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Information for terminally ill or hopelessly physically ill, competent adults

‘Last Rights Publications’ in Canada went out of business, just after Final Exit 3rd edition was published. So ignore the information In Final Exit paperback page 140 about where to purchase the helium hood kit. (This out-of-date info is not in the April 2010 edition of ‘Final Exit’.)

Also recent Final Exit eBook editions noted the helium hood kit was available from the GLADD Group. That is no longer the case.

Helium Hood Kits are no longer available from the GLADD Group. No other source of the kits is known at this time. Review the comments below for additional info.

Ideally, TWO 14.9 cu.ft tanks each for 30 party balloons are needed. The GLADD kits are made for use with two tanks. (Actually, simply 4-5 good gulps of pure helium are lethal — the 2nd tank is in case one happens to be empty.)
The tanks can be purchased from a toy store or a party store. Ask not for ‘helium’ but for a ‘party balloon kit’ (each of which contains one tank of helium.)
The same tanks are also advertised for sale on the internet by Target and at Party America. Put ‘party balloon kits’ into Google Search Box. (But much cheaper in toy stores, where you can use cash.) Nitrogen works just as lethally as helium if that is available.

The illustrated information information in the paperback or digital Final Exit book must be studied closely for successful self-deliverance. Final Exit paperback and eBook and Final Exit DVD video available through the ERGO Bookstore

Derek Humphry, jnlst & author, Oregon 24 January 2011

104 Responses to “UPDATED INFORMATION: More ways to get the helium hood kits”

  1. ergo says:

    To Bobby 100
    If the manufacturers of helium diluted their product they would lose millions of dollars of business from industry and scientific laboratories. The balloon business is a sideshow to them. Also, by law they’d have to say so on the tank what the amount of dilution was.
    In ten years I’ve never heard of any dilution. But one has to watch whether the tank is full — which is why I recommend two tanks. Very occasionally, the tank is not properly filled at the plant; more likely somebody has been playing with the tap.
    “How to make your own helium kit”
    The instructions on the helium method of self-deliverance from a terminal illness are explained and illustrated in the book and ebook
    “Final Exit” obtainable at http://www.finalexit.org

  2. ergo says:

    All 3 inert gases are equally lethal. Helium is easier to obtain for most people.

  3. Andrew G. says:

    Could an oxygen mask work instead of a bag (assuming offcourse that the little holes they have are closed)?

  4. ergo says:

    Andrew G
    An oxygen mask rarely fits properly and will likely blow off when the inert gas is turned on.

  5. gary says:

    I want to thank you for all this information. I have ordered Final Exit from ERGO. My suffering has taken a sudden turn for the worse and I have been been in a panic about a future of intolerable pain. These updates help to ease my fears.

  6. Tulip92 says:

    Assuming the person must be alone, what are the chances the helium hood will come off after becoming unconscious but before actually dying (using this $60 hood)? Would this result in permanent damage? If there’s anything worse than not being able to take advantage of self-deliverance when in extreme pain, it’s becoming permanently disabled upon attempting self-deliverance and perhaps being in more pain than before.

  7. ergo says:

    The helium hood will not come off provided it is properly and securely closed at the neck. Ideally a person genuinely seeking self-deliverance from an end-stage terminal illness should not be alone, but the second person should do nothing to physically help, just be a guide and moral support. If the hood was taken off half-way through the (very quick) procedure then some physical damage may result, although I have not heard of any case. Properly used for achieving death to prevent further suffering, the helium hood method will bring coma inside 5 seconds and then brain death inside 5 minutes. Details of its use, with illustrations, are in the DIY book ‘Final Exit’ — paperback or ebook at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  8. ergo says:

    The helium hood kit supplied by GLADD is complete, except, as you said, the two tanks. The tanks can be got in the mail via Amazon.com or from toy or party stores. There is no need for any medications with the helium hood method of self-deliverance. If taken, there is a strong possibility of falling asleep and failing to switch on the taps!

  9. JackNicolsen says:

    I just received my hood kit package from GLADD. As Derek Humphry mentioned, they are reliable. I just want to ask some details , first : where should I get the actual helium gas? second :how many gas bottles do I need? third: is there anyway to test the system once before the big day ? Forth: how many sleeping pills ( and the best type for this purpose) are needed ?
    I will be doing it by myself and most likely with no help.
    by the way , I have the final exit book and wanted to thank Derek for signing my book. Anyone who promotes the “right to die” , Is helping the humanity. Happy Exit:)

  10. gold4k says:

    I think you can buy helium tanks at a party store, the ones where they sell
    party baloons

  11. noom says:

    Dear Sir,

    Would you care to answer one question I know how to do the rest
    i intend using the oven bag and elestic quite tightly around the neck to not let any hellium to escape or air to enter into the bad.
    My question is – when the helium enters the air tight bag and you stop breathing the gas will continue for 30 or so minutes.The bag will likely to explode before the helium has run out.
    The other way is putting the band on lightly aroung neck but this will let air get in and not work.
    What do you suppose

  12. ergo says:

    The helium hood method of self-deliverance has never been known to explode.
    Helium is inflammable and not explosive. But unless a person follows the explicit, illustrated guidance in ‘Final Exit’ it might well be botched.

