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 References to ‘Final Exit’ book in TV and pop culture

 Arsenio Hall on his late night CBS TV show did a sketch about people being unable to return ‘Final Exit’ to their local library because they were no longer alive. Libraries were complaining that they had to keep buying the book to meet demand, Hall joked.

 Industrial metal band Fear Factory uses quotes from Humphry’s video in the last track, “Final Exit”, of their seventh studio album Mechanize

 In a Christmas episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Dr. Forrester gives TV’s Frank a copy of the book as a gift after he reveals that he stole Frank’s blood to pay for it.

 In episode 11 of the sixth season of Married With Children, Al Bundy can be seen reading this book while in bed.

 In episode 6 of the first season of The Powers That Be (1992), Theodore Van Horne (David Hyde Pierce) reads this book in bed ticking off the methods he’s tried.

 Bill Hicks incorporated this book in several of his bootleg shows as a build-up to one of his controversial sketches on how euthanasia can make movies more interesting and believable, quoting a phrase “Put ’em in the movies…

 In episode 10 of season one of the Showtime TV show “Huff”, Beth Huffstodt finds a copy of the book in her mother-in-law’s closet and worries that her mother-in-law is planning to kill herself.

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