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Re: United States v. Sharlotte Hydorn
Victims Rights and Restitution Act

If you are one of those persons who recently received a ‘victim letter’ from the US Department of Justice in