolo says:

    I heard that people fill the nembutal in another bottle to get the product through customs. To what extent does this effect the quality of the product? I am sure the shelf life will be extremely shortened, but can it also effect the efficiency, if it is used approximately 1-2 months after the original bottles were opened? Or is it possible that unwanted side effects like pain or fear occur?
    Best regards

  10. ergo says:

    If then kept tightly bottled, the Nembutal would be effective after one month but risky using it after that.

  11. basilbee says:

    Do anti emetics need to be an hour before or it does not work?

    Answer: Anti-emetics are essential in self-deliverance from an end-stage terminal illness using drugs. Need to take one every hour beforehand for 6-8 hrs.

  12. basilbee says:

    ergo- I got my bottles from Mexico but they were not in original bottle, some may have spilled out, god knows how long they were exposed to oxygen. should I keep in fridge, I do not want to take them anytime soon.
    The substances that you have would be risky to use in self-deliverance from
    a terminal illness. Once opened, they tend to deteriorate. Putting any drugs in the fridge is a bad idea — damp — unless they are in a sealed metal container.

  13. ally says:

    im confused about anti emetics ?
    some say take 6mg 40 mins prior to taking nembutal
    others say 2 tabs every 8hours 2 days prior
    and on here it saying 10mg every hour for 6-8 hrs im unsure what to take dont wanna get it wrong .
    Also i thought death would be within about an hour ?? not hours later ?

  14. ergo says:

    I recommend 10mg every hr for 6-10 hrs because the anti-emetics are so important to efficient self-deliverance from a terminal illness. Anyway, they are harmless.
    Puzzled by your reference to death taking many hours: a lethal dose using barbiturates usually takes from 4-30 minutes to work.
    Read the guide book ‘Final Exit’ for more advise on this:

  15. tree says:

    isn’t there a risk of extrapyramidal symptoms with so much (60-100mg) anti-emetics?
    i have read that the dosage shouldn’t exceed 30mg or 0.5g per 1 kg of bodyweight:


    i was planning on just 30mg stat dose about 40 minutes before drinking 200 to 300ml of nembutal
    the eps could prevent me from safely drinking the liquid

    ANSWER: It’s your decision; not a question I’m qualified to answer.

  16. dying666 says:

    Ergo, 6 months ago I bought 2 bottles transferred into other containers to get through customs – are you saying they’re completely useless now? The seller didn’t mention anything about this, said they’d expire around 2019. Should I buy them again but sealed?

    ANSWER – Best not to use this unless tested for toxicity. Take one bottle to a lab. testing firm in your locality (see Yellow Pages)

  17. DeathBecomesMe says:

    Any thoughts on Motilium (Domperidone) as the anti-emetic for someone who can’t tolerate Reglan? I didn’t see any mention of this drug in your book.

    ANSWER: Any anti-emetic which suits your system is good enough.

  18. pumpkin says:

    Ergo you wrote “But unless a person took anti-emetic pills every hour all day before, vomiting be most likely to follow. Then failure.” I will not use the Reglan as an anti emetic as it has some tricky side effects and if anything goes wrong I don’t want a disability along with everything else, so I decided on motilium which doesn’t have as many strange side effects. The dosage is no more than 3x a day which is 30mg.

    Why would it be important to take an anti emetic every hour of the day following an exit? Sorry but every hour not only doesn’t sound right but like an overdose in it’s own right. Reglan also known as Metoclopramide cannot be taken safely every hour from what I understand. Dr. Philip of Australia has said that anti emetic are only necessary if people are prone to vomiting which can accompany a terminal illness or people with fussy tummies of which I have, I wasn’t aware that anti emetics were essential.

  19. faraway says:

    Hello Ergo,
    Do two Pisabental bottles definitely guarantee painless self-delivery for a 200 lbs. man in early 40s who is very strong and well-built, other than the terminal illness? Should I include Dilantin or would that introduce consciousness and/or pain into the process? Also, does using anti-emetics guarantee not vomiting? Thanks.

  20. ergo says:

    No one has been known to survive drinking two bottles of Pisabental (Nembutal).
    There are no guarantees in this world, but if a person does not take plenty of anti-emetics prior to drinking pentobarbital then they will almost certainly vomit it up.

  21. gottago says:

    My experience with Chinese bought powdered N.

    I bought it in 2012 online from a Chinese source recommended by Exit Int’l reviewer.
    It arrived by FedEx sealed in a mylar pouch (which was in a box and documents describing it as a “super absorbent polymer”. I never opened the pouch.

    Until recently, I lived in a hot and very humid area.

    Soon after receiving it in 2012, I wrapped the mylar pouch further in layer after layer of a Saran wrap type plastic and sealed that in a Tupperware like plastic container. I tossed in a few desiccant vials before sealing the Tupperware. Then, I kept it in a small fridge that I kept on minimally cool (that I usually use to chill drinking water).

    It stayed in there, in the exact same spot for 5.5 years, until just recently.

