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  1. Roche Mathew says:

    Hi guys,

    Can anybody tell me if the so called “final exit” kit – the exit bag, helium tanks and pipes – is available in the market? If yes, where and how can i purchase it?

    I am a South African man living in Saudi Arabia.

    Thanks in advance.



  2. apeacefulpassing2025 says:

    When you find out, do let me know. I seem to have poor luck in locating such devices. Seriously.

  3. bcr says:

    Suicide is a serious offence in Saudi Arabia….perhaps leave the country first before trying to purchase these things and certainly before trying to use them. I hope the best for you or your loved one.

  4. alanguzik says:

    I called several hardware stores in NYC and they don’t carry T-junctions. I did find one store that has it in metal only. Is that acceptable? Additionally it comes in different sizes: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, etc. Should I get a 3/8″ to match the 3/8″ inner diameter of the vinyl tubing?

    If one uses the helium gas method with a homemade kit it appears that one would have to have the bag pulled down to the neck with sweatband to keep it secure and the vinyl tubing inserted underneath and into the bag before turning on the helium. Then one would push out the air from the bag and only then turn on the helium tanks. I mention this because your video wasn’t clear on each step to take when using helium with your own handmade kit.



  5. ergo says:

    I think one has to visit the hardware stores in person, not by telephone. All big hardware stores that I’ve visited have plastic T-junctions.

  6. EKUSA says:

    I believe that we should all be able to choose the manner in which we die if we are lucky enough to provided with such a choice. So many people believe that god has a plan and that only he can decide when you die, that’s crap. I’m happy that I am no longer imprisoned by the thoughts of god. I know that my only time is now. I sincerely hope that my family would be kind enough to me to not keep me around just to make themselves feel better. Life is not that precious that it can be considered “acceptable” under any condition. That is thought normally held by those who have no real hardships. For those people who can choose to live with their pain, disabilities however traumatic, or unpleasant situation that should be there decision alone. No one should make anyone else live a life that they aren’t comfortable with. My we continue to allow families to drain themselves financially and emotionally just to take care of someone who will always be vegetative is beyond me. Yes, some people have woken up and the numbers are grimly small. You always see the article that descibes the moment the woke up but rarely what kind of life they have afterwards. We should not guilt families into any decision especially if it is based on religious thinking. Present people with the medical understanding of their situation and allow them to do the soul searching and invoke whatever spiritual thinking they decide to use. We have so littel control in many areas of our lives. Why can’t we have this bit of control and allow someone to end their own suffering? Why can’t they at least leave on their terms even though there weren’t able to continue living on their terms? We play god in so many other areas of our lives, why should this be different? And if god exists then why do we try so hard to stay here? If there is a higher purpose then do away with medicine altogether and let the chips fall where they may. But we don’t because I believe deep down everyone knows this is all we have. So I say again to the religious – stay out of everyone else’s business. PLEASE.

  7. ergo says:

    What you have come across on the web are individual accounts which may not be true. (Or may be deliberate, malicious put-offs.) Carefully carried out with the instructions in the book ‘Final Exit,‘ a person using the helium hood method goes into coma in a couple of seconds, and dies peacefully within 3-5 minutes. Thus there is no time for panic. Researchers known to me have been involved in hundreds of terminally-ill cases which have always been effective smoothly. — Derek Humphry.

  8. Krissylee says:

    What I dont understand is how you make the helium stay on…..dont you have to manually open the valve to inflate a balloon??? Am i missing something?

    Read the book ‘Final Exit’ and its Addendum for details.

  9. nuttynetty says:

    I personally feel that people with severe depression,and have had this condition for a very long time,and probably have to live with it for the rest of there lives,like me,should have a right as to whether we want to live or die,because to be honest living with this terrible disabling condition i might as well be dead anyway.
    I don’t enjoy anything about being alive,my days go by with agony and pain just like it would with a person who is seriously ill.
    My hope is that one day soon there will be help for people who are feeling exactly the same way as me.

