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A survey on internet drugs by Derek Humphry

We need to know what is the value of ordering drugs on the internet intended for personal self-deliverance from a present or future terminal or hopeless illness. Reports are coming to me of scams but there must also be success stories. We need a balanced assessment of the worth.

If you have tried this method of obtaining lethal medications (most likely Nembutal or Seconal or Veterinary Nembutal) please let me know, in confidence, what was the result. Answers to me at ergo@finalexit.org

Please tell me things like (a) where you came across the source; (b) how much money did you send, and how? (c) were the ordered drugs delivered? (d) how long did it take? (e) were the drugs of correct quality/toxicity? (f) was a manufacturers name on the box? (g) or were you cheated, by how much and by whom? (h) did complaints about non-delivery succeed? (i) would you order again on the internet?

When I have sufficient answers, I will publish an assessment of this market, which should be helpful to all sincerely interested in the right to choose to die at life’s end.

Thank you. Derek Humphry, founder of the original Hemlock Society, author of ‘Final Exit’. Email ergo@finalexit.org

7 Responses to “A survey of self-deliverance drugs on the internet”

  1. jurneyer says:

    Does anybody know if there is Nembutal available in Ecuador?Thank you! Jan

  2. lecker says:

    Hi. Has anyone used the darknet to order Nembutal or morphine? I see that both are available, but I’ve never used these sites before.

  3. ergo says:

    lecker: Sorry, but I hear of nothing but scams about persons selling nembutal or other lethal drugs over the inernet.

  4. lecker says:

    OK, thank you ergo.

  5. duarte marc says:

    I will differ with you sir, you can still buy Nembutal and other lethal drugs over the internet.
    it is true that there are some many scams about getting Nembutal on the internet.you just need to be careful not to fall on the wrong person.
    I know a doctor in Austria thats supplies Nembutal this is his email address : (dr.daanmilan@gmail.com) CONTACT HIM and he will arrange for a dicreet delivery at your address. I ordered from him i receive without any difficulties.

  6. skr123 says:

    Getting scammed is one risk involved in purchasing N via the internet. But if it is the real drug being delivered, it would be good to know what are the chances of getting in trouble with the law when receiving the package? Are there any cases in the US of anyone getting arrested or convicted for ordering N over the internet?

  7. ergo says:

    Re drugs in transit:
    I’ve not heard of any cases of people in the US getting into legal trouble when Customs have seized their package from Mexico or elsewhere. They usually get the parcel OK but sometimes instead get a notice from Customs that their parcel is seized.
    Same in Canada.
    The bigger problem is not getting anything at all, due to widespread
    scams, or if from China a diluted substance.

    In Australia and New Zealand there have been a few cases of people taken to court for attempting to have controlled substances shipped in.

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