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“Final Exit” has been updated for 2016.
The ebook download version is fully updated at the ERGO Bookstore www.finalexit.org/ergo-store
The paperback when ordered from ERGO Bookstore now has a printed Addendum 2016 included with all copies.
(The above updates are not available with Amazon.com purchases.)
If you have ‘Final Exit’ already and want the updates, send $5 and the printed pamphlet will be mailed to you by return.
The updates in the ebook and in the printed Addendum include:
1. Huge price increases in barbiturates, thus the alternative cocktail now being used in states where physician-assisted suicide is legal.
2. Summary of the states and nations which have legalized some form of medical assisted dying.
3. Article on how assisted dying is carried out in Switzerland, what it costs, plus full contact details for the two organizations which will accept foreigners.
4. The best anti-emetics for use in self-deliverance from a terminal illness.
5. Clarification on the presence of loved ones at an actual self-deliverance.
6. Advice on how to obtain guidance on making your own inert gas kit now that party balloon helium in North America is diluted.

Send $5 to ERGO, 24829 Norris Lane, Junction City, OR 97448, and we will mail back the Addendum by return.
Or download the updated paperback or ebook from www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

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