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From today, there is an updated edition of Final Exit ebook to mark its 25 years in print.

Final Exit ‘Digital Edition’ v.3.2 (eBook)
The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance
and Assisted Suicide for the Dying

by Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society

• v.3.2 – Revised 3rd edition / 25th Anniversary Edition
• eBook PDF • 900KB • 186 pages
• eBook ISBN 978-0-9637280-6-7
• Price: $17.00 • No shipping charges for eBooks
• Purchasing eBooks thru the ERGO Store helps to support ERGO

Version 3.2 of Final Exit 2016 (25th Anniversary Edition) eBook is updated to include an alternative new lethal drug cocktail if barbiturates are unavailable or too expensive, updated info on inert gas techniques, and updated information on assisted suicide laws and Swiss organizations.

Download it at

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DutchNews NL reported 20 January 2016:

Euthanasia requests for severe dementia patients rejected

None of the 26 requests for euthanasia for people with very severe dementia made to a special Dutch clinic were carried out, according to a report in medical magazine Medisch Contact.

Between January 1 2012 and May 1 2015, official guardians made requests to help 26 patients who had become incapable of asking for themselves, the report says. All the patients had signed a euthanasia declaration before they became seriously ill.

Euthanasia is allowed in the Netherlands under strict conditions. The patient must be suffering unbearably and the doctor must be convinced the patient is making an informed choice.

In 25 cases, doctors at the special clinic ruled that even though communication was possible with the patient, they could not indicate whether they still wished to die or not. In addition, in all 25 cases doctors said the patient could not be described as suffering unbearably.

In one case, doctors agreed to help the patient but they died of natural causes before euthanasia could be carried out.

Earlier this month, the government said the guidelines for performing euthanasia on people with severe dementia have been relaxed a little so that patients can be helped to die even if they are incapable of making their current feelings known.

However, they will have to have signed a euthanasia declaration with their family doctor before they became seriously ill to be considered for help in dying.
ERGO Bookstore has an Advance Declaration (Living Will) dealing with the dementia question:

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You can be there at the end

There is a fine and thoughtful cover article in the current February edition of the magazine MOTHER JONES.

MY RIGHT TO DIE: Assisted suicide, My family, and Me
by Kevin Drum

It is now on bookstalls and at this web site

But it has one disappointing flaw in the last six paragraphs. Writer Drum says it is a crime to be in the presence of someone choosing to end their own life. WRONG. It is NOT a crime in the USA and probably nowhere else.

Yes, it is the crime of assisted suicide if someone present physically helps or provides the means. Big difference

The Hemlock Society and its successors have always stressed that careful
self-deliverance with friends or family with them was preferable; that is why peaceful methods and non-violence were always emphasized. Be there, but don’t touch. Nobody should have to die alone — unless that was their specific wish.

Of course, in the states (OR, WA, VT and CA) which now have Death With Dignity Acts allowing physician-assisted suicide for the dying, under certain rules, it is obviously not a crime for family to be present or help provided the doctor has prescribed the drugs.

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January 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of the guide book “Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying”.
When first written, no publisher in the world would consider it, so I self-published it. In late l991 it hit the New York Times bestseller list and remained there for 18 weeks, spurring Random House NY to take over the paperback rights. There have been 13 translations into major languages.
Worldwide sales of “Final Exit” in hardcover, paperback and ebook are approximately two million. It is in most English-language libraries.
I keep it updated. Now in its 3rd edition — Derek Humphry

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Be ever vigilant for persons in Mexico, China, Russia and elsewhere who are making a profitable business on the internet/web by offering Nembutal by mail. Usual charge is $500, wired to them in advance.

This is the latest scammer reported to me:
Samuelle Pindolon from Cholula/Puebla/Mexico City. The person had the money wired to an Aura Luna Solares in Mexico City.

Press release from the Final Exit Network

Dear Fellow Right-to-Die Supporters:

Books have the power to encourage and advance change. But only rarely does a book, by itself, establish a new civil liberty and start a movement to achieve it. Such a book is Derek Humphry’s Final Exit. The notion that people had a right to end their suffering came as a shock.

It upended the almost universal belief that suffering had to be endured, and that it was not up to any of us to question the ‘why’ of it.

>From its beginnings as a privately published book, because no company would agree to print it, it has now become the standard source for information and has sold an estimated 2 million copies worldwide.

Since Derek’s bold statement of belief and action, much of Western Europe and the United States has witnessed a revolution in the understanding of human liberties.

The battle for end of life autonomy has advanced more slowly – but it advances. So it seems fitting that on the 25th anniversary of the book’s publication, we honor Continue Reading »

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The Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization (ERGO) asks for your help only once a year

Please consider making an end-of-year donation to ERGO for the upkeep of its news digest, its two web sites and blog. ERGO advises news media, does broadcasts, and talks daily with persons about their choice in dying problems.

ERGO has no offices or staff but there are fees, travel, utilities, outsourcing and upkeep expenses. ERGO is 501c3 since l993
and therefore tax deductible to the extent of US law. To make a secure contribution on the internet, go to


Or if you prefer to mail a check, this is the address
24829 Norris Lane
Junction City OR 97448 USA

Thank you Derek Humphry ergo@finalexit.org

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After many teasers and disappointments for doctors and patients, an important change is in the cards. Medicare will start compensating physicians for end-of-life dialogues with their patients effective Jan. 1, 2016. No longer will these urgent appointments be scheduled under the guise of addressing some other issue. Without payment, doctors have resisted such talks: They are difficult and lengthy and have traditionally incurred lost income for the physicians. The fact that they were not compensated also subtly gave the impression that the talks were not really regarded as all that important.

January will mark a dramatic change. Doctors won’t have to rush through their comments and their listening on the run, concerned about their bottom line, utilizing their time only in “other” talks that pay.

Patients need now to openly and boldly request a dialogue to help clarify and share their final wishes and options, so that when the time comes, there’s no guessing, especially when the patient is unable to speak for him or herself. Included is the patient’s entire philosophy about whether they want everything reasonable done — even if the chance of keeping them alive Continue Reading »

A palliative care centre in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is poised to become the first facility to provide access to doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.

The CEO of la Maison Aube-Lumière, Elizabeth Brière, said the centre will begin offering the service on Feb. 1, 2016, five days before the ban on doctor-assisted suicide is lifted outside of Quebec.

In Quebec, the right to end one’s life with a doctor’s help will take effect in December 2015. The centre’s staff voted 61 per cent in favour of offering the service. Its board of governors voted unanimously in favour.

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Terminally ill Californians can now exercise their right to die with dignity.

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the End of Life Option Act into law, just a few weeks after the state Assembly and Senate approved the bill in a special session.

California is the fifth U.S. state to authorize aid in dying — also known as physician-assisted suicide — and by far the biggest and most influential.

The California law is similar to the one operating in Oregon since l988.
It is what is known as a ‘prescribing law’ permitting doctors under guidelines to write a prescription for a lethal substance which the dying patient may choose to ingest at a time of their choosing.
Euthanasia — death by lethal injection — is specifically banned.

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