  13. ergo says:

    With the helium hood method of self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness, no pills are needed. Two bottles are required, which can be obtained by mail by putting ‘helium’ into Google Search, or direct from a party or toy store, citing the need for aa ‘Party Balloon Kit’.

  14. dendik says:

    just to clarify: all i need is a helium tank, a hood kit and a tubing? Do i also need a gas flow regulator? thnks

  15. ergo says:

    Obviously gas flow regulators give guidance, but they are not really necessary provided the method is done ‘by the book’.

  16. ergo says:

    There is no risk of explosion. Never been known to happen. Excessive helium will eventually leak out of the bag via the neck band.

  17. sossy11 says:

    I have long hair extended till shoulder.Should I have to cover up the hair too with the hood before helium turned on?

  18. ergo says:

    It is not true.

  19. ergo says:

    Probably include hair in bag.

  20. ergo says:

    It is not the case. Suggest you ignore internet rantings.

  21. ergo says:

    What you are saying here refers to Exit International, in Australia. Best to contact them.

  22. OnewayCat says:

    I recently submitted these questions to this forum. Apparently you didn’t see them fit for publication or answer. I am resubmitting the questions but have eliminated additional comments that I had included in my previous post (I assume the additional calculations and figures may have been what you saw unfit for publication ??. Perhaps ‘too elaborate’ for this forum ??).
    Feel free to edit the post if need be. The questions are simple enough and, in my opinion, fundamental for the successful application of the method you propose.
    Thanks in advance.
    The questions:
    1) From a number of different sources I get it that the best tank to use is one found commonly in toy-store or party-balloon suppliers, an 8.9 cubic feet tank of Helium. Furthermore, sources say that two of those tanks should be used as a precaution to make sure that the gas flow into the hood lasts long enough for the purpose. Is this correct ??.
    2) When they say “8.9 cubic feet of Helium” I assume they are talking about that amount of Helium at Standard Conditions, that is, at 14.7 psi (1 atmosphere) of pressure and at 60 Degrees F of temperature. Is this correct ??

    ANSWER: The above is fundamentally correct.

  23. midwesternprincess1021 says:

    Thank you so much ergo, your kindness is appreciated. I have a question though- since I’m 100% alone will it still work to use the helium bag by yourself?

  24. lkp323 says:

    I just read somewhere that GLADD group is no longer in business, just as I was about to send my $60 to end my suffering. Please tell me this in not true…?

    ANSWER: The FBI has put GLADD
    out of business, permanently.

    The pamphlet “How to make your own helium hood kit” can be obtained at the ERGO Bookstore http://www.finalexit.org

  25. redhead6581 says:

    This would probably sound like a dumb question (because there’s no way to get a definite answer), but you wouldn’t think there would be any pain involved with using the ‘exit bag’? I wouldn’t assume so, but I just wanted to get the opinion of others first.
    That is the only thing that I would be afraid of….it being painful in any way. Oh, and screwing up the whole process (seeing as how I’m a great screw-up, anyway).

  26. jjfk3 says:

    do i send a check or cash to the above address for the kits? i thought i read a blank check, but i’m not comfortable doing that, would rather just send cash. Thanks

    Answer: As the FBI has seized everything of GLADDs, and considering prosecutions, send nothing. There is no way now to get the helium hood kits, except perhaps
    make your own as outlined in the book ‘Final Exit’ — D H

  27. MissCmms says:

    Can You Still get the kit, I hear they raided her house, And took them all away.

    ANSWER: Seeing as the FBI agents removed GLADD’s materials, sewing machine and computer hard drive, they are obviously out of action.
    FBI also confiscated from the Post Office 15 boxes were waiting to be dispatched. All documents and checks were confiscated. So there will be many unfulfilled orders — for the present anyway. Mrs. Hydorn says she will do her best to return the money, but with computer and documents in FBI care it will take time.
    Note: GLADD was never an ERGO operation; we merely passed to those who inquired the name and address of the GLADD, just as we do for other groups and Dr. Kevorkian. Neither was there any financial connection.

    We stand behind the courageous Mrs. Hydorn in the great work she did and hope she will do again. -Derek Humphry, president, ERGO
    —ERGO D H 27 May 11

  28. ERJ says:

    Is GLADD out of business for good? I guess that means other “traditional” methods… Sad, but our government knows best… Tyranny…

    ANSWER: GLADD informs ERGO that they definitely out of action.

  29. bjbear says:

    Since the apparent closing of the GLADD Group, is there any other reliable address or info to request the purchase of the Helium Hood Kit??

  30. ergo says:

    There is no alternative source for the kit now that the FBI has closed down GLADD<

  31. PissedInOregon says:

    I saw a story on the news about the elderly woman who was manufacturing these kits. I wrote a letter of support to her, after hearing that she had received hate mail.

