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Derek Humphry
Derek Humphry is a veteran journalist (London Sunday Times, Los Angeles Times, etc) and author of 13 books, best known of which is "Final Exit", the DIY for terminally ill people. A video complement to this book is also available on DVD and VHS. His latest work is a memoir, 'Good Life, Good Death' which gives the background to his whole, busy life in Britain and America, how he founded the Hemlock Society and re-started the US right-to-die movement. In 2014 Derek Humphry was given the World Federation of Right To Die Societies "Lifetime Achievement Award" for 'contributing so much, so long and so courageously to our right to a peaceful death.' The award was presented by world president Faye Girsh at the 20th international conference in Chicago on 9/19/2014. The book 'Final Exit' will have been in print for 28 years in January 2019, still selling in its updated version. Also in ebook form at www.https//finalexit.org/ergo-store

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