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Information for terminally ill or hopelessly physically ill, competent adults

‘Last Rights Publications’ in Canada went out of business, just after Final Exit 3rd edition was published. So ignore the information In Final Exit paperback page 140 about where to purchase the helium hood kit. (This out-of-date info is not in the April 2010 edition of ‘Final Exit’.)

Also recent Final Exit eBook editions noted the helium hood kit was available from the GLADD Group. That is no longer the case.

Helium Hood Kits are no longer available from the GLADD Group. No other source of the kits is known at this time. Review the comments below for additional info.

Ideally, TWO 14.9 cu.ft tanks each for 30 party balloons are needed. The GLADD kits are made for use with two tanks. (Actually, simply 4-5 good gulps of pure helium are lethal — the 2nd tank is in case one happens to be empty.)
The tanks can be purchased from a toy store or a party store. Ask not for ‘helium’ but for a ‘party balloon kit’ (each of which contains one tank of helium.)
The same tanks are also advertised for sale on the internet by Target and at Party America. Put ‘party balloon kits’ into Google Search Box. (But much cheaper in toy stores, where you can use cash.) Nitrogen works just as lethally as helium if that is available.

The illustrated information information in the paperback or digital Final Exit book must be studied closely for successful self-deliverance. Final Exit paperback and eBook and Final Exit DVD video available through the ERGO Bookstore

Derek Humphry, jnlst & author, Oregon 24 January 2011

104 Responses to “UPDATED INFORMATION: More ways to get the helium hood kits”

  1. Foxy says:

    How superior is purchasing one of these hood kits as opposed to using a oven bag along with a sweatband. If these bags are not constructed of easily available materials wouldn’t it be easy to track back to the company of origin and risk their prosecution?

  2. ergo says:

    The helium hood kits from the two groups are only superior in that they have the piping sewn in, and connect to two tanks.
    The oven bag and sweatband are also quite adequate if done carefully.

  3. guntotinbuddhist says:

    Will two of the smaller helium tanks work? They are 8.9 cubic feet, as opposed to the 14.9 tanks?

  4. ergo says:

    Affirmative. Actually, a mere five good gulps of pure helium gas are fatal.
    The excess is for safety in case of partially empty tank. (Indemity: I only recommend this method for terminally ill, or hopelessly ill, competent adults.)

  5. ergo says:

    Any size of tank which reliably supplies aboiut five gulps of PURE helium is effective.

  6. ergo says:

    Yes, they are effective. See answer above.

  7. Kramer says:

    Is the purchase/sale of the helium hood kits illegal? Is there a well researched simple way to make them rather than purchasing them? It is awkward to just have an address of a business that distributes them without any contact information and without knowing the laws. Additionally, what about shipping charges? Does anybody have any recent experience ordering from this company? Any suggestions?

  8. ergo says:

    A person can chose to make their own helium hood kit by referring to the book ‘>Final Exit.’
    Purchasing them from GLADD is not illegal. For instance, in the current Georgia Four criminal case, the hoods were obtained by the police this way, but no charges followed, except for the 4 alleged assisters. Kits are $60 from GLADD at 3755 Avocado Blvd, #166, La Mesa CA 91941 USA. No email or phone orders. Reliable. — Derek Humphry

  9. ergo says:

    Yes, a large tank will do if the smaller ones are not available.

  10. ergo says:

    All a terminal, competent adult wishing to die needs is four or five gulps of pure helium in an enclosed space.

  11. BILL WELLER says:

    I recently ordered a helium kit from the GLADD GROUP and am very pleased with the response. The kit arrived today, less than a week after it was ordered. The contents were well-packaged and undisturbed. Thanks for the reference.

  12. ergo says:

    Yes, the smaller tanks will work.

  13. ergo says:

    I think they are compatible, but you would have to test it.

  14. maxz says:

    GLADD Group will not sell helium hood kit to anyone from state of Georgia.

  15. Pyan says:

    Are helium tanks still effective? I’ve heard that authorities may have a mix of oxygen placed in with the helium in the future due to the Georgia case. Does this mean we won’t be able to rely on this method going forward?

  16. ergo says:

    This false rumour about mixing oxygen into helium tanks keeps coming up. I think the opponents to choices in dying start the rumour so as to upset people’s plans. The manufacture of helium in disposable tanks is a multi-million dollar international business, so diluting it would be hugely expensive for them, and would also mean it could not be used for industrial purposes. Therefore the helium as sold today is effective for whatever purpose it is needed.
    True, GLADD in California will no longer supply helium hood kits to any customer in Georgia (USA) because of the hostile attitude of that state’s law enforcement.

  17. butttterfly says:

    I live in London England. Where can I get a kit from here? Can I order from GLADD? Do they do overseas delivery to the UK?

  18. albuddy says:

    I’m also concerned about the ability to purchase helium now that more publicity is coming in from the media. Then there’s Dr. Philip Nitschke having his conference where he will show how to do it.

    How long does helium last if someone stores it safely?

    Is nitrogen readily available and easy to purchase?

  19. ergo says:

    Helium hood kits are $60 from GLADD at 3755 Avocado Blvd, #166, La Mesa CA 91941 USA. No email or phone orders. Reliable. Yes, they do overseas orders, same price.

