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Re: Helium tanks which are not diluted

There are still some 100 percent tanks in some stores. Go out right now and get the old 100% tanks for your own future use, and extras to pass on to others. Tanks coming now into stores are 20 percent diluted.

Do not buy the ones marked HELIUM/AIR because they might not work in self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness. The marking is in a corner of the box of the Worthington Party Balloon kits, and again on the disposable tank.

Walmart stores often have considerable stocks. Carefully stored, their shelf-life is several years.

20 Responses to “Get a helium tank or two before it’s too late”

  1. kiki says:

    Would like to know if helium really garuantee a peaceful death..
    Since one blogger shares his experience of accidentally inhaling too much helium
    And ending up feeling unbearable suffocation…
    This makes me worry…Especially under the circumstances that Nembutal is so hard to buy…

    Any reply appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. ergo says:

    Kiki: The view of one blogger should be taken with caution. The right-to-die groups know of more than 300 people who have made their deliverances from a terminal or hopeless illness using helium. It happened with speed and painlessly. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE SINCERELY AND WITH PRECISION. Chosen death via the helium hood kit has been widely practiced in America since 2000 by dying persons.
    Make sure it is PURE helium, not with a tank marked HELIUM/AIR which is 20% diluted.

  3. jurneyer says:

    Can you tell me how much Helium is necessary to make sure it works!?Thank you!

  4. ergo says:

    One tank, which inflates 30 or 50 balloons, is enough, but a second tank eliminates the possibility of the first tank being empty. But beware, all the new tanks coming on the market have their helium diluted by 20 percent, which is not fatal. AVOID tanks with the marking HELIUM/AIR.

  5. joe says:

    Do you know where can I still get 100% pure helium tank? I’m at San Jose California right now. Thank you.

  6. ergo says:

    Helium of near 100% can be purchased at local ARGOS gas stores, which are on the main drags of most US towns and cities. Look in Yellow Pages under Gas Suppliers.
    On the internet CYBERWELD sells helium and nitrogen, both inert gases.
    See the new “How to make your own inert gas kit” on ERGO Bookstore.

  7. joe says:

    Awesome. Thank you!

  8. nohorizon says:

    Is 99.999% helium OK to use??

    Yes. Properly used, it would be fatal in self-deliverance from a terminal illness..
    Read guidance booklet at

  9. janecarol says:

    I have to find pure helium online. I looked at the Cyberweld website and didn’t find any helium tanks. Can someone please tell me exactly where to order the correct tanks? Any idea how long these tanks can remain unused and still work when needed? I am trying to prepare an exit kit for future use.

    Thank you. Any help would be really appreciated.

  10. ergo says:

    In the USA pure helium can only be obtained as Gas Supply Stores (see your Yellow Pages).
    But we are finding that nitrogen (also a lethal inert gas) works fine for self-deliverance and assisted death.
    CyberWeld sells this gas. Needs a regulator which controls the flow very well. Carefully stored, the tanks last for years. Read how to use the kit at

  11. janecarol says:

    There is an industrial gas supply company near me. I don’t know if they will sell small amounts to an individual.

    If they will, what size tank of helium should I get?

    ANSWER: Two of the smallest they sell.

  12. rjam says:

    Where can I get pure helium in Vancouver?
    All the stores that I checked online require company affiliation and full contact information, so I cannot buy pure helium for personal use (to make my own exit kit).

  13. JimBcouch says:

    I was wondering if you can use argon? It is an inert gas, the flow meter regulators are way cheaper than the ones for nitrogen, and it is much easier to find than 100% helium. Any thoughts?
    ANSWER: Yes, argon is also a lethal inert gas. But not heard yet of anybody using it.

  14. Jugaad says:

    I was curious as to what size cylinder would be sufficient. I’m inclined to go with the 20-cubic-foot cylinder, but there are also 40, 60, and 80. Any advice?

  15. ergo says:

    Two of the 20 cf would be effective (The 2nd as spare.)

  16. Jugaad says:

    Thank you!

  17. lostsoul says:

    where can I get pure helium in Toronto?? please help

    Try a welding shop or AIRGAS franchise.

  18. Big H says:

    As a woman and trying to do all this on my own it’s hard and even more so with the newer laws in the UK and the new diluted mixes. I need to know what i can say i am using the gas for that sounds convincing when i walk into a shop and know what and how much i am asking for. Would you say it would be easier to get hold of OFN (oxygen free nitrogen) than helium these days if i can come up with a plausible sounding use/need for it (as a woman)? I have been trawling the internet and if one can use a company name it is easily obtainable but i need some help and guidance please for the UK if anyone knows anyone. I was going to ask about the specific regulator too so that it would look better me getting it all at once but i know the US and UK have different parts probably. I have purchased a few books/downloads but where not mechanically minded i want to take my time, get all the right info and learn what i need to do , so i can do it properly when the time is right

  19. ergo says:

    In the US we are finding nowadays that using nitrogen for self-deliverance from a terminal illness is the preferred method. The helium method still works, of course, but getting pure helium is not too easy. Nitrogen is more expensive, but worth it, because the inert gas rate required is measurable on a gauge and the flow rate is well controlled. Nitrogen is widely used for the preservation of food by survivalists. Also used for inflating tires (tyres) and research
    purposes. Welding shops and air gas suppliers sell nitrogen
    Sugggest you further brief yourself by acquiring my pamphlet ‘How to make your own inert gas Kit”
    at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  20. Big H says:

    Thank you for your reply. Ii think i have already purchased that online lol so thanks for jogging my memory. It’s hard to retain everything these days due to the pain and meds etc So i have a lot i’m trying to take in and learn so that when my day comes i am confident in my last act . The mechanics of setting it all up will be the hardest for me i think. I was thinking from all i’ve read that nitrogen would be best so i am aiming to get a couple of 9 litre bottles! That should be enough shouldn’t it? As for the regulators i thought they were different depending on the product used? Is itt normal to ask a supplier to purchase them with it and can i get one that will cove both bottles or do i need for for each? Sorry for bombarding you with questions. It’s just hard with so much information out there to take just what one needs. It’s mass overload lol. Anyway thanks again and i’m sure you’ll hear from me again 🙂

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