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After researching the development and use of the helium self-deliverance method for five years as NuTech’s unofficial historian, I can assure readers of this blog of two things with certainty:
1. The “party balloon kit” helium tanks contain 100.00% helium, with no other gases.
2. Misstatements to the contrary have no basis whatsoever in fact, and no “adulterated” tank has ever been found or tested anywhere in the world, to the best of my research knowledge.

If the manufacturer (chiefly Worthington Industries, who sells the product worldwide) wanted to add any amount of other gas (such as oxygen or nitrogen) to the contents of the helium tank, it would have to be clearly marked on the packaging, for to adulterate the gas in any way without obvious labeling would be a violation of U.S. and foreign law.

No state or nation has ever been proven to have done so. None.

Let’s put this issue to rest. The “party balloon” helium kits contain 100% helium, period. For a complete description of the origin, development, and use of the “helium system” of self-deliverance, please see Chapter 6, “Robbing Death of Its Sting,” from my forthcoming book, “In Search of Gentle Death: The Fight for your Right to Die With Dignity,” which will be available for sale in late April 2012. The release date of the book will be announced here. — Richard N. Cote’ / dickcote@earthlink.net

(NuTech is short for New Technology in Self-Deliverance from a terminal illness. This nonprofit group developed the helium hood method.)

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  1. acura234 says:

    From everything i’ve read regarding Self-Deliverance here in Canada it seems the only option i have is the Helium method. There’s not a day goes by that i don’t dwell on this subject. My family are all well aware of everything i go through every minute of every day. They’re also fully aware of my intentions to bring my suffering to an end. I have no fear or reservations of death, i can say with all honestly i welcome it after coming so close several times over this last year. What bothers me & nags at me is once i have gone through with this it’s going to draw media attention as it’s not a common occurance. In turn that will put my family in the spotlight which is the last thing anyone wants.
    So here i sit with this roadblock in my way & wondering how many others have had the same issue!

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