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A survey on internet drugs by Derek Humphry

We need to know what is the value of ordering drugs on the internet intended for personal self-deliverance from a present or future terminal or hopeless illness. Reports are coming to me of scams but there must also be success stories. We need a balanced assessment of the worth.

If you have tried this method of obtaining lethal medications (most likely Nembutal or Seconal or Veterinary Nembutal) please let me know, in confidence, what was the result. Answers to me at ergo@finalexit.org

Please tell me things like (a) where you came across the source; (b) how much money did you send, and how? (c) were the ordered drugs delivered? (d) how long did it take? (e) were the drugs of correct quality/toxicity? (f) was a manufacturers name on the box? (g) or were you cheated, by how much and by whom? (h) did complaints about non-delivery succeed? (i) would you order again on the internet?

When I have sufficient answers, I will publish an assessment of this market, which should be helpful to all sincerely interested in the right to choose to die at life’s end.

Thank you. Derek Humphry, founder of the original Hemlock Society, author of ‘Final Exit’. Email ergo@finalexit.org

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Re: Helium tanks which are not diluted

There are still some 100 percent tanks in some stores. Go out right now and get the old 100% tanks for your own future use, and extras to pass on to others. Tanks coming now into stores are 20 percent diluted.

Do not buy the ones marked HELIUM/AIR because they might not work in self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. The marking is in a corner of the box of the Worthington Party Balloon kits, and again on the disposable tank.

Walmart stores often have considerable stocks. Carefully stored, their shelf-life is several years.

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Press release from the Final Exit Network

Minnesota Case: Final Exit Network Found Guilty
Of a Crime For Showing Compassion

HASTINGS, Minnesota, May 14 — A 12-member jury found Final Exit Network, Inc. guilty of “assisting” in a “suicide” and interfering with the scene of a death so as to “mislead” the coroner.

A five-woman, seven-man jury deliberated for only about half an hour at the end of the day on Wednesday, May 13, then another hour in the morning the next day before rendering its unanimous verdict, finding the not-for-profit corporation guilty on both of the counts against it.

Judge Christian Wilton set the sentencing hearing to take place at 9 a.m. on August 24. The “assisting” in a “suicide” count, a felony, carries with it a potential fine of $30,000, while the charge of interfering “with the body or scene of death with intent to mislead the coroner or conceal evidence,” a “gross” misdemeanor, is punishable by a fine of up to $3,000.

Thus, since a corporation cannon be incarcerated, and no Final Exit Network board members or volunteers face any potential sanctions, the maximum possible punishment is a fine of $33,000.

The State’s case consisted of proof that the Network’s volunteers provided information, education, and emotional support to Doreen Dunn, Continue Reading »

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Final Exit Network trial begins Monday
Two of the four criminal charges pending against Final Exit Network, Inc. in Hastings, Minnesota were dismissed Friday morning.

Before the dismissal, the not-for-profit corporation was charged with two felonies: assisting in a “suicide,” and “aiding and abetting” to assist in a “suicide”; and two “gross” misdemeanors, interfering with the scene of a death and “aiding and abetting” to interfere in the scene of a death.

Final Exit Network this week moved for Dakota County District Court Judge Christian Wilton to dismiss the two “aiding and abetting” counts. One of Final Exit Network’s attorneys, Bill Sherry of nearby Apple Valley, argued that the “aiding and abetting” charges were an improper attempt by the state to charge Final Exit Network twice for each one of the two alleged crimes.

On Friday morning, after the judge and attorneys finished jury selection Thursday afternoon, the attorneys appeared before the judge for one last brief opportunity to argue about pending issues before the trial begins. The motion to dismiss the two “aiding and abetting” charges was expected to be argued, but at the last minute, the prosecutors announced they were finally persuaded that Final Exit Network’s argument was correct: They asked the judge to dismiss the two “aiding and abetting” charges. He did so.

Final Exit Network is thus now charged with one felony, assisting in a “suicide,” and one “gross” misdemeanor, interfering in the scene of a death, in connection with the self-deliverance of Doreen Dunn, 57, of Apple Valley, on May 30, 2007.

The trial begins at 9 a.m. Monday at the Dakota County Judicial Center, 1500 Highway 55, Hastings, Minnesota. The trial is expected to take three to five days.

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The world’s leading manufacturer of disposable helium cylinders, Worthington Industries, announced in May 2015 that they would be altering the hitherto pure helium contained in their party balloon cylinders with up to 20% air.

Such diluted tanks are not effective in self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. They are coming into stores now.

If you have tanks already in storage and there is no labeling on them saying HELIUM/AIR, then they are still effective.

Worthington says that they are diluting their new product because of the world shortage of helium. The new tanks will still inflate balloons.
Derek Humphry, Oregon 05.03.2015

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HASTINGS, Minnesota, April 27, 2015 — The long-awaited trial of Final Exit Network and four of its volunteer Exit Guides has been whittled down to a trial of only the corporation, Final Exit Network, Inc., and none of the Exit Guides.

