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Persons thinking of purchasing for self-deliverance from a terminal illness the barbiturate Nembutal over the Internet from places like Mexico, China, Peru and so on, should note this:
Interpol is intercepting emails between purchasers and the sellers and then informing local police that the recipient is a suicide risk. Then there is a ‘wellness call’ to the home by uniformed officers, seeking to prevent deaths. (This is normal procedure.)
This situation has factually emerged in two recent cases in the UK.
Additionally, most foreign drug sales are scams. The very few which are honest are now, with this Interpol interception, also risky.

One Response to “Considering self-deliverance? Interpol is intercepting drug sales”

  1. Julian says:

    Thanks for the heads up, it is very unfair – the State controls so many aspects of our lives.

    Why can the State not understand that a ‘Dignitas Pension’ is something many planned for decades? Dignitas is now expensive, almost immorally expensive. I live only to save money for a relative’s daughter when I am gone; Dignitas fees undermine the help I plan (MA in Graphic Design to get a useless 1st in Fashion off their CV and subsidise an intern position in the UK), State undermines the economic and humane alternative.

    We need a new Dignitas – many friends plan on a ‘Dignitas Pension’, but it is getting so expensive it is a pension in its own right. I too own the book ‘Final Exit’ and frankly it means I can leave more future for another – but I still prefer and plan on Dignitas as a ‘last trip’.

    Thanks for sharing, thanks for caring; the State’s ‘care’ is gratuitous indulgence.

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