    I’d like you all to know that this evening my home was searched. My son was interrogated, and my neighbors were questioned. Sheriffs went so far as to phone my landlord to ask him to let them in to my home when I was not here earlier.

    They supposedly received an “anonymous tip” from the FBI in San Diego, stating that I ordered a suicide kit online.

    They are apparently seizing Gladd Group’s mail. I wonder how many other people have had their homes searched. Are they searching the homes of the people that sent hate mail to a 90 year old woman?

    I am OUTRAGED. I thought I lived in a country where I was free to write letters to the elderly.

  32. Colima says:

    I ordered a kit on May 3, 2011 – and included a letter of support. I paid with a USPS money order. I don’t think she was able to fulfill my order before the FBI stepped in. After reading that the FBI actually searched the home of another customer, I worry that they will also harass others. I have nothing illegal in my home, and simply ordered, as far as I am concerned, a plastic bag with elastic, tubing, and a t-connector. Is that illegal now? I would like to get in touch with any others (including the last poster) who have been harassed by law enforcement for ordering perfectly legal items. Does anyone out there have a complete kit that someone else might use as a prototype?

  33. Colima says:

    Did they have a warrant to search your home in Oregon? What did they find, if anything? This is such an incredible waste of resources – the FBI should be going after real criminals, not people who want a peaceful, dignified way of ending their lives should circumstances require it.

  34. crazyelf says:


    I would like to know if this sucide kit is still available for sale. I would like to buy it oversea. Is the price still the same as $60? I live in Asia.

    ANSWER: Currently there is nowhere we know of supplying the helium hood kit.

  35. snowbound says:

    The RCMP visited my house this week saying they were contacted by authorities from the US after my name and addy were found on a mailing list seized from the GLADD Group raid. It was not a pleasant visit to say the least…

    Anyway, there is another source for the kit.


  36. marco4432 says:

    Snowbound, I contacted the website they said they coukd fulfill my order if i send $70.00 by Western Union to man in Houndoras, I concerned it might be a scam do you have any thoughts on this matter.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    ANSWER: I have not heard whether Helios (or any other) source for the kit is reliable — and the kit satisfactorily made, which is important. Until I get some solid feedback I can’t say either way. Sorry. Watch my blog.

  37. Still Here says:

    The police were just at my house to do a “welfare check” on me because they were investigating the GLAAD group that mails the kits. Talk about embarrassing. I ordered one last year and never used it. What’s worse is my neighbor happened to be pulling in her driveway and asked me what was up. I couldn’t say anything. I was literally speechless. So, just to let you know, you may be checked up on too if you order one.

  38. mischamouse says:

    Hi all,

    Just so people are aware I had a visit from the police today here in the UK since GLAAD has been closed down. The police informed me that the FBI have passed all customer details to the relevant police forces. Unfortunately my order was not fulfilled.

  39. mark111 says:


    Please note that Helios Exit Bags appears to be a bogus operation out of Honduros. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY – they have ripped people off also me. Beward of this “organization” please! If you go to http://www.exitbags.20m.com/ and they’ll tell you to send them $50.00 per bag….you’ll part with your money and have no recourse to get it back. …just another group of thieves preying on the dying who are looking for assistance. BEWARE! The internet scams are getting more and more prevelant.

  40. Express Checkout says:

    As ‘Mark111’ stated with reference to Helios Group exit bag,… DO NOT send money to this scam operation which is based in Honduras. I also lost my money and have nothing but a BS excuse email to show for my efforts.

  41. jurneyer says:

    Hi!I’ve got it all pretty well,all I would like to know is how much I am supposed to open the helium tank?Half,full?Thank you!

  42. ergo says:

    A helium tank when being used for self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness should be turned, as slowly as possible, fully on. But the balloon tanks are crude engineering and the caps are rough. Make sure the tank is NOT marked HELIUM/AIR because dilution with AIR renders them useful only for party balloon inflation.

  43. zhena says:

    It’s getting more difficult to find pure helium. They are all 80/20 mixtures. Are there any sources for pure helium left?

    ANSWER: Pure helium is available at local gas supply stores. It is only the helium for inflating party balloons which is nowadays diluted.

  44. rollsafe says:

    Hi all,
    I would like to know if a 97% mixture of helium/air is enough for self-deliverance?

    Good day to all!

  45. ergo says:

    I’m advised that 97 percent mixture of helium is lethal if inhaled.

  46. rollsafe says:

    ergo, you have my most sincere appreciation for answering my question.

  47. uplate says:

    The fact that the final exit place would charge me $10 for “how to” in the very worst day of my life convinces me I’m making the correct choice.

  48. uplate says:

    I know nothing of regulators, buying nitrogen, or even what to do.

  49. ergo says:

    Read the pamplet “How to make your own inert gas kit”
    at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  50. EB234212 says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Where can I get the helium kit?
    What all do I need? Is it safe to buy reading material from finalexit.org ? I do not want cops to show up at my place.
    Please help!

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