  20. quartz says:

    The book advises to take “8 or 10” betablockers before the procedure, but with different pill sizes, I am not sure what dose are we talking about? What amount do you recommend (in mg of metoprolol) and should it be taken just before the procedure or some time in advance? I’m asking because I’m worried that a large overdose of betablockers may cause severe discomfort if it hits before consciousness is lost from helium (or what if something does wrong and it’s necessary to start over, say, next day?). On the other hand, too little may be ineffective… For reference, the guide for metoprolol say max. therapeutical dose is 200mg/day. Can you help clear this up?

  21. ergo says:

    If by ‘the book’ you mean my ‘Final Exit,’ it says on page 154 that 4-5 betablockers could be taken. They are not absolutely essential to self-deliverance but are an aid by slowing down the heart beat. D H

  22. Pentiger says:

    I plan to refuse dialysis when it is offered. Looking for alternatives I began reading “Final Exit.” A counselor with Compassion and Choices disparaged “Final Exit” and the helium approach as ‘risky.’ The words ‘brain damage’ were repeated. I need positive input to get me through this terrible time, but it MOST CERTAINLY would defeat my purpose to become more of a burden to my family. What kind of risks are involved with the helium approach? If you like, I will direct the counselor to this website. I hope this is all a miscommunication, conflict just shreds what little hope I left.

  23. ergo says:

    Clearly the people at Compassion and Choices are the right ones to help you. They are a large, well-staffed and experienced organization.

  24. ergo says:

    For legal reasons, I cannot give advice on many questions that subscribers pose except for that information already contained in my book ‘Final Exit’ 3rd edition, and its 2009 Addendum, which are protected under the 1st Amendment right to free speech and subsequent court decisions on books.
    Seven people in America are currently under arrest for alleged ‘assisted suicides’ and will face trials in 2010 in Georgia and Arizona. A detective pretending to be terminally ill was used as a decoy to entrap volunteers. Using data from seized computers, police and FBI across America are currently calling at the homes of people who wanted to be members of the ‘Final Exit Network’, a publicly-known, nonprofit, right-to-die group started in 2004.
    The internet is being kept under close watch by law enforcement to find more victims to back up their dubious prosecutions in Georgia and Arizona. Thus this is a time to be extra cautious and discreet. At trial, the defendants will be rigorously defended.
    This harassment is most likely a right-wing backlash to our movement’s law reform successes in Oregon, Washington and Montana. We shall proceed.
    ————Derek Humphry 8 June 09

  25. MMGood says:

    I am the daughter of Janet Good, whom you visited in Farmington Hills. She chose to die on “Women’s Equality Day” in 1997. We still miss her greatly; she was a wonderful leader – both in Women’s Issues and in the Hemlock Society of Michigan. I was the secretary of that group when she first started it in Michigan. I have met you also, but it has been many years now, and you are the one to be remembered for all of your good work. I enjoyed my time helping my mother and “Doc”, and appreciate your ongoing work a great deal.
    Thank You.

  26. lisa-w says:

    Could anyone tell me, please, if these kits are still available to purchase for overseas customers? I’m in the UK. Also – I’m not sure how to pay, how to arrange an international money order or cheque. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    Yes. They are available to overseas buyers. See further down the blog for full details.

  27. ergo says:

    The helium hood method is death by total brain damage. It is not suffocating or choking to death. Carried out ‘by the book,’ coma comes in 3-4 seconds and death within 3-4 minutes. There is no time for panic or change of mind.

  28. ergo says:

    This helium hood method is not choking or suffocating; it is brain death through deprivation of oxygen.

  29. philly1 says:

    BILL WELLER, Could you please elaborate on your purchase?
    I mean, How did you place the order? Did you have to go there in person and place the order?
    If you could be kind enough to provide some more details, It would be great!


  30. ergo says:

    The GLADD group in southern California supplies a helium hood kit in the mail for $60. (No Tanks.)

    Address: GLADD Group
    3755 Avocado Blvd # 166
    LA MESA CA 91941

    To know how to carry out a justifiable self-deliverance to escape a terminal illness, a person needs to read ‘Final Exit’ 3rd edition, in paperback or ebook from http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  31. lu says:

    I don’t know how to thank you for the support and help you are to people like me.
    About how long can one expect to wait for delivery of the kit from GLADD?

  32. ergo says:

    ERGO is not GLADD, but we know they turn around orders as fast as possible, and Airmail postal delivery is about a week.

  33. ergo says:

    GLADD is not ERGO a thousand miles away, but we know they turn around orders ASAP and airmail delivery is about a week in USA and ten days in the rest of the world.

  34. nothingspecial says:

    I live in CA and I want to order the kit from Gladd Group but I am doubtful that USPS might not deliver it to my mailing address because of the material I am ordering. So can you please let me know whether I can get the kit safely from Gladd group without being checked by USPS ?

  35. ergo says:

    There has never been a complaint or a seizure by the US Postal Service for GlADD’s product, which is packaged very discreetly. Anyway, there is nothing illegal about their work.