    The night before, I finally opened the mylar pouch. I found yet another, smaller, mylar pouch. Opened it and found the powder inside a zipped baggie. I was impressed with how well the provider had packed it.

    I took just a very small pinch of the powder and added it to 1/4 cup of water and drank it. Then, went to bed at 11:00 pm and didn’t wake until 10:00 a.m. the next morning, my head a bit groggy. (I usually wake each morning like clockwork at about 6:30 a.m. and I usually wake to pee at least once sometime in the middle of the night. Neither of these happened that night.)

    I tried it again last night to double check. This time I mixed in a slightly bigger pinch. Again, I slept solid through the night, this time waking at 10:40 this morning, but feeling much more groggy. It’s 3:00 pm and I still feel my mind is a bit groggy.

    I’m finished with testing my powder. I trust my powder is still quite potent. As my terminal illess progresses, I’m confident I have what I need to exit when the time is right for me.

  22. cya91 says:

    @gottago, do you know anywhere I can buy N online? I don’t want to get scammed online

    ANSWER FROM DEREK HUMPHRY: Wish I could tell you of a Nembutal source.
    But all I hear of are scams. People loose $400 to $700.

  23. grimmfandango says:

    What is the average rate for an autopsy preformed on an elderly person that dies in their home? Someone I know wants a peaceful end but doesn’t want their family to know. If I help them what are the chances the police are going to show up at my door?

    Additional information:
    1. They can’t stand or walk on their own so it would have to be brought to them.
    2. Clean up would have to be done.
    3. They plan to be cremated.
    4. No autopsy, no problem. Autopsy, big problem!

  24. ergo says:

    RE AUTOPSY : Autopsies are rarely performed these days because of
    their high costs, and who is going to pay? If police suspect a crime
    then they will order one, but that is unlikely with a frail, old person.
    Of course, it is NOT a crime for a person to take their own life, but actual
    assistance can be. Nowadays self-deliverance for a valid reason is widely
    accepted so there is no need for secrecy. I recommend that my well-known book
    ‘Final Exit’ be left at the bedside so that the medical examiner and police get a hint.

  25. need4speed says:

    I am a 215lb, 6’ 4” male. Not fat. Rugby player.

    Would 2 x 100ml bottles of N be sufficient? I have been advised by supplier that I be safer with 3 bottles but I guess he would say that.

    Opinions? Thanks in advance.

    ANSWER: Two bottles of Veterinary Nembutal. are adequate for self-deliverance from a terminal illness. Drinking more would cause vomiting. Plenty anti-emetics beforehand essential anyway.

  26. sam says:

    I purchased 2 bottles of liquid nembutal from Mexico which was sent in facial lotion bottles for customs. The bottles are air tightly sealed. How long is the nembutal viable.

  27. ergo says:

    Reply: In the original bottles Nembutal will last for 5 or more
    years — sealed and stowed away. But as you say this substance is now in a changed bottle there is no certainty. Are you even sure it’s genuine? — D.H.

  28. mokka says:

    For the people who would like to know how difficult/easy it is to buy barbiturates in Mexico.
    I would like to leave my experience.
    I traveled to an inland city and I visited 6 different vet stores. 2 out of 6 stores offered me the bottles. It is all about luck, in some vet stores they will 100% refuse to sell the bottles. I had a nice chat with one of the vets and that is why he decided to sell me 2 bottles.
    Before heading to one the vet stores I recommend you to fake or get a prescription, this can make it much easier.

  29. hibiscus says:

    Since the veterinary Nembutal is meant to be given intravenously to animals. Does that mean we would be drinking IV solution? Is that okay? It’s hard to imagine doing that. Why not give it intravenously? Thanks

    ANSWER – Of course the veterinary nembutal can be administered intravenusly to animals or humans, but for humans it is easier to drink it. Horrible taste but very lethal.

  30. hibiscus says:

    Two questions:
    1. What is a lethal IV dose of veterinary N.?
    2. What is the best way to mask the horrific taste? I do not like orange juice which had been mentioned. What about sprite or a lemon lime carbonated cold beverage? Plus holding your nose I guess.

    ANSWER – Two bottles of vet.nem. are the lethal dose for human self-deliverance.
    The bitter taste is unavoidable. If diluted it is less likely to be effective.

  31. rosestar says:

    I have ordered 1 bottle(100ML) vet N from Mexico via a supplier. It was recommended by Exit Int.

    I am female under 50kg @ 4” 9 height, health not good due to long term poisoning by herbs. My supplier who is a retired vet and has supplied many people and comes recommended by Exit has said it will be lethal for me and also I read in the peaceful pill handbook that it will also be lethal. I am worried now as I read on this thread that it wasn’t successful for one lady (cinthia) in 2009. I have sent her an email although I’m not sure if she is still with us, perhaps she was discovered and taken to ICU straight after taking it ?

    I really want to get this right, there isn’t really a second chance.

    ANSWER : Two bottles of veterinary nembutal are recommended for self-deliverance.

