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Derek Humphry notes August 2015: This post is now out-of-date.
Worthington Industries, maker of the Party Balloon Kits, is now diluting its helium tanks by 20 percent, making them useless for self-deliverance from a terminal illness. Seek pure helium elsewhere.

Re: The internet rumors about diluted helium

Suggest you read my new (Aug.2015) pamphlet on this: How to make your own inert gas hood kit” on www.finalexit.org/ergo-store
Well illustrated.

The following is now out-of-date information:
At a recent Compassion and Choices meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico, an elderly member of the audience stated that helium was now being diluted, thus unsafe for use in self-deliverance. He said he got this information from the internet.

In the ten years since the method of accelerating death by use of the inert gas helium was announced, there has never come to notice a single case of diluted tank of gas. I have trolled all those in North America who know about helium cases and no person has ever come across a diluted tank. All the known self-deliverances from terminal or hopeless illness using this method were effective.

There are alternatives: nitrogen and argon are also inert gases which are lethal when inhaled in a enclosed space.
Derek Humphry, Oregon

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  1. a says:

    I have been looking for pure helium and cant find it anywhere it is all helium/air mix. Does anyone know where I can get pure helium in the United States?

    ANSWER: Go to an AIRGAS STORE, or Welding Shop, on your main drag in commercial area. They sell pure helium.

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