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It’s interesting that suddenly the UK police are asking for a reform of the
law forbidding assisted dying. There have been about a dozen attempts to change
the law since l936 and all failed. Britain lags behind many other countries which
have approved careful, thoughtful death with dignity laws.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset is among 18 PCCs to have
signed an open letter to the Ministry of Justice asking for the government
to reassess the law on assisted dying.

Martyn Underhill, who leads on the issue of suicide nationally for the
Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), coordinated the
letter, which has been sent to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for
Justice, Robert Buckland.

Mr Underhill is leading the campaign on behalf of Ron Hogg, the Police,
Crime and Victims Commissioner for Durham, who has motor neurone disease
and wishes for the law to be changed to allow him to end his life.

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