In 2013 the trial court dismissed all the charges against one of the defendants, former Final Exit Network President Ted Goodwin. Also in 2013, another defendant and former president, Jerry Dincin, died.

Last week the Dakota County District Judge Christian S. Wilton granted a continuance to former case coordinator Roberta Massey for health reasons. Given her conditions, it is doubtful she will ever be forced to stand trial.

The trial of the remaining defendants, the corporation and the Network’s former medical director, Dr. Larry Egbert of Baltimore, was scheduled to begin on Monday, May 4.

But during a telephone conference call hearing on April 27 (with lawyers in Atlanta, Tallahassee, Los Angeles and Hastings), the District Attorney asked the judge to “sever” the trials Continue Reading »

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EXIT International, based in Australia, posted this message 24 April 2015:
Balloon Time Helium – WARNING

The largest manufacturer of disposable helium cylinders, Worthingtons in Columbus, Ohio, who make Balloon Time kits have announced on its website that from April 2015 their cylinders will guarantee only 80% helium, with up to 20% air. While an 80:20 helium:air mixture is suitable for floating party balloons, its use to provide a peaceful death is lost.

Exit Director, Dr Philip Nitschke, said that these changes had long been flagged. In 2011 NZ Coroner, Ian Smith, examined the death of 37-year old Kyle McIntosh, and an unnamed 23-year old Wellington man, who both died using Balloon Time helium. In his findings, Mr Smith recommended that this gas be combined with 10% oxygen.

In June 2014 in Auckland, Dr Nitschke conducted gas purity testing using Balloon Time helium sourced from various centres in New Zealand. At that time, all cylinders tested were found to have oxygen contamination levels of < 0.5%.

Exit recommends that those with recently-acquired Balloon Time cylinders either test the gas to ensure that there is no oxygen contamination. Alternatively, the cylinders should be discarded and replaced with a reliable alternative like Max Dog nitrogen, where the purity of the gas (& absence of any oxygen) is guaranteed by the distributors.

At this stage it is not clear if the manufacturers of Balloon Time’s
equivalent products, such as BOC/ Tesco product marketed in the UK will
follow suit. Purity testing of BOC Balloon Time clones will take place
this week.

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WARNING – “Party Balloon Time” products

Be sure that any 30-balloon tanks you purchase are marked thus on the box and tank:
HELIUM (.25 m)

If any size of tank or box (30 or 50-balloon) has the words:
These are unsuitable for self-deliverance. Do not use. The manufacturer is now diluting some helium tanks with 20% air because of world shortage of helium. They will be clearly labeled.

Older tanks which you might have stored are OK, but best to check
the small print on the box and tank. Repeat: Don’t buy tanks with the wording “helium/air” on them (although they will still inflate party balloons).
— Derek Humphry, Oregon 23 April 2015

File name helium warning.doc

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More than a dozen states, plus the District of Columbia, are considering physician-assisted dying legislation this year.

The laws would allow mentally fit, terminally ill patients age 18 and older, whose doctors say they have six months or less to live, to request lethal drugs. The prescribing doctors need not be present when the fatal dose is taken.

Oregon was the first state to implement its Death with Dignity Act in 1997 after voters approved the law in 1994, and two other states — Vermont and Washington — now allow for similar medically assisted dying. Courts in Montana and New Mexico have also modified the law to a certain extent.

“The movement has reached a threshold where it is unstoppable,” said President Barbara Coombs Lee of Compassion & Choices.

The issue of medically assisted death rose to prominence last year with the case of Brittany Maynard, 29, who was told she had six months to live after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Maynard was a strong advocate for Death with Dignity, and when she learned of her grim prognosis, she moved from her home state of California to Oregon where terminally ill patients who are residents are allowed to end their own lives.

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Forty years ago today Jean Humphry used physician-assisted suicide to end her life at age 42. She was in an advanced stage of cancer metastasized from breast cancer two years earlier. She fought to live, had three chemotherapies, and good pain control from caring doctors.

A few months earlier, after the cancer had nearly killed her, she asked me to help her to die. In l974 the subject of assisted dying was little known. So I asked Jean what she wanted me to do.

“Go to a doctor,” she replied. “Tell the doctor my situation and ask for a lethal overdose of drugs. Store the drugs at home and when I’m ready to die, and if you agree there is no hope, hand them to me and I’ll die.”

After studying Jean’s condition and wishes, a doctor gave me the drugs with which on March 29, l975, she took her life. The doctor and myself were both breaking the law of England but Jean was not because suicide is not a crime. Neither the doctor nor I were prosecuted although assisted suicide is still (2015) a felony in England.

In l978 I published an account of this in a successful book “Jean’s Way” and the right-to-choose-to-die debate began to expand Continue Reading »

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