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There has been a lot of talk recently of getting from Mexico bottles of veterinary Nembutal for self-deliverance.

Some reports claim one bottle is enough. True, one bottle of veterinary Nembutal (6 gms) will end the life of a frail, elderly person already close to death, but a physically strong person, healthy in all ways except their terminal illness (for instance, brain cancer) it is necessary for the person wishing be certain to die to drink two bottles of it (12 gms).

I base this on case reports reaching me from around the world. Support for the two bottle method comes also from the customary dose of Nembutal used in the Oregon law as being 9 gms, while Dignitas in Switzerland prescribes 12 gms. I have heard of delays or failure by some using the one-only bottle strategy.

Also, getting vet.Nembutal over the Internet is not easy, plus the price rises from the average of $30 per bottle in a Mexican store to as much as $800 each via an intermediary.

Caveat emptor.

While it may sound convenient visiting a Mexican border town, it is wiser to go to an inland city where life is calmer.

— D H

100 Responses to “Danger of underdose with Mexican vet. Nembutal”

  1. rubyrose1945 says:

    I m knew to this. I have terminal colon cancer. How does the vet nebutol work? How would I use it?

  2. ergo says:

    Sorry about your terminal cancer. To study your options for the end of life, suggest you read ‘Final Exit’ paperback or digital download. This is not something that can be dealt with in a blog posting.

  3. Cinthia says:

    I can vouch for the truth that one bottle of Mexican nembutal is not enough to end the life of a relatively healthy person. I took 100ml in early October 2009 only to end up in the Intensive Care Unit of St George Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

    Please take at least 200ml, otherwise you’ll survive

    I don’t want to comment too much on my case on a public forum, but if you would like to ask questions, please feel free to email me at cinthiaandmia@gmail.com

  4. cbr says:

    I’m probably a few months out from taking any action, so I am researching while I’m still capable.

    Can you offer any verified input on the dosage required in cases of obesity? I haven’t yet found any case histories or hard medical evidence addressing this variable. At 280 lbs (approx 128 kg), I have concerns. Just as 6mg may suffice for the older, frail person, I have some lingering anxiety that 10-12mg may not take me fully through.

    (Thank you for providing this invaluable resource. I read “Final Exit” in 1992 and even then — during my marathoning days — began thinking about and preparing notes on what I might do if, say, I sustained some unpredictably crucial injury.)

  5. ergo says:

    cbr –
    I’ve never seen any stats on obesity and self-deliverance, but we do know from a few experiences when the Oregon physician-assisted suicide law is used that overweight people take longer to die when they’ve drunk the usual prescribed 9 grams of Seconal or Nembutal. (They’re in a coma, thus not cognitive.) I think if they had also drunk some strong alcohol it would have been faster.

  6. cbr says:

    I appreciate this very significant bit of information. I would not want my wife to have to suffer open-endedly waiting helplessly through even the few hours (or days?) additional.

    Therefore if I can arrange the Nembutal route, I will likely aim for 12g and a healthy dose of Bailey’s Irish Cream. I rarely take alcohol, but as a final bit of chocolate, so much the better.

    My deepest thanks.

  7. free2rhyme says:

    Hello. I want to start by saying that I am truly grateful for the existence of this site and those like it. Any knowledge I am able to obtain on this topic will only serve to better prepare me to make an educated and informed decision. I would like to also thank Derek for his tireless assistance in providing so much assistance in personally addressing our inquiries. Anyway, I have heard that many people “chase” Nembutal with alcohol, but have also seen where “diluting” it, with alcohol or any other liquid, to help oneself better deal with its bitter taste, might decrease its potency, and result in ……. Forgive me for being clueless, but why is alright to take the Nembutal and “then” drink an alcoholic beverage, but “not” pour the Nembutal into the alcoholic beverage and then drink it? There doesn’t “seem” to be much “time” difference between the two methods.
    DEREK HUMPHRY REPLIES: Taking alcohol (preferably vodka or brandy) enhances the lethality of Nembutal, and — as the book ‘Final Exit’ says — it is wise to strengthen the drug with a quick drink, neat, from a glass.

  8. catchthebusctb says:

    I purchased Nembutal and feel a lot more confident as i now have the power to choose my own Exit. I would hate to be a burden on someone, in case if you guys want a genuine seller contact Unique chemicals, that is where i got My N from . their E-Add is un.chem at live. Have a blessed Day.

  9. therealdeal says:

    Hi all.

    I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to get delivered 2 x 100ml bottles of Pentobarbital. The brand is PISABENTAL.