    ———Derek Humphry

  36. Samincanada says:

    I’m in Alberta, Canada. Not worried about making or obtaining a hood. Having a heck of a time getting a helium tank. Does anyone know stores in Canada that sell the small disposable helium tanks? The only thing I have found to date are the large tanks at balloon stores and most stores are not willing to rent (have not phoned every last store in my city and area yet, so rental MAY be possible–just not looking good so far).

  37. hal9000 says:

    I got info about Gladd from Derek 2 years ago, but only passed it to others. I want to do that again, but need to be sure it’s still valid. It would seem from this blog that it is. I assume one simply sends the $60, with a note requesting a “Helium hood?” That’s it?

    Also, I found this helium tank. It’s 15 cubic ‘. What is the shelf life of a tank like this? Would it keep for 3-5 years? Less?

    Thanks for all that you do.

  38. cwpetry says:

    I’d like to provide feedback about ordering the helium hood kit from the GLADD Group.

    I mailed in my order on Monday, March 1, 2010, and received the kit on Saturday, March 6, 2010. My request simply stated I wanted to purchase a helium hood kit for which I’d enclosed a check for $60. The fast turnaround time may be due somewhat to the fact that I live in the same state as the organization itself, California. In any event, I was extremely pleased with the service offered by the group.

    I didn’t have any problems with the USPS delivering the package. The kit was delivered in a plain white box with only the return and delivery addresses. There was no indication whatsoever as to what the box contained. I don’t think you have anything to worry about re: delivery of the kit. NOTE: I have no idea how the kit might be described on a customs declaration. I can only assume that since no negative feedback has been posted from people ordering the kits from outside the US that they, too, didn’t have any problems.

    Since I haven’t seen it mentioned here, I’d like to point out that the kit includes the hood, plastic tubing (one long and two short pieces), and a T-joint, everything that Derek Humphry mentioned you’d need in his book and DVD.

    Now, all I need to do is order two party balloon kits and I’ll be ready for when the time comes.

    Hopes this helps.


    P.S. I found the Final Exit DVD to be very helpful. While the book thoroughly describes the use of the helium hood kit and helium for self-deliverance, actually seeing someone (in this case, Mr. Humphry himself) demonstrating the process was very helpful. It’s a simple case of a picture being worth a thousand words.

  39. maddux says:

    In Final Exit, you make no mention of the 14.9 cu. ft. size helium tanks, but here you say two 14.9 cu. ft. are ideal. I have purchased two 8.9 cu. ft. tanks. Should I instead find two of the “ideal” size?

  40. ergo says:

    Any reasonable size will do. It depends on what you can obtain and use. In fact, it only takes 4-5 good gulps of PURE helium to induce coma in about 5 seconds and brain death in about 5 minutes.

  41. Al Dav says:

    I just ordered via mail order “Final Exit” 3rd edition with addendum and the VHS. I am about to order the hood from GLAAD. I am very concerned about two things.

    1) On the Balloon Time website there is a visual demo and written instructions that clearly show that you have to keep pushing the nozzle down on the helium tank to get a flow of helium. Once you stop applying pressure to the nozzle, the helium stops. How do keep the helium flowing continously? Is this covered in the book and VHS?

    2) Based on looking at many online pictures, not all the Balloon Time helium tanks seem to have identical valves and nozzles on top. Will the GLAAD hood work with all Balloon Time helium tanks (either as is or with easy modifications)? My plan was to buy two smaller 8.9 cu. ft. tanks.

  42. ergo says:

    The book ‘Final Exit’ will answer these questions. Please read it carefully.

  43. ergo says:

    Either position will do, but seated in a reclining position is best.

  44. ergo says:

    A competent adult seeking self-deliverance from a terminal illness needs two ‘party balloon kits’ from a toy or party store, or can be got through the mail by putting the word ‘helium’ into Amazon.com. This is described and illustrated in the book ‘Final Exit’ because the procedure must be very carefully planned and tested.

  45. ergo says:

    You are listening to the voice of ONE person on Topix who obviously did not carry out the procedure properly.
    When done ‘by the book’ it is fatal. Experience shows that hundreds of terminally ill, competent adults have used he helium method for their chosen self-deliverance.

  46. ergo says:

    See the book or DVD ‘Final Exit’ for the answers to almost all questions.

  47. jake.bratton12 says:

    Hello. I will be ordering the Final Exit DVD and hood kit today, but I do have a question that may not be answered in the DVD. If helium, nitrogen, and argon are all available, which would be the preferred gas? I have access to an account at Roberts Oxygen from a company that regularly purchases welding gases. I am assuming I can get all three from them. Which is best?

  48. ergo says:

    All three inert gases are effective, helium being the most available.

  49. bobby100 says:

    With regards to the above, anyone can purchase the “Helium Hood Kit” from the above address. Just send a $60 bank cheque and it will arrive as stated in around 3 weeks in the UK. However my concern for individual safety and deliverance is regards to purchasing Helium from party balloon services. I have contacted 2 and they cannot guarentee (in the Uk) that they are pure helium, as stated on the blog. I would like to know anyones opinion. Does it have to be ” Pure Helium”?

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