  10. lynn says:

    I’m new to this site but like nuttynetty, I am a rational human who no longer wants to live with the shame and pain of mental illness. I want the right to die with dignity. Somebody please blog me back about the Nembutal pill and the helium tanks. I am unsure which is easiest and most affordable. How do I say goodbye without sounding like an irrational phsychotic. Hospitalization is not the answer, it has only prolong the suffering

  11. ergo says:

    You can get the information you are asking for from my book ‘Final Exit’ which is protected speech under the US 1st Amendment. Other types of guidance are risky. For instance, 7 volunteers of the nonprofit group “Final Exit Network” are facing trials next year in Georgia and Arizona in which the passing of information on self-deliverance seems to be the issue.

  12. Mia1977 says:

    Every human being that is born to this earth is done so by someone else’s or someone else’s mistake. Human life, if you really think about it, is a magical division of rainbows of cells, history, tradition, and genetics. Could you create anything, I mean anything, that could live, breathe, feel, independently? I am in a team right now that is researching the pros and cons of PAS. I use to be a firm believer in a patient’s right to die. Upon doing research I started reading about the actual procedures and I became so so so sad. To the point I was crying and wondering if the person’s post I had just read was dead or not. I feel so sorry for those who suffer. I am neither for or against this anymore. However, to willingly give a person who is admitting that they are mentally ill and who DO NOT suffer from terminally ill condition, a method of killing themselves, is repulsive and illegal. Would you help your child kill themselves if they were sad. I suffer from severe mental illness, there were days when it hurt to breathe, all I wanted to do was sleep and cry. PAS is not for the mentally ill. There are too many new meds and treatments.

  13. Thanatos says:

    Forgive me I could not help but reply. You mentioned that human life is a magical division…of cells, history, tradition, and genetics. My question, in complete honesty I assure you, is, what makes a human, human? How do you define what a human really is? You have told me what human life is, but what makes a human, actually, a human? Is it that a human has two eyes, a nose and a mouth? No. Someone who has lost those is still considered to be human. Is it that they have a body with two legs, and two arms? No, that falls into the same category as the latter statement. So then, what is a human? Obviously, the only answer left is that a human is an embodied mind/soul in a physical state. So, the mind is the difference then isn’t it? That we can think, and feel, and believe. Why is that not worth saving? A mentally ill patient, is still a human. They fall into the definition of being human. Are they worth saving until we can do nothing for them? I strongly believe so. And human life, dear Mia1977, goes quite beyond your definition, if you really think about it.

  14. Thanatos says:

    To EKUSA-
    You brought up an interesting point…
    “Life is not that precious that it can be considered “acceptable” under any condition”
    I have a simple question to follow your statement…what is?
    What is considered precious enough? Obviously you have something better than life to compare to it, to consider it not “precious”. But, perhaps I’m interpreting your blog incorrectly, you don’t believe in “God” (one name in a thousand for a higher being), and you also don’t believe in something after life in that you said “I know my only time is now”…so I’m curious…what comparison, if any are you drawing? If life is all we have, as you believe, then it is as precious as anything, being the only standard we have, and what you do with it, now, is what matters, according to your logic. This brings me to wonder, what is worth dying for if you have nothing coming after? If nothing, then wouldn’t you rather live as long as you can?
    Just a thought…

  15. stormalong says:

    Why are we better to our beloved pets then we are ourselves? I wouldn’t let my dear 19 year old cat suffer, yet society has no problem in making me do so. If only the world would be as nice to me as they are their pets the whole problem of finally getting away from the pain wouldn’t be a problem at all. Oops, I know God is against this. Sorry, but I think it’s just more about getting every last dime I have out of my pocket first. Just one of my pain scripts is over $880 a month. Maybe after I’m finally broke, I’ll be allowed to rest in peace. I would have enjoyed my wife having a better standard of living a whole lot more instead of just wasting all this money on me.

  16. Naturelover says:

    Having to watch my sister go from an able bodied strong woman to a cripple with severe parkinsons, I can understand why she wants to leave her life and stop the pain. My sister is loosing all her dignity and looked so young and now looks 30 years older and in severe pain, its heart breaking for the siblings. My sister has cared for Aids patients , mentally ill and people in her position for many years, and she knows what is ahead for her. So whether there is a god or not makes no odds to her, and it is no business of anyone else for force their beliefs onto her. Every person has their own right, as only they have to endure the daily and hourly pain of their illness. I dont want my sister to die, but there has to be a time when you have to be compassionate for someone elses feelings and needs. As long as her death is painless and she is not robbed of all her money, forced to do the final step if she didnt want too, or the person assisting was sadastically ill and would make her suffer, then this should be a choice to someone who has no other way of releaving their tormented life.

