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A good many people who are interested in choices in dying are also seeking information about organ donation. Here is some useful information on the subject compiled by a colleague, John Abraham, in Arizona. He writes:

I have long been a proponent of establishing body farms (not like the TN operation where bodies are left to decompose, but a place where organs can be harvested). We could have centers that retain and sustain “neomorts” (my term for newly dead bodies) from which organs could be salvaged. Given that this is unlikely in the foreseeable future, here is some additional information:

Donating your body serves science and might save you money. Some facilities that accept donations provide a free cremation. Check “body donation programs” maintained by the University of Florida State Anatomical Board. Most provide body pick-up and return the cremains within a year or two.

Most major medical schools have similar programs.

The Anatomy Gifts Registry receives body donations utilizing one of two possible methods:
(1) Gift of Body by Will – – Recently supported by new drafts of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), this process is both a way to register in advance and alert your family members to your wishes. This method will not require your family’s authorization upon your death, and AGR’s comprehensive form also serves as an authorization to cremate.
(2) Gift of Body by Informed Consent – This method requires an AGR representative to obtain consent from your legal next-of-kin, or authorized agent, upon your death. The consent is typically obtained by telephonic recording. This method enables AGR, unlike many other similar programs, to obtain body donations without any advance registration.
Some organizations which claim to be “national” have a limited scope, such as Life Legacy which does not operate in some western states and only serves major metropolitan areas in other states such as MI and AZ.
Life Legacy

Science Care

BioGift Anatomical, Inc.

MedCure Inc.

Anatomy Gifts Registry

Medical Education & Research Institute

John Abraham, Tucson, AZ 520-235-5646 (J-O-H-N)
Video Link — http://youtu.be/0fnVUI48FxM

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