  32. hibiscus says:

    I read the information on Exit International that veterinary Nembutal had ethylene glycol in it (anti-freeze). This was on the information showing how to test for validity of the Nembutal. Is this a fact, that it contains ethylene glycol? Any other list of ingredients I have seen lists ingredients as propylene glycol, alcohol and Nembutal.

    Which is accurate?

    ANSWER : Not being a pharmacist, I don’t know. Better you ask well qualified people.

  33. lux78 says:

    Hi to all! I am in south Europe. My situation is very harsh because of incurable health issues.
    I would feel safer if I could know there is a way out – just in case. It could make my mind more quiet.
    I would like to know the percentage of cases in which nembutal is discovered at the airport and blocked… what does it happen in this case?
    To make an hypothesis: I live in a very hot and humid place… how this could affect a delivery of this drug? Should it be anyway “good”?

    Thank you so much.

  34. ergo says:

    ANSWER — I do not know the answer on the volume of airport confiscations. But I have heard that Customs authorities along
    US borders are now particularly vigilant looking for small parcels of barbiturate and other sleep drugs which have been ordered on the internet.
    They are confiscated. Sometimes the intended recipient is informed and where to collect them. Local police are informed.
    Not wise to go this route!

  35. pinky says:

    has anyone come up with a way to resolve the bitter taste of nembutal ?

    ANSWER – They have not.

  36. paintmiller says:

    What is more peaceful, Nembutal or Nitrogen/Exit bag?

  37. ergo says:

    Both are peaceful and effective provided the self-deliverance is carried out with planning using the known guidelines, such as are in ‘Final Exit 2020’. Consideration of the feelings of family and close friends needs also to be considered.

  38. ShilohDay says:

    I have the ability to administer veterinary Nembutal using an IV. Aside from the difficulties of using an IV (which are not a concern) … is the Nembutal more effective when given through IV? Would it take less Nembutal to be effective for death? Or the same amount?

  39. ergo says:

    ANSWER: Any substance administered intravenously is more effective, quicker, than taken orally.
    Same amount advisable.

  40. ShilohDay says:

    Ergo, I only ordered 1 bottle and I am 80kg. I was basing my information I read in PPH but now I am worried that it won’t be enough. I can’t order more as it would be suspicious ( I think). I thought that doing it IV would require less as it goes directly into blood stream. I really hope one bottle is enough. I have 5 days where no one will be able to find me. Can you give a little bit more insight into my method and if I will be okay with one bottle?
    Thanks so much

  41. ergo says:

    To ShilohDay: PPH (Peaceful Pill Handbook) is not my work; it’s out of Australia.
    Its info. is generally sound; you must make your own final judgements.

  42. Joe919 says:

    Hey ergo, i have 2 pisa bottles that expired August 2019. I’ve been storing them in a linen closet this entire time. Howevwr i live in a warm country where it can get as hot as 35C sometimes.
    do you reckon it’s still usable? The bottles are original and sealed.
    thank you.

    — I believe those substances would still be strong enough to be lethal in the correct dosage.

  43. Ella says:

    Hi Ergo, I have read your book Final Exit. How many sleeping pills would I need to take for self deliverance with a plastic bag? I have zopiclone 7.5mg tablets. Presumably a deep sleep needs to be induced to sleep through the process.

    THE ANSWER IS ON PAGE 125, last paragraph, of the book.

  44. Butterfly says:

    Is it still possible to get N at the veterinary shops in Tijuana or other towns on the way to Baja? Are there issues getting it back across the border into San Diego?

  45. Butterfly says:

    Hi Ergo, from what I have researched, benzodiapines and barbiturates are very closely related. If someone has access to 100 1 mg Xanax and 100 5 mg oxycondone crushed up and drinking it would not bring about self deliverence?

  46. ergo says:

    Answer to Butterfly: That dosage might be lethal,but very risky. Not recommended.

  47. ergo says:

    ANSWER : It’s still possible,but difficult. Takes a good deal of hunting. If the medications are for personal use, in small quantity, there should no problem at the border.

  48. Butterfly says:

    Hi Ergo, where would someone purchase nitrogen in San Diego for personal use at home to make Nitro cold brew coffee? The few places I’m finding that sell it are for businesses that but in quantity and swap out the tanks. I just want to buy a couple of empty tanks and have them fill them for me but they won’t.

  49. ergo says:

    Bottled nitrogen can usually be purchased on the main drag of cities by going to a ‘welding shop’ or a ‘gas supplier’ or AIRGAS.
    Its uses include food preservation, inflating tires and small experiments.

  50. zerub says:

    Hi Ergo , I have your final exit 2009 but there was no mention of Zofran back then. what is the minimum doseage of Zofran ?

    ANSWER: Zofran is an anti-emetic, on prescription, often used before self-deliverance via lethal drugs. Advice is to take 3 or 4 beforehand.
    Suggest your read Final Exit 2020 Ebook at

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