  17. tamara says:

    Recently diagnosed with HD: have always believed in assisted sucide had great hopes that the physicians would catch up.

    I was the sole care giver for my husband who suffered a devestating motor cycle accident which caused him to suffer with a tramatic brain injury.

    I do not want my family or myself to suffer this way. It is not fair to either my family friends or myself. Do not want to end up in a nursing home or financially in ruins.

    I have believed in ending your life with dignity.

    Looking for advise on assisted sucide possibly some books to read that would give some perspectives.


  18. ergo says:

    Visit the ERGO internet bookstore for some informative books on euthanasia

  19. alphalovely says:

    What is considered a hopeless terminal illness? I have been suffering from CFSID/FM, for 25 years and have been told from the beginning that I will never get better. This is certainly considered hopeless and it feels like a slow painful way to die just waiting it out for something else to terminate it. Are there any others out there with CFS who can relate to being a “living corpse” on this kind of death row. I don’t really want to die, but I definitely don’t want to keep living this life just so no one else feels bad when I am gone. It may be selfish to deliver myself, and I have been told so, but they are not living inside my body! This illness has taken away everything I hold near and dear and I think of it a “spirit” of infirmity that is akin to being trapped in an abusive relationship. Yes, I am depressed, but this is not a mental illness, but a natural response to a hopeless situation.

  20. graceie says:

    Bless your good heart Ergo.
    Thank you for the good work you do on behalf of those who suffer and would like options

  21. Judy says:

    I am new to this site and am so thankful to have learned of the resources available so I can educate myself on this issue. I really would like to help in some way to move this process forward; don’t know how that might be, but I am willing to learn. I feel so very passionate about this issue, and have for a number of years; I already feel a sense of becoming more in control of my ultimate destiny knowing that there are many others who feel as I do.

    The difference between me and those about whom I have read above is that I am healthy, happy and 65. I simply want to know that if I encounter a terminal illness, a debilitating injury or any myriad of other horrible disabilities in later years, that I have options in place so I do not have to live a life trapped in pain, suffering or total incapacitation.

  22. mark_robert says:

    I was wondering if I could still buy the kit from the following address:

    GLADD Group
    3755 Avocado Blvd # 166
    LA MESA CA 91941 USA

    No. GLADD is closed after an FBI raid.
    There is no other source. A person could make their own from the instrustions in ‘Final Exit — paperback or ebook

  23. vikingqueen says:

    I have thoroughly read the Final Exit book twice but I have a concern. I have obstructive sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine at night to keep me from long pauses of no breathing. Without CPAP I can go up to 45 seconds without taking a breath. Then the oxygen deprivation response kicks in and I breathe a bit and then stop. The CPAP keeps my airway open so I don’t quit breathing.

    Will this cause a problem with the use of helium hood? If I have disrupted breathing, then I won’t be blowing off as much CO2? Has this problem come up before? I was thinking of using my CPAP with helium hood but the machine itself would have to also be INSIDE the hood or it will provide continuous fresh air from outside the hood. Any suggestions in how to overcome this problem?

    ANSWER I think in a case with these built-in complications it would be wisest not to use the helium hood method.

  24. painlessone says:

    My thought was to connect a CPAP mask to the Nitrogen regulator output. With sufficient regulated pressure, it would feel no different than using the CPAP as usual, and with the mask outlet the outgassing of CO2 might actually be faster, causing unconsciousness more quickly. In addition, with a secure headstrap, there is far less likelyhood of accidental removal. One would also not have to experience the “bag”.
    Ergo, I saw a previous post regarding the use of a CPAP mask which you generally said was a bad idea. Would you kindly elaborate why this is the case?
    ANSWER: Surgical masks and similar blow off or lift when the inert gas is turned on. For effectiveness, the helium has to be pure and only a plastic bag ensures that.

