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Lawrence D. Egbert, MD, MPH, the Baltimore anesthesiologist whose leadership in the right-to-die movement cost him his Maryland license to practice medicine, died of a heart attack June 9. He was 88.

Dr. Egbert, a retired professor of anesthesiology and public health, championed the right of individuals to choose to die rather than suffer intolerable circumstances or unremitting pain—and the right of physicians, family and friends to be present with those making that choice. He helped found and served as medical director of Final Exit Network, which provides education and compassionate presence to those facing end-of-life choices; he also acted as a FEN exit guide accompanying those who hastened their own deaths. He willingly paid a high price for his activism; newspapers dubbed him “the new Dr. Death,” the State of Maryland revoked his license to practice medicine there in 2014, and at various times he was under indictment in three states for supposedly assisting suicides (although he was never convicted of any charges).

Dr. Egbert’s activism also included the peace/anti-war and anti-nuclear movements, opposition to the death penalty and racism, advocacy for civil liberties, single-payer health care and simple living. He served on the boards of Continue Reading »

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Canada has at long last passed a doctor-assisted suicide law for the advanced terminally ill (06.10.16). New law does not include persons with degenerative illnesses, old age, handicap or mental health problems.

It is similar to the laws already on the West Coast of US — after various guidelines and waiting periods, a doctor can prescribe lethal medications, to be filled at a pharmacy, and taken if and when the dying person decides they want to go. Nembutal or Seconal are usually used.

Not perfect, but a step in the right direction.

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The Canadian government has rejected a proposed Senate amendment that would make it easier for Canadians to get medical help to end their lives.

Health Minister Jane Philpott and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould
announced Thursday that the government will accept most of the seven
amendments the Senate approved to their controversial assisted-death
bill, known as C-14.

As expected, however, they stood firm on the legislation’s central
pillar: that only those who are near death should qualify for medical
assistance in dying.

The Senate scrapped that requirement during two weeks of lengthy debate
in the upper house before passing the amended bill late Wednesday by a
vote of 64-12, with one abstention.

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Australian Border Force has seized and destroyed copies of a book that provides information on euthanasia and assisted suicide to the elderly and the seriously ill.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook, written by euthanasia advocate and former doctor, Philip Nitschke, is published in Holland but copies have been seized on arrival in Australia.

People who have ordered the book receive instead a note from the Border Force which reads: “Customs prohibits importation of documents relating to suicide … The importation of a device designed or customised to be used by a person to commit suicide is prohibited absolutely.”

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Dr. Lawrence Deems Egbert, 87, has died. He suffered a heart attack on Thursday and died without suffering. He lived in Baltimore. He leaves a widow, Ellen Barfield.

Larry was extensively involved in the right-to-die movement for many years, and was formerly medical director of the Final Exit Network.

In his lifetime he helped scores of terminally ill people with a peaceful death.

A few interesting sites relevant to right-to-die to view this weekend:

At this website you can now read summaries of all the papers delivered
at the conference earlier in May in Amsterdam of the World Federation of
Right to Die Societies:

Final Exit Network’s most recent video is now available on YouTube. In
it, Faith Riverstone of Minnesota explains her situation and her choices — and the options she would like to have. It is about 10 minutes long.

Derek Humphry’s new Facebook page is at

If you already have ‘Final Exit’ 3rd edn. in paperback, there is now a 2016 Addendum. Send $5 for print copy:
ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, OR 97448

This Addendum is already included in the Ebook version. Download at

“Final Exit” has been updated for 2016.
The ebook download version is fully updated at the ERGO Bookstore www.finalexit.org/ergo-store
The paperback when ordered from ERGO Bookstore now has a printed Addendum 2016 included with all copies.
(The above updates are not available with Amazon.com purchases.)
If you have ‘Final Exit’ already and want the updates, send $5 and the printed pamphlet will be mailed to you by return.
The updates in the ebook and in the printed Addendum include:
1. Huge price increases in barbiturates, thus the alternative cocktail now being used in states where physician-assisted suicide is legal.
2. Summary of the states and nations which have legalized some form of medical assisted dying.
3. Article on how assisted dying is carried out in Switzerland, what it costs, plus full contact details for the two organizations which will accept foreigners.
4. The best anti-emetics for use in self-deliverance from a terminal illness.
5. Clarification on the presence of loved ones at an actual self-deliverance.
6. Advice on how to obtain guidance on making your own inert gas kit now that party balloon helium in North America is diluted.

Send $5 to ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, OR 97448, and we will mail back the Addendum by return.
Or download the updated paperback or ebook from www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

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Persons thinking of purchasing for self-deliverance from a terminal illness the barbiturate Nembutal over the Internet from places like Mexico, China, Peru and so on, should note this:
Interpol is intercepting emails between purchasers and the sellers and then informing local police that the recipient is a suicide risk. Then there is a ‘wellness call’ to the home by uniformed officers, seeking to prevent deaths. (This is normal procedure.)
This situation has factually emerged in two recent cases in the UK.
Additionally, most foreign drug sales are scams. The very few which are honest are now, with this Interpol interception, also risky.

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References to ‘Final Exit’ book in TV and pop culture

 Arsenio Hall on his late night CBS TV show did a sketch about people being unable to return ‘Final Exit’ to their local library because they were no longer alive. Libraries were complaining that they had to keep buying the book to meet demand, Hall joked.

 Industrial metal band Fear Factory uses quotes from Humphry’s video in the last track, “Final Exit”, of their seventh studio album Mechanize

 In a Christmas episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Dr. Forrester gives TV’s Frank a copy of the book as a gift after he reveals that he stole Frank’s blood to pay for it.

 In episode 11 of the sixth season of Married With Children, Al Bundy can be seen reading this book while in bed.

 In episode 6 of the first season of The Powers That Be (1992), Theodore Van Horne (David Hyde Pierce) reads this book in bed ticking off the methods he’s tried.

 Bill Hicks incorporated this book in several of his bootleg shows as a build-up to one of his controversial sketches on how euthanasia can make movies more interesting and believable, quoting a phrase “Put ’em in the movies…

 In episode 10 of season one of the Showtime TV show “Huff”, Beth Huffstodt finds a copy of the book in her mother-in-law’s closet and worries that her mother-in-law is planning to kill herself.

Read the paperback or ebook

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