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Following Australia’s censorship ban on anything to do with euthanasia or assisted suicide appearing on the internet, I guessed that it was only a matter of time before a similar clamp-down would be tried elsewhere. Britain now appears to be the next target of the extreme right wingers. Prime Minister Brown has also spoken out AGAINST reforming the laws on assisted suicide.

Hopefully this will be successfully fought by civil libertarians in the UK.
ERGO’s web sites, blog and news list are meant to give hope and guidance to the terminally ill, or hopelessly physically ill, competent adult. If others choose to use this information then that is the price of free speech in a democratic world.

Derek Humphry

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  1. bcr says:

    The extreme right minority could easily be stood up to by the majority masses. Of course history has shown that this rarely happens as the masses seem incapable of reunion for anything other than a football match or a rock concert.

    Information about assisted exit has proven invaluable to me as to many others. A shame one must fight for the right to self determination.

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