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It is a sad fact that some people urgently needing lethal medications to relieve their terminal suffering are being cheated by overseas dealers using the internet.
I am currently getting more reports of fraud than successes.
In particular, Thailand is infamous for its phony drug trade; even ordinary, domestic medications are often diluted. One source of barbiturates there asks for $500 to be sent Western Union and then will not fulfill until another $500 is sent for courier costs.
Some sources in China will supply, others will cheat. So it is impossible to identify which are the reliable dealers. (Therefore do not ask me.)
Mexican sources are sometimes honest, sometimes not.
It appears that some dealers are reliable to begin with, and then when a flurry of orders come in they take the money and run. Usual asking price is $500-$600 US dollars for something which probably cost them $30-$40.
Sorry to have to report these facts to those in dire need, but it is based on incoming information from victims.
Even when the purchased drugs do arrive, there remains the question of whether they are genuine
and of sufficient strength. Therefore the exit bag –helium hood kit — remains the most reliable method of self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness.
Derek Humphry,

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  1. mrmilo1964 says:

    only problem with a helium hood is that its patently obvious that you passed by your own hand…..I can easily access 100% helium, so that’s not the point 🙁

  2. ergo says:

    Due to the work of the Hemlock Society, the book Final Exit, Dr Kevorkian and others,
    ending one’s life deliberately in order to end terminal suffering is no longer a taboo.
    Five US states have passed doctor-assisted suicide laws.

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