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ISO Polling came up with interesting results on choices in dying
throughout Europe www.isopublic.ch

This is an extensive poll, too big to put on this blog, but well
presented and worth reading (in many languages). The Swiss Medical Lawyers Association has published recently the results of an opinion poll in European countries.

Please consult the following link for the version in English — and four
other languages. You may need to copy and paste these two lines into
your browser:

Click to access Results_opinion_poll_self-determination_at_the_end_of_life.pdf

2 Responses to “What Europeans think of assisted suicide”

  1. oscark says:

    I was told that drinking pentobarbital would cause severe stomach cramps, a great deal of pain, and may or may not be lethal.

    How true is this?

  2. ergo says:

    From extensive experience, none of what you say is true of veterinary pentobarbital.
    But it is bitter tasting, thus requiring rapid swallowing and tolerating the nastiness.
    It is very lethal.

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