    I’ve not heard of this brand before but it states that it contains 6.3g per bottle.

    Has anyone heard of this brand before? I assume as long as it contains Pentobarbital Sodium that it will have the desired affect?

    Answer: This particular substance looks like the the genuine article — two bottles are very lethal. Check it out at this site:

  10. oscark says:

    I heard that drinking pentobarbital would cause severe stomach cramps, a great deal of pain, and may or may not be lethal. How true is this?

  11. hillarys says:

    I am very confused. I purchased 2 bottles of Pisabental from Mexico. Each bottle is 100 ml. The taste is so terrible, I don’t know how anyone could drink 2 bottles of it. Can it be injected? I am a small woman dying of cancer. I do not want to end up in the ICU at some hospital from underdosing myself. Can anyone tell me how much to drink or inject, and if alcohol is not something I can keep down because I think I would just vomit this stuff up, any suggestions please.

  12. ergo says:

    Re the veterinary Nembutal obtainable from Mexico. If a terminally ill person who can no longer suffer and wishes to die, then the two bottles have to be swallowed whole. The taste is awful, but if drunk quickly it works. Nobody has found a way of improving the taste. To drink just a little, or heavily dilute it, would be risky. It could be injected, but if this was done by another person then this would risk criminal liability.

  13. IsoTao says:

    I’m going the helium route (two tanks, two hoses- I’ve heard a lot of those tanks sold for balloons can be almost empty, no way to check the levels) after some Xanax, some Elavil, and lots of booze- still, I’m scared ‘to death’ (pun intended) that something might not work. So I think a multi- substance route is a good safety net. I hear 30,000 Americans suicide every year, but another 100,000 might try and fail? That cannot happen with me.

  14. IsoTao says:

    hillarys- if you read the author’s book(s) and watch the video (The Suicide Plan), I recall they mention taking anti-emetics (anti nausea medicine) prior to attempt a lethal dose of other medications, to help be sure you don’t vomit. Some common ones (USA) are Compazine and Phenergan. They require a prescription, but won’t raise any suspicions from your doctor if you request them. And not only do they work like champs- they have an added side effect of causing calmness. And they are as cheap as aspirin. Spend a few bucks reading the author’s books, to prevent the possibility of you making mistakes that are easily avoidable. Best of luck to you~

  15. Stuartg says:

    Hi everyone. I was wondering as some of the posts are slightly older. Is it still possible to buy liquid Nembutal in Mexico and if so can anyone advise how easy it is to do this? I am from the UK and I am in a position to travel to Mexico to try and acquire Nembutal but don’t wish to waste my time.
    Also apologies if this information is posted somewhere else on the forum, I am a new user.

    I am grateful for any help people can give

  16. ergo says:

    It is still possible to purchase veterinary Nembutal in Mexico, but hardest to do so near the border with US because of bad publicity and drugs warfare. Inland pet stores are still stocking it. Bringing medications over the border for one’s own use is OK but of course large quantities are not legal.

  17. Rip Van says:

    I got my Nembutal by post from Mexico, along with Metoclopramide anti emetic, 20 x 10mg tablets. How many of these tablets should be taken?
    I’m in the UK.

  18. ergo says:

    For a carefully planned self-deliverance from a terminal illness, a person would take an anti-emetic pill every hour for the previous 12 hours.

  19. Rip Van says:

    Well, I planned my suicide well, I thought. I took anti emetics through the day of 15th August 2014. I had a few glasses of wine and cider in the afternoon, intending to drink my 2 bottles of Nembutal (630ml each) on my return home. Which I did, then settled in a chair, in my garage, with music on, around 8pm I think. My wife discovered me at 3am on 16th August and phoned the emergency services. I spent the next 9 days sedated in the ICU. I’m now out of hospital and possibly in worse condition than before the overdose. The consultant in ICU told me that low temperatures that evening may have “saved” me because of it’s effect on the viscosity of the nembutal but also that another half an hour and they wouldn’t have been able to “help”. I had three cardiac arrests.
    I am at a loss as to where I go from here.

  20. ergo says:

    Nobody can survive that much Nembutal, properly taken. But research has shown that in a very few cases it takes longer than usual to be effective. The size of the person, their strength, the conditions can sometimes need up to ten hours to work. The doctor was probably right in saying there was not enough time elapsed for it to work.

  21. rudymick says:

    hello, please can you tell me if one of these two drugs below is for euthanasia?

  22. ergo says:

    Impossible to answer your question with so few details. Why not call the manufacturers and ask them what is the name and strength of this drug?

  23. rudymick says:

    Penta-hypnol:Formula:Sodium phentobarbital 6.5 g, excipients q.s. ad 100mL.

