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  1. pejsach says:

    Hi. I have watched Derk Humphry’s helium method online. I have also read about how people fail and don’t die. The problem is that it looks like oxygen can get into the plastic bag when you pull it over your face. The process of pulling it over your face doesn’t look perfect eventhough Derek Humphry is showing you how to sqeeze the air out of the bag over your head and make it look like a shower hood. Also; can’t oxygen get in the plastic bag through the sweat band or the crevice between the plastic bag and your skin? The bag doesn’t look sealed off 100% when there is a tube going through it from the helium canisters.
    How do I make this perfect with a guarantee that if I imitate Derek Humphry’s method I never wake up? For me it’s also OK to stay alive but completely brain dead so that I stay completely unconcsious for the rest of my life. Death is not my number one priority. Total uncosciousness is just as good because I don’t want to suffer anymore.
    I have a gun that I can use. But failing with a bullet through your brain seems a lot worse than failing with the plastic bag!
    I hope to get a good answer, thank you.

  2. ergo says:

    pejasach: You have been reading wild statements by exhibitionists on the internet. Within the right-to-die movement we are aware of hundreds of successful self-deliverances from terminal illness in the past 14 years using the helium hood method. But it has to be done meticulously — by the book.

  3. pejsach says:

    I ordered the book and DVD. I promise that I am going to study it very carefully!
    I will pay attention to what you are saying: it has to be done meticulously!!!
    Let me study the book, thereafter I will contact you again if you don’t mind.
    If hundreds have died successfully, I thank Derek Humphry for having relieved so many people from needless pain and suffering.
    Thank you so much.

  4. pejsach says:

    How long does it take for a tank with about 9 cu. feet of compressed helium to run out completely? We need at least 5 minutes or more.

  5. ergo says:

    A tank this size is quite adequate for a satisfactory self-deliverance from a terminal illness.

  6. wanguy2k says:

    I have a question. When using the two tank method, how do I know how much to open the valves on the helium tanks? If they’re wide open could they run out too soon?

  7. ergo says:

    No matter if the tanks are turned on slowly, or entirely quickly, there is more than enough helium gas in the tanks to end the life of a terminally or hopelessly ill person. These tanks taps are rather crude so smooth turning on is not easy, but a sudden flow makes no difference provided the equipment is properly positioned. Read ‘Final Exit’ paperback or ebook to be fully briefed.

  8. ergo says:

    From what I hear, getting Nembutal or (more likely) Veterinary Nembutal,
    is a matter of seeking out a store (pharmacia) on the off-chance that they will sell.
    Sometimes they will sell, sometimes not. The more remote pharmacias are the most likely, particularly as they desire US dollars.

  9. clauhubert6@gmail.com says:

    I just purchased the Final Exit Book, so relieved there is a decent way out of this suffering, I purchased an Helium tank 99.98%, 60 cu ft, my concern is will it be enough
    to ensure death ? not brain damaged or paralysed

  10. ergo says:

    Re amount of helium: In fact, 4-5 good gulps of pure helium cause fatal brain damage. By pure, I mean no trace of oxygen. But you are wise to have an excess of helium in case of set-up problems or a partly empty tank.

  11. Estefania says:

    Hi there. I’m really happy to have found this website. Thank you so much for giving people help who are in serious need of it, as suicide is not a sin. I’m a young lady who is engaged to a man with a liver disease. I live with the constant fear of losing him, because every year there is a chance that he will pass away. I have a really hard time living with this, and I came to the decision to end my life together with him. I’m going to live a happy life with him, and it might never have to come to this, but I really want to have a back up plan in case I need it. It’s the only thing that consoles me and gives me some peace. So I want to get some things in the house to keep here… just in case. I am really scared of a painful death, so please if anyone could give me some options of things to get that make me die peacefully, without (too much) pain, I’d be forever grateful. I live in The Netherlands, but my man is American, so I’ll be moving there soon. So preferably something that I can purchase either here in this country or in the US. Thank you so much!

  12. ergo says:

    Suggest you read my book ‘Final Exit’ to get a better overall view of self-deliverance.
    If you do move to US, hope it could be in states with lawful physician-assisted suicide (Oregon, Washington, Vermont) but of course as Dutch citizens you would be entitled to move back to the Netherlands for voluntary euthanasia if that was wanted. Go to http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  13. clauhubert6@gmail.com says:


    Is there a need of flow control device when you have a regulator for Helium Tank ?

  14. ergo says:

    I don’t think so, but it’s a matter of opinion.

