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Announcing the formation of “IM Euthanasia India” which will be dedicating its efforts to change the premise in the Indian legal system for a ‘Right to Live and Die with Dignity’.

The first announcement through a 25-minutesvideo is already uploaded on the YouTube and with the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJlRG2anI0&t=2s
Sandeep Sahajpal, (IM – Euthanasia India)
Initiative of “Aashrams – The Home” (Non-Profit Organisation)
eMail: sandeep.sahajpal@icloud.com

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Many, like me, were shocked when the news came out of South Africa on 19 September that the President of
the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, Professor Sean Davison, had been arrested for the murder of his friend, 43-year old former doctor, Anrich Burger. Dr Burger became a quadriplegic after an accident in 2005. He died in November 2013.

A New Zealander by birth, South African by country of residence, Professor Davison came to public prominence in 2010 after he pleaded guilty for helping his terminally ill mother Pat, also a former medical doctor, to end her life in New Zealand.

Sean Davison had earlier admitted to helping Dr Burger to end his life but maintained that he had not broken South African laws.

In the media, Professor Davison was quoted as saying that Dr Burger had organized his own lethal drugs and had repeatedly stated very clearly that he wanted to die.

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Here is huge example of how a book can be misused. They didn’t ask me, the author, for permission. Note that I’ve
always opposed capital punishment…..
Current news story:
Oklahoma is preparing to be the first state in the nation to execute inmates using gas.

After all the mistakes and missteps in administering the death penalty, what state are leaders looking at in their effort to prepare for this new generation of capital punishment?

The last time members of Gov.Mary Fallin’s office wanted to rush through executions using the wrong drug, her general counsel now so famously told the attorney general to “Google it” when he was pushing to allow for the use an unauthorized drug to kill Richard Glossip.

It was more than just Google that got Oklahoma to the point of making history as the first state to transform it’s death chamber from lethal injection to gas.

Lead researcher Michael Copeland teaches criminal justice at East Central University in Ada. His past research for the state has helped on everything from uninsured motorists to how law enforcement handles the mentally ill; this request was different.

“I knew it was a controversial subject and that’s not normally the type of help I give so that part did make me a little apprehensive,” Copeland told FOX 25.

There were three researchers who contributed to the initial report the legislature relied on to adopt nitrogen gas as the primary execution method. One was opposed to the death penalty, one in favor of it, and then there was Copeland.

“I’m sort of caught in between,” Copeland told FOX 25. “I do feel some concerns, but our question wasn’t to solve whether or not Oklahoma should have the death penalty. The question was do we have anything better than the electric chair which would have been the alternative had we not come up with this.”

The attorney general expanded on that to include other inter gases, like helium, which according to the research the state relied on promise a quick and painless death.

“Typically within about 18-20 seconds they’ll pass out,” Copeland said. “Most of the time they won’t notice it at all; some of the time they’ll feel a slight bit of inebriation as if they had been drinking alcohol before they pass out and a very small percent of the time they’ll feel a little bit of nausea.”

Death soon follows. We know this because cited in the documents provided by the Attorney General’s office is the book FINAL EXIT. The book contains details of the experiences of people who’ve used gas to kill themselves.

My book has no connection with judicial execution. It is purely for the terminally ill and those degeneratively ill to end their lives if their suffering is so great,” said author Derek Humphry from his Oregon home. “I’m sorry it is used, however indirectly, with capital punishment.”

Derek Humphry began campaigning for the right-to-die, the assisted suicide movement, 40 years ago. He is opposed to the death penalty and says his work is about preserving humanity and dignity in death, not forcing it upon others.

Humphry did not know his research and experiences were being used to justify gas executions until FOX 25 contacted him after finding his work referenced in the state’s research on nitrogen. He said it might not be as easy for prisons to use gas because it is unlikely inmates will be willing participants.

“We have found that the only secure way of ending life via nitrogen or helium is by putting it into a plastic bag which is over the person’s head and secured at the neck,” Humphry said, “But how the penal authorities plan to do it I do not know.”

The state is not commenting on how it will carry out inert gas executions.

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Right-to-die activist Sean Davison, who appeared in court on a murder charge in Capetown, South Africa, on 19 Sept., is being investigated for more cases of assisted suicide.

Davison is currently president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies which has some 51 affiliates in 28 countries.

Prosecutor Megan Blow asked the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court to postpone the case until November 16 to allow time for more investigations. She said “new information suggests that the accused may have committed murder in a similar fashion on more than one occasion”.

Davison, 57, was charged with the murder in 2013 of a doctor friend, Anrich Burger, who became a quadriplegic after a car crash eight years earlier.

Archbishop Tutu came out with a supportive statement:
“Just as I have argued for compassion and fairness in life, I believe that terminally ill people should be treated with compassion and fairness when it comes to their death,”

Tutu said in a statement after the arrest this week of Sean Davison, who founded DignitySA, a right-to-die group. “This should include affording people who have reached the end-stages of life the right to choose how and when to leave Mother Earth.”