    Euthanyle:Formula:Each 100 mL contains:
    Sodium pentobarbital …………………………………. 40.0 g
    Sodium diphenylhydantoine …………………………… 5.0 g
    Excipients q.s. ………………………………………… 100.0 mL

  24. ergo says:

    This drug, taken in the circumstances described in “Final Exit” book is

  25. tammyot says:

    Where in Mexico is the best place to purchase Nembutal? I read it is better to be inland, but can anyone be a little more specific?


  26. danny62 says:

    re-for tammyot…
    It’s true that is easy to purchase the vet.nembutal in vet pharmacies, but don’t try border cities like Tijuana and other cities near the border line, they don’t sell it that easy and if someone sell it to you, you end up paying a fortune for it . If you are in condition to travel to Mexico go little south of the border line. I moved to Mexico last year to spend my final days / months here and I chose Mazatlan Mexico… It was so easy to get the sodium pentobarbital here, it cost only 22 us dollars per bottle (about 285 Mexican pesos.

  27. anton says:

    I am hopelessly ill and have obtained one bottle of Nembutal. I can arrange to be not discovered for one week.

    Have you heard of any failures with 6 gms or more that were NOT caused by discovery followed by medical intervention within one week of taking Nembutal?

  28. ergo says:

    One bottle of Veterinary Nembutal is known to be lethal to a terminal person with a few hours, provided an anti-emetic has been taken beforehand.

  29. osopapi1 says:

    @ danny62

    If you’re still with us, can you help me get some? Please?

    REPLY: There are no sources which will guarantee delivery. Scams abound.

  30. eightball says:

    What I can’t understand is how people take nembutal and end up in hospital for days with serious side effects yet I watch videos from these assisted dying places like Dignitas and the people drink the drink and within a few minutes they are peacefully asleep without side effects.

  31. ergo says:

    The lethality of Nembutal is all a matter of dosage. 8 grams and over ingested orally is fatal.
    Dignitas uses 12 grams per person to be certain.

  32. Butterflies says:

    I had a question about veterinary pentobarbital (Pisabental). How long, if at all, will it remain effective after the stated expiration date? If the bottle lists an expiration date over two years ago, will it have degraded to a point of no longer being effective? Thank you for your help. How many grams (one bottle contains 6.3 grams) be required two years past the expiration date?

  33. ergo says:

    Provided the sealed cap on a bottle of Vet.Nembutal is not broken, and it is kept unopened in a cool, dark place, it should be good for at least five years. Ingesting two bottles of the 6.3 grams mixture would, anyway, take care of any possible slight deterioration. One bottle is lethal but two work faster with greater certaintude.

  34. Butterflies says:

    Thank you for your fast response. I hate to sound naïve, but how cool is cool? If the bottle has been keep at room temperature (about 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, 21 + Celsius) would that greatly degrade the mixture? Would 2 bottles still suffice with certainty? Thank you again.

  35. ergo says:

    By ‘cool’ I mean not consistently warm or ever hot. A bathroom is the worst place to keep drugs. So is a fridge — too damp.
    The bottom drawer of a closet is the best choice.

  36. nkhosravi says:

    Im about to go to Mexico to buy nembutal. which cities should i consider to get flight?

    REPLY: Don’t know, but the more inland and remote the better — where farmers and horse breeders shop for Veterinary Nembutal.

  37. Ggfx says:

    Although rare, having read several cases of people requiring a longer time to die with veterinary nembutal – does Dilantin (Phenytoin sodium) take away the possibility of having an extended coma, after ingesting a lethal dose of Nembutal?

  38. ergo says:

    Two of the little bottles of Veterinary Nembutal (from Mexico) are lethal almost instantaneously.
    Never heard of a case of ‘extended coma’ Sounds like internet wild gossip.

  39. benlinus says:

    If one wanted to end incurable physical suffering with 2 bottles of Veterinary Nembutal (from mexico). How fast would it have to be drunk? eg. 1 minute.

    Also would it be wise to chase it was 2oz of spirits?

    REPLY: The substance must be drunk fast (horrible taste). Whisky or brandy instantly OK. Death within minutes.

  40. babybunnie says:

    1) Is there any specific “names” of stores, where patients (or people who go with the patient have been)successfully bought the medication of Nembutal (since it is advised as the best) and the products are not fake?

    2) What was the dosage used to give a peaceful death to the suffering patient?

    3) Is there any other advice to give to people who want to end their suffering, they learned from being in the presence of a person or heard, who have taken taken medication, that should not be repeated that was a mistake?