  15. mel33 says:

    Hi there! I bought 2 tank of Helium of 50 ballons each box, from amazon and come from U.S.A. and made in U.S.A by: Worthington
    It doesn’t say anything about Helium mixed with Air, so basically, It look ok…
    It’s wrote on the boxes: Net Content: 14.9ft3 + Helium: 0.42M3 ( for 50 ballons)…
    I just wanna make sure that I’m ok and safe for peaceful self-delivrance with those helium?
    Also, I couldn’t find the ” T Junction” so I just bought 2 Tubing… is it ok too to use 2 tubes instead of one along with the ”T Junction)?? I could just stick firmly each tube by the each side of the plastic bag…? good idea??? thanks for responding. this warning is freaking me out a bit…. but I think my helium is good but I would like to confirm with you and also, about the double tubing… thanks in advance for responding!

  16. ergo says:

    Provided the words HELIUM/AIR cannot be found on the tank or box, then such tanks/cylinders
    are satisfactory for considering self-deliverance from a terminal illness.
    Using two tubes into the plastic bag instead of using a T-Junction will work if carefully prepared and carried out. Tape the pipes into the plastic bag securely.

  17. mel33 says:

    Thanks a lot for the answer! this is reassure me a lot. The best also, as said on the book is, to practice several times the whole procedure before the ” act” so to make sure to avoid mistakes… thanks again and have a lovely week!!

  18. Binkie says:

    Your book is incredibly helpful, particularly the information on the helium hood method. Have I understood correctly that there is no feeling of suffocation or air hunger when using this method? This is my one remaining concern and I would appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  19. ergo says:

    Binkie: Death by inhalation of inert gas (helium or nitrogen) inside a plastic bag is brain death. It is not suffocation or air hunger.
    A brain cannot exist without oxygen; the inert gas drives that out of the brain. See the book/ebook ‘Final Exit’ and the booklet “How to make your own inert gast kit’ at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  20. Binkie says:

    Thank you, Ergo.
    I do understand that the helium method is about brain death and have read your book more than once. I just wanted to established if there is any sensation of air hunger in the moments preceding that.

  21. michael9520 says:

    Hello ERGO and thanks for the help you give to people.
    I recently bought 2 0,42 cubic feet Helium balloon tanks labeled Balloon Time.
    I am building the exit bag following the instruction written on the book to make sure I do something good.
    The only question is about controlling the gas flow. I am not so good at creating the regulator myself and wherever I asked they looked at me suspiciously, so I would like to ask you. Is it good to firmly place something on both rubber balloon filler valves, so they are 50% opened to stream a flow of gas enough to make its use?
    I wouldn’t like to end up with my lungs damaged before I even pass out.
    I think this is the only thing that is not clear to me.
    Waiting your answer, I offer you my best regards.

  22. ergo says:

    Are these tanks you purchased pure 100% helium? Then they are OK. But the 80% tanks are not satisfactory for self-deliverance from a terminal illness. Just turn the tanks on as steadily as they will allow and that will be effective provided the plastic bag is in position and secured at the neck. http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  23. mrmilo1964 says:


    I know this my be a long shot….but does anyone know of any reliable source for N? I have been scammed twice already, and at one level, the $1000 wasted is not as painful as the fact that people are taking advantage….any help appreciated mrmilo1964@gmail.com

  24. ergo says:

    Reliable sources for lethal drugs for self-deliverance are hard — almost impossible — to find. Some start out honest and when the big money rolls in they default.

  25. manutdsc says:

    This is my first post being on such a site but I feel after exhausting all the other options in my life I have no choice other than to commit suicide. I have tried to before, though I was unsuccessful.

    My life has become near unbearable with the mental anguish that tortures me everyday. Over the past decade I have endured severe depression, anorexia, crippling anxiety, physical abuse and have no quality of life. I’m Male and from England. It really frustrates me that in the UK my options are more limited than in say America concerning suicide methods in terms of purchasing readily assembled suicide kits, getting assisted suicide etc.

    Because of the helium dilution farce, I plan to die through nitrogen asphyxiation- this seems a fairly foolproof method but it disappoints me as to how complex this method is and the naysayers who claim that this method is painful, so I raise this question to you- is the nitrogen exit bag suicide method painless and is it fairly easy to carry out? Where can I get easy to understand instructions on how to do this? I don’t plan to carry on living anymore than I need to- the depth, extent and severity of pain I’ve experienced is something that has broken me and I do not want to feel like that ever again.

    Regards, Sam

    Information on this subject at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  26. AnOnYmOuS_UsEr_ says:


    I have read his Final Exit 3rd ed and How to Make your Own Inert Gas Kit books, and I still have a couple of questions. Maybe you could help me? this info is not available in my country.

    If I am to buy a helium cylinder here, ıt is likely to be a large 1.5cu.m(53cu.f.?) with pure industrial gas under the (?high) pressure of 150 atm. So my question is: should I use a flow meter with this cylinder as with nitrogen? or should I just use a piece of plastic tubing as with baloon party kits? ıf flow meter is advisabie, what rate should I set it to?

    SHould no flow meter be required I might choose helium as it will be easier to operate. otherwıse, do you know which option is advisable?

    Thank you very much for your support.
    I am looking forward to reciving your answer.



