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The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison is to star in new BBC Three sitcom ” Way to Go.”

The six-part series is described as a “black comedy” about three men who set up an assisted-suicide business. It will air next year.

Harrison will play Scott, who devises the desperate scheme when his terminally ill neighbor asks for his help to die and his brother Joey (Ben Heathcote) is in desperate need of cash to pay off his gambling debts.

I suppose one can at long last consider that this controversial and delicate subject of assisted suicide has ‘arrived’ now that there is a sit-com
comedy about it?……..Derek Humphry, author of ‘Final Exit’

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  1. womandlb says:

    Not a reply to the above, NEW TOPIC I know masks dont work with helium cos of leaks but what about somebody who knows about diving REBREATHERS, surely you could set this up in such a way so you pass out and thats it. i did padi diving course but was ages ago and havent dived since as it was complicated with the maths and was bit scary. Someone in a chat room who seems to know about them is trying to work it out. Have you any references of where people have done this (or had this done to them). Thanks Derek. I suppose if it was this reliable Exit and other organisations would recomend it but then it is its own area of expertise and complex.

  2. ergo says:

    NuTech tried DeBreathers some ten years ago but found them unsatisfactory so they were dropped and the helium hood kit adopted instead.

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