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The State of Oklahoma has decided in future to use the inert gas nitrogen for judicial executions of condemned prisoners. It has not yet done so (09/2018).
The Attorney-General commissioned an inquiry into the effectiveness of nitrogen from three academics at East Central University. In a report covering 300 pages sent to the Oklahamo Department of Corrections the academics found that nitrogen would be an effective alternative
for capital punishment.
To my disappointment, the study partially leaned on my book ‘Final Exit’ –a purpose for which it was definitely not intended. I have always been opposed to capital punishment for two main reasons: (1) it is not a deterrent; and (2) in some cases persons executed were later found to be innocent.
“Final Exit’ has been in constant publication since l991 in English, been translated into twelve major languages, and is in most libraries.
As this report “Nitrogen Induced Hypoxia as a Form of Capital Punishment” is about to made public in the media, here is what it says about its use In self-deliverance by the advanced terminally ill:


Quote on pages 149-150 from the 300 page report

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to both the humanity of nitrogen induced hypoxia as well as the ease of administration is its rapidly gaining popularity as a self-selected means of suicide. Suicide by hypoxia using an inert gas is the most widely promoted Continue Reading »

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To clear up wide misunderstandings about the scope of
the medical assisted suicide in Canada, here are the basic rules according to law:

For Canada (all provinces, including Québec):

241.2 (1) A person may receive medical assistance in dying only if they meet all of the following criteria:

(a) they are eligible — or, but for any applicable minimum period of residence or waiting period, would be eligible — for health services funded by a government in Canada;

(b) they are at least 18 years of age and capable of making decisions with respect to their health;

(c) they have a grievous and irremediable medical condition;

(d) they have made a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying that, in particular, was not made as a result of external pressure; and

(e) they give informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying after having been informed of the means that are available to relieve their suffering, including palliative care.

Grievous and irremediable medical condition

(2) A person has a grievous and irremediable medical condition only if they meet all of the following criteria:

(a) they have a serious and incurable illness, disease or disability;

(b) they are in an advanced state of irreversible decline in capability;

(c) that illness, disease or disability or that state of decline causes them enduring Continue Reading »

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An old book with a lasting message

A publisher in Finland – Oy Scanria Ab – recently purchased the translation rights of the book ‘Jean’s Way’ by Derek Humphry.
This book, first published forty years ago in London, helped to launch the modern movement for assisted dying for the terminally ill by switching the discussion away from exclusively euthanasia to more acceptable, planned self-deliverance and physician-assisted suicide.
The planned manner in which Jean chose to bring to an end her terminal illness (breast cancer) prefigured the type of death with dignity laws later passed in six American states. It also launched the Hemlock Society USA in 1980 campaigning for the right to choose to die. (Hemlock closed in 2003.)
This memoir by Jean’s husband, Derek, who helped her to die peacefully, has never been out of print in English, and also been translated into Norwegian, Japanese, French, Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Hebrew (Israel), German and Turkish.
‘Jean’s Way’ can also be read on KINDLE.

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The July newsletter of Exit International prints a list of 43 web sites which claim to sell the barbiturate Nembutal.
“They are run by scammers,” says Dr. Phillip Nitschke, Exit’s
Some scammers use trick names to give the impression that
they are Dr. Nitschke’s own sites, and in one case includes
my name as a pretense of authenticity.
Potential buyers normally lose $500-$700 USD when they take a chance on purchase over the internet.
Sorry, there is no web site that I know of which is reliable.
Some start out apparently honestly but when they realize what a gold mine they have, they become fraudulent.

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At the first public meeting in Florence on June 10, 2018, of the new organization END-OF-LIFE OPTIONS IN OREGON, twenty people attended and there was lively discussion.
The following addition drafted by Derek Humphry to the existing Oregon Death With Dignity Act l997 was put forward and debated. It is hoped to get it passed in the Oregon State Legislature when it meets again next year, 2019.
Accepting that it is a highly controversial modification, nonprofit EOLOIO is preparing for a tough fight. The meeting was convinced that the time has come for this kind of law to be available.

The relevant part of the existing law (Section 2), here with the suggested addition of the words ‘degenerative disease’ is:

127.805 §2.01. Who may initiate a written request for medication. (1) An adult who is capable, is a resident of Oregon, and has been determined by the attending physician and consulting physician to be suffering from a terminal disease, (or degenerative disease) and who has voluntarily expressed his or her wish to die, may make a written request for medication for the purpose of ending his or her life in a humane and dignified manner in accordance with ORS 127.800 to 127.897.


A sufferer from a degenerative and hopelessly incurable disease is an adult whom two physicians certify has Parkinson’s disease, A.L.S., M.S., or similar incurable condition which will, in a time span unknown at present, to be the cause of death.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are not included unless the patient has signed an Advance Directive to this effect, and whose family members (spouse, sibling, offspring; or in the complete absence of family the Continue Reading »

With the spate recently of famous people choosing to end their lives, some are mistakenly blaming the ‘right-to-die’ movement. Realistically, there is no connection.

Physician-assisted suicide, which is so far approved by six US legislatures, is to help competent adults suffering unbearable terminal illness at the END OF LIFE.

It is not about the sad suicides of persons with grave depression or serious mental illness who shorten their lives. The two fates are essentially different matters.

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