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New voluntary assisted dying clinic opens in Basel, Switzerland

Pegasos Swiss Association (https://pegasos-association.com/)

Established in August 2019, Pegasos is a Swiss voluntary assisted dying (VAD) association based in Basel, Switzerland. Pegasos was founded in August 2019 by the same Swiss professionals who helped 104-year old Professor David Goodall to die in Basel in May 2018.

Pegasos is staffed by a committed team of Swiss professionals (including medical staff) who have been working in the assisted dying field in Switzerland for the past decade (mostly at other clinics).

Pegasos offers an dying service to approved adults of sound mind, regardless of their country of origin/ residence. Pegasos believes that it is the human right of every rational adult of sound mind, regardless of state of health, to choose the manner and timing of their death. Pegasos
enables a person to receive a peaceful, dignified and caring assisted death at their clinic in Basel.

The aims and objectives of Pegasos include:
— to cut some of the red tape (in terms of the way paperwork is handled)
— to minimise waiting time (allowing for urgent situations to be accepted in a matter of weeks not months)
— to offer a service that has English as its first language (cutting the risk of things being lost in translation)

Email: contact@pegasos-association.com
Phone: +41-79855-4090 (Skype preferred)

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