  25. treehouse says:

    If you properly make the helium hood with the draw cord so it’s not too tight but it fits snugly, is it necessary to buy the brass regulator or can you just attach the hose to the Balloon Time cylinder, place it in the hood and fully open the value? From what I read, you lose consciousness immediately and you are dead in a few minutes, so what is the benefit of buying the expensive brass regulator and the pressure gauge. I’m assuming every unopened Balloon Time box should be full of helium.

    ANSWER: We don’t believe that the brass regulator is necessary. It slows the input of gas considerably. But the Australians believe it is necessary.
    So it’s a matter of opinion. As to full tanks, it’s safer to have two just in case one is empty.

  26. treehouse says:

    As a follow-up to my previous blog, if you don’t opt to use the brass regulator and just fully open the value on the cylinder with a 5/16″ vinyl hose attached, will there be too much helium entering the bag and therefore too much carbon dioxide being exhaled into the bag, possibly causing the person to gasp for air, therefore sabotaging the experience? Based on what I have read from everything on the net, if you use the large full cylinder with the 5/16″ hose, you lose consciousness immediately and you will die in minutes, therefore accomplishing the objective.

  27. gold4k says:

    I have concerns about the balloon kits. I have done some test runs and they all run about 3 minutes. Since it takes about 12 minutes to actually expire, there is a huge difference. I also found out that there is air mixed in with helium into these balloon kits.
    So i am concerned about this method creating an extended life with brain damage.
    Given that Terry Schiavo could reach and thrash about, could any of us possibly pull off the hood before death?

    REPLY There is no air in the actual tanks. If the kit is used properly, as outlined and illustrated in the book ‘Final Exit’ the outcome is fatal. We have experience of several hundred cases; none which done carefully were botched. The helium must reach the brain in a pure state — not a trace of oxygen.
    Be wary of the wild stories related on the internet. Most of these people were experimenting and not really wishing to die.
    — Derek Humphry, ERGO

  28. lisa says:

    I am finding it impossible to locate the 22×30 size oven bag. I can only find 19×23.5. Where can the larger size be found? I’ve looked at all grocery stores in my area and don’t see anything online.

    ANSWER: The 19×23.5. size oven bag is effective. The larger one is not necessary.

  29. Daniel says:

    Would a 46cm x 56cm (18″ x 22″) bag be big enough? I’ve found around 3 different brands of large roasting bags (in the UK) and they all are around this size. Would this size do, or should I try and look for a bigger size? Thanks.
    REPLY l9 X 24 or thereabouts is satisfactory.

  30. Waynuchu says:

    I’m having a hard time finding the Plastic T
    Junction with an outside diameter of 5/16″.
    Any suggestions? I live in new York.


  31. ergo says:

    Try 3/8 inch outside diameter tubing instead of 5/16.

  32. luminuousepinoia says:

    Another thing concerning the T-shaped connector to join the flow of two disposable helium tanks, why do you have to use one only made of PLASTIC or VINYL? can’t we use ones made of brass, for instance? if not, why?
    ANSWER: A bras connector can be used — if you can find one.

  33. Clark Elliott says:

    My body is 68 and it has Parkinson’s Disease. I can barely swallow and my speech is incomprehensible. I am very unsteady on my feet and have to balance myself using walls and furniture. If I fall I won’t be able to get up and probably will break bones since I have lost so much muscle mass. If I fall I will end up in a nursing home, which to me, would be Hell-on-Earth…I know because I have worked in them. If that happens I won’t have the option of self deliverance. My quality of life is so poor, and only getting worse, I am making the decision to Exit while I still can on my own.
    I have purchased your book, DVD and the other equipment needed to leave his physical reality. I have practiced, and plan on my transition into Non-Physical tomorrow.
    Mr. Humphry, a million thanks for your compassionate help and all the work you do to relieve suffering. You are a God Send!

  34. pejsach says:

    How long does it take for 2 helium tanks to be empty after you turn them on? The volume of one canister is about 9 cubic feet. Is this enough?

  35. ergo says:

    In fact, merely about 5 good gulps of PURE helium (no oxygen present) are fatal. The two tanks are an excessive amount, but wise to have in case of mistakes or partly emptied tanks.

