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Re: The internet rumors about diluted helium
At a recent Compassion and Choices meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico, an elderly member of the audience stated that helium was now being diluted, thus unsafe for use in self-deliverance. He said he got this information from the internet.

In the ten years since the method of accelerating death by use of the inert gas helium was announced, there has never come to notice a single case of diluted tank of gas. I have trolled all those in North America who know about helium cases and no person has ever come across a diluted tank. All the known self-deliverances from terminal or hopeless illness using this method were effective.

This rumor of gas dilution has been around for at least five years and has become an urban legend. It suits our opponents to foster it.
(1) If the manufacturers did alter the contents of their tanks they would by law have to state this on the container. The gas industry is tightly regulated. (2) Why would they bother? The amount used in self-deliverance is minuscule compared to millions sold for party balloons, medical science, laboratories, industry, and diving operations.
The manufacturer’s own web site, balloontime.com, states the following about purity:
“ What is the purity of the helium in Balloon Time tanks?
“There are many types of helium concentrations based upon the application for the helium. Medical helium is over 99% pure. Balloon grade helium is approximately 94% – 96% pure. Our helium has been tested to be at least 98% pure, with most readings over 99% pure.”

If the helium was diluted by ten (10) percent, it would not be effective in self-deliverance — and probably other intended uses as well. If anybody finds evidence of dilution of a helium tank, please let ergo@finalexit.org know immediately.
There are alternatives: nitrogen and argon are also inert gases which are lethal when inhaled in a enclosed space.
Derek Humphry, Oregon

11 Responses to “No evidence that helium tanks are diluted”

  1. WorthDoingRight says:

    Just wanted to add: I went to a Toys R Us to buy one of the helium tanks. They had 3 in store, and all 3 had the box opened. You could see the glue that keeps the cardboard flaps sealed was torn. With the box open, the tank was fully accessible to anyone. Any customer could come along and open it, and not close it fully. They said they wouldn’t allow returns on that, but 3 of 3 boxes opened is strange.

    Considering how important this act is, please check the package before buying to make sure the top and bottom of the box are sealed, and I believe the middle can split in half too. It’s worth it to be safe, and you could always get it at another store.

  2. dylan1206 says:

    Can someone please let me know if the balloon time tanks will work for assisted suicide. I read somewhere online that the flow is too low and that it runs out too fast or it can only be used to fill balloons. In other words there isn’t a consistent flow of helium. Please help.

  3. ergo says:

    Dylan1206: Balloon Time helium tanks are the most widely used in self-deliverance from a terminal illness.
    Beware of stupid comments on the Internet by people who play at attempting suicide, are exhibitionists, or opponents making trouble.
    Stick to the advice only of right-to-die groups who have huge experience in this field.

  4. dylan1206 says:

    Thank you for your prompt response. Do I turn the lever all the way ? How will I know I have the correct flow? There is no way to control it. I certainly don’t want to fail once I’m at the point that I can’t live with my illness anymore.

  5. ergo says:

    Myself and my colleagues in the right-to-die movement have been witnesses to scores of self-deliverances by the helium hood method. Turning the tap/lever on has never been a problem. Whatever amount of gas comes out is trapped inside the plastic bag, ready to be pulled down.

  6. dana4767 says:

    Hi … I was reading online from the balloon time site…. Called frequently asked questions… Someone asked about the pressure and such and part of the response from balloon time was as follows: “balloon time tank has a patented flow restriction safety device reducing the helium flow rate and improving safety of this product.”
    Will the tank still be effective for self deliverance? I’m terribly concerned as my end is near and my chided method is helium and the hood. Please help! Thank you in advance!

  7. dana4767 says:

    Please help… I’m concerned about my chosen method of self deliverance. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  8. ergo says:

    A person considering this serious step should read our literature (Final Exit etc) and work from there. Hundreds have successfully done so to escape further suffering. Learn from the voice of extensive experience, not wild claims on the internet, etc. Everything which is reliably known is in the literature. http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  9. dana4767 says:

    I did purchase the final exit and read it twice.

  10. devoidzer0 says:

    Unfortunately, now there is evidence that Balloon Time helium tanks are diluted. According to their FAQ, the helium is now being mixed with 20% air, with only 80% helium guaranteed:


    This means that Balloon Time tanks can no longer be used reliably for an exit method. Please change the blog posting to reflect this important information.

  11. devoidzer0 says:

    Does anyone know of an alternate online source to buy a helium tank that is known to be 100% pure?

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