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Betty Rollin’s husband wanted physician-assisted dying but being in New York he could not have it.

The New York Tines obituary on him said, in part:

Harold Edwards, known by his large circle of friends as Ed, died of colon cancer on November 10 at 84 at his home in New York City. He was a mathematician working in number theory, algebra, and the history and philosophy of mathematics.

Dr. Edwards was brilliant, charming, a prince among men, and a devoted husband to the love of his life, Betty Rollin, a former NBC news correspondent and author.

In ‘Last Wish‘, Betty wrote about her mother’s terminal cancer and their involvement in her suicide.

Betty and Ed went on to became active in the movement to legalize physician-assisted dying.

As of now, there is no law in New York which would have allowed Dr. Edwards to die with assistance as he wanted to do.

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