  36. justquestions says:

    How do you get continous air flow from a Balloon Time helium canister? Meaning, you don’t have to press down on the valve. What to buy to solve this problem. Thanks

  37. ergo says:

    ‘Justquestions’ needs to read my book ‘Final Exit’ to know how to USE the helium method, and my pamphlet “How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit“.
    Considering ending one’s life this way needs careful planning, testing and thought, which can’t be transmitted over the internet. Rush into it and the self-deliverance from terminal illness will be botched.

  38. finallycryingoutloud says:

    I’d like to see an authoritative confirmation by Derek Humphry that, contrary to the instruction given in my copy of Final Exit giving the size of the bag as 22″ x 36″, a 19×23.5. size oven bag is large enough.

  39. ergo says:

    All sizes of bags will work, except they take longer and that’s not ideal. Yes, from experience, the best size is the turkey-size oven bag which measures 19 inches by 23.5 inches (482mm X 596mm)

  40. dylan1206 says:

    Hello! I was wondering if an over the counter antiemetic like Dramamine could be used for self deliverance with Nembutal? Thank you in advance for your response.

  41. ergo says:

    Plenty of Dramamine would certainly help, but better to ask your doctor for something like Reglan. Say that travel sickness is a problem for you nowadays.

  42. dylan1206 says:

    Hello… I’m grateful for the work you have done in this courageous fight for the right to choose. I have purchased the book final exit & it doesn’t say if you turn the tanks on all the way or halfway or what?! I was reading somewhere that the gas will run out in 3 minutes from ballon time tanks from party store. Is this correct . I would appreciate an answer to these questions& thank you in advance.

  43. ergo says:

    Just turning the tank on firmly all the way will do. The quick death process by brain damage will begin after a few gulps of PURE helium. And it’s not wise to heed wild internet notices by people who don’t know what they are talking about.

  44. peaceful951 says:

    Hi DH,
    In one of your comments it was noted that 5 gulps of pure helium will induce coma and in 5 minutes death should occur. But even after the 5 gulps, wouldn’t helium be necessary until it’s completely over? Otherwise, if during the coma the helium intake stops wouldn’t oxygen enter the bag and botch the attempt.
    Also in your book “Final Exit”, you have said the bag doesn’t have to be airtight. But then isn’t there a possibility of air entering the bag? Or does constant supply of helium prevents that even if the bag isn’t airtight?

  45. ergo says:

    It is safer to let the helium keep on entering the plastic bag, even though the first gulps will have been lethal.
    I do not say on page 136 of ‘Final Exit‘ that ‘bag needs to be airtight’. I qualify it with better defined terms.

  46. CoHI70 says:

    ergo a million thank you’s!!!! I am sitting on the decision to chose the RTD for myself. I have religious convictions that have me on the fence. I have aggressive form of Peripheral Neuropathy (a condition I’ve had all my life that has over the past 3 years spread leaps and bounds) I am now unable to work and take over 1000 pain pills a month. I have tried every nerve drug on the market and combinations of them too. I developed Diabetes from this as well. As a former athlete and VERY active lifestyle I feel this is making going on even harder.

  47. laststand says:

    What is the reasoning behind choosing helium over nitrogen? It looks as though all US states that carry out the death penalty will be switching to nitrogen gas over lethal injection. Fail proof and more humane.

  48. ergo says:

    Helium and nitrogen, both inert gases, are equally lethal. Helium is more easily obtainable because it is used for inflating party balloons.
    I’ve not heard that these inert gases are to be used in the death penalty, which ought to be abolished entirely anyway. My ebooklet “How To Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit” is available for download at the ERGO Bookstore. Such kits are no longer available in ready-made form since GLADD was closed down by the FBI.

  49. pebbles says:

    All balloon tanks in uk have push down valves any advice?
    For this and other issues, you need to read “How to make your own helium hood kit” which is downloadable, with illustrations, at
    Meticulous planning and testing is essential to avoid botching.

  50. alfredo says:

    Hi, I have read your book and think its great someone is standing up for people’s rights. I have issues with putting things over my head because of a traumatic experience as a child. Is it possible to open the tank(s) valves inside an enclosed space, such as in a car, to achieve the same effect as a helium hood?

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