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Message from Derek Humphry at ERGO
This time of year I ask if you can make a contribution to ERGO (Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization). Gifts are tax-deductible because ERGO is nonprofit 501c3 with an IRS tax ID # of 93-111834. www.finalexit.org
Although we earn a modest amount of money daily from the sales of exclusively right-to-die books, ebooks, DVDs and literature (mainly ‘Final Exit’) it is not enough to run the organization, cautious as we are. Fees, printing, postage, utilities, travel and lodging are rising, as probably you have noticed.
ERGO has always been the backer and sponsor of the research workshops (NuTech*) looking for ways in which a terminally ill adult can bring life to a peaceful, nonviolent conclusion, and where drugs and doctors are not involved. NuTech developed the helium hood method of self-deliverance which has been used by hundreds of dying persons in the past ten years. ERGO continues to look for other methods, so will be assembling workshops over the next few years.
The FBI closed down Sharlotte Hydorn’s kit-making operation last year (GLADD). In response, ERGO immediately produced a pamphlet on how to make a kit. www.finalexit.org/ergo-store Thousands have been distributed.
ERGO has always pioneered lawful, medical-assisted suicide for the dying, but until that way is universal there is a need for personal, special sources for those facing their end now and interested in knowing how.
Daily ERGO talks to people via internet, mail and telephone helping them with a range of inquiries. News reporters are briefed and student inquiries fulfilled. Two web sites, a virtual bookstore, a blog and a news list are maintained. You may have seen ERGO’s contribution to the recent FRONTLINE TV documentary? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/suicide-plan/
ERGO has no staff, pays no rent. It’s all voluntary. (Some skilled tasks are outsourced and remunerated.)
If you feel you can help financially support ERGO in its work of communicating the essence of choice in dying well, it can be done via the internet by going to the very last icon on this web site: http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store/
Or pop a check in the mail to
24829 Norris Lane
Junction City OR 97448

Thank you. And Seasons Greetings! Derek Humphry, President ergo@finalexit.org 12/12/12
*Re NuTech

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