  27. ergo says:

    The technical and scientific gas inquiries you make are beyond my knowledge. Best to contact an expert in your own country.

  28. Petar says:


    I intend to use Nitrogen tank for for the purpose of self deliverance, so I have one question I hope you can help me with.

    As far as I understand the output of the gas into the “Exit bag” should be about 15 liters per minute.. My problem is I am purchasing the tank and the pressure regulator in Germany (not mynative Country) and I am not sure whether the equipment I found is suitable.
    I will post the link to the Nitrogen tank and the Pressure Regulator I intend to purchase, I hope you can take a look and let me know whether they are suitable (I am particularly confused about the pressure regulator as the output is in “Bar”-s, not Lpm).

    I do understand that the question is technical, but I hope you can help me.



  29. ergo says:

    Sorry, I lack the technical knowledge to answer your question. But I know from experience that about six big gulps of pure helium or nitrogen are fatal.

  30. Petar says:

    Thanks anyway for the answer.


  31. Petar says:

    Can you please inform me on one issue concerning Helium method of self deliverance:

    how much of a concern is a possibility of vomiting? Are anti-vomiting medication necessary and is Nitrogen possibly more suitable means of self deliverance in that regard? Best regards, Petar

    ANSWER: Possible vomiting is not a question in death from inhalation of inert gas such as helium or nitrogen. Death comes about from brain starvation of oxygen. It’s been found recently that nitrogen is the more effective in that it comes in smaller tanks and has better flow control.

  32. Jaxxgt says:

    I guess the true flaw in this for us is, we never will know if people on here were successful in thier passing. We cant come back and pass down tips and pointers or slight dos and donts. None the less i am looming for a direct communication line to a peacful hood supplier, or Nembutal supplier legitimacy is a must i cant flounder any money i have just enough left to do this successfully the first and last time.

    ANSWER: There are no suppliers now of peaceful hoods. It’s DIY. Purchasing drugs over the internet is risky because of so many scams.

  33. ellenjones says:

    Is there anyone who can help me purchase a tank of pure nitrogen or helium? I’ve been trying for the longest time to obtain these and it is nearly impossible. I have money and am willing to drive just about anywhere. My email is ellenhjones05@gmail.com and can provide my number if needed.

    ANSWER: Pure helium or nitrogen can be bought at welding companies on the main drag of most cities and towns. Some are called AIRGAS and others just carry the name WELDING.

  34. Juni says:

    I have two 50 balloon helium tanks. If one happens to be low on helium/faulty etc – would the one tank still be sufficient to bring death? Brian damage is my greatest fear.

  35. ergo says:

    The very reason that two tanks (connected by a T-junction) are recommended is because
    one tank might be empty or partially empty. The one remaining full
    tank would be effective in self-deliverance. Reminder: must be pure helium 99%, not diluted to 70%. Check the wording on the tank. For full details on the whole procedure (including
    nitrogen) suggest reading “How to make your own inert gas kit” at www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  36. Mc Spraint says:

    I bought your ‘Final Exit’ and read it several times but I still have some questions. I hope you will answer to this few questions.
    On the internet some people are sharing their experiences of their failed attempts with the helium hood method where many of them are saying that they woke up hours later in the act of ripping the bag or with the bag right next to them being torn off during the procedure. I also noticed that it was one of the biggest reasons of failure.
    So here my first question is “Is it possible for a person to rip off the bag while being in the unconscious state.?”
    The 2nd question is “Does one need to restrain his hands some way since he/she can rip off the bag in his unconscious state.?”
    Thank you so much in advance…

  37. ergo says:

    In reply to Mc Spraint:- Of course we don’t hear from people who
    successfully use the plastic bag technique! Internet talk on this
    is exhibitionist; they probably weren’t serious about ending their life
    The plastic bag technique is effective for self-deliverance from an
    unbearable terminal illness provided it is carried out properly. And nowadays people using
    this technique inject a dose of nitrogen or pure helium to speed up the fatal time from approx. 30 minutes to 5 minutes.
    Suggest reading of my Epamphlet “How to make your own inert gas kit” pdf downloaed at

  38. Savvysted says:

    If someone were to use this method, would it be possible for their brain to be studied on (if a viable option for potential research)? I have become very interested, myself, but am curious to know based on the damage it seems to cause.

  39. Knowman144 says:

    I have an issue with the adaptor that fits into the regulator that is used in nitrogen self deliverance. The ordered adaptor from Amazon (as specified in the pamphlet) is 1/16″ narrower than what it says it is. So instead of a 1/4″ ID, it’s 3/16″. The adaptor fits the regulator as it should. I’m wondering if this is still acceptable, and if it is, how does the 1/16′ reduction in the inside diameter of the adaptor impact the recommended flow rate of 40 CFH (20LPM)? Thanks to everyone that can help with this ASAP, and God Bless Derek

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