    I’m doing this alone and I don’t want to suffer during the process of any pain during ending of my life, or wake up with any health issues and still alive, period!

    I eagerly wait for anyone to respond.

  41. babybunnie says:

    I forgot to add, does anyone know where to buy potassium cyanide where it is not suspicicious and can just enough to die fast? Manufacturers won’t sell the product, unless you are a company and buy in large quantities. It is a product that German militant in WW2 used to kill themselves.

  42. ergo says:

    babybunnie: As it seems you live in Canada, it would be advisable to approach your own doctor and ask for legal assisted dying under the new law which recently took effect allowing doctors to help the terminally to die if they wish.

  43. lastwalk says:

    Regarding self deliverance by Nembutal and method of administration. It has occurred to that rectally could be an efficacious strategy. It would take some “preparation” and “precautions” but it works well. To use two bottles of the Mexican Pisabental should achieve the desired goal.

    I got the idea from a story I heard about college students using alcohol soaked tampons rectally.

    This method would eliminate the taste, the resulting nausea and the complexity of intravenous gadgetry.

  44. Anna7 says:

    Hallo, i wrote before e few days one post with a 3 questions in this place. It is deleted? Have i hope a to recieve a answer from the moderator or it is just deleted without any comment or answer? If so it would be nice to hear why. Thank you for your time and iam hoping to hear from you soon. best regards

  45. ergo says:

    Your questions were too complex to be answered with certainty.

  46. Dodherdude79 says:

    Can you die by drinking liquid nembutal?

    Certainly. But only in overdose of 8 grams or more.

  47. Unborn says:

    Would drinking 12g Nembutal be enough to induce unconsciousness quickly enough to avoid vomiting, etc. for a 160lb. man?

    Also what is the best/most reliable sites/places to order from?

  48. ergo says:

    To Unborn
    That amount of Nembutal would be fatal. But unless a person took anti-emetic pills every hour all day before, vomiting be most likely to follow. Then failure.
    Sorry, can’t advise on internet drug ordering places. Too many scams.

  49. Unborn says:

    >But unless a person took anti-emetic pills every hour all day before, vomiting be most likely to follow. Then failure.

    By “failure” do you mean death or failure to cause death. I take it you mean failure to cause death, but I just want to be sure.

    ANSWER: I mean failure to cause death.

  50. Mikey Tabasco says:

    I spoke via email to an old friend in Mexico. First name begins with the letter D.
    I was concerned that this is not the same person who I have successfully purchased from in the past. Can you offer your opinion on this. I understand I’m giving you limited information. But if you have been in the loop on this since 2009, like me. You know who I’m talking about. His original email was published in the 2nd edition of, “The Peaceful Pill”. I’ll buy the book again to check for updates. But this particular inquiry is due to my own recent diagnosis of a terminal illness. I don’t remember if you and I have had discussions in the past years. But I got out of the loop since I acquired 4 bottles. The intention was to synthesize into powder, giving the substance an unlimited shelf-life. The bottles were stolen and have since expired anyway. But I need more information before sending $$.
    My alternative:
    I plan on heading to Mexico. But I am hoping someone associated with this site has concrete proof of a store, where I can actually purchase it legally. I know what to have on hand and what information and method to use when purchasing from a store.
    There are other suicide methods. I have studied them all prior to purchasing the N from D.
    Since it’s not my first rodeo, I can offer assistance to anyone that needs knowledge on the subject of assisted suicide, the various methods available and most importantly, how to acquire the tools and materials. Or how to make everything but N.
    Someone had a question about Cyanide. Not sure if it was Potassium Cyanide or Sodium Cyanide. But both can be purchased in the US. It will cost a few bucks to do so, but it is possible if steps are followed correctly. The forum we used in the past helped me out tremendously. I am hoping your site can do the same.
    But I am much more interested in hearing from anyone that has made a recent purchase of N, either through the mail or a vet supply location in Mexico or Peru.
    If someone has a valid lead, I will be happy to chase those leads and/or make multiple purchases in my travels. As it stands, I am ready to travel. I am just waiting to hear from anyone that can increase the odds of my success. My success could mean the difference between other people’s successes or failure’s.
    In my last email with D, he stated that he would supply (2) bottles along with anti-emetics for $660.00.
    It did surprise me when the email he sent, contained language that he never used in the past when corresponding. Even more surprised, the correspondence did not contain, “specific”, language that he, “always used”, in every email. Therefore, I wasn’t convinced.
    anyone can feel free to contact me via email: dimaggio528@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time.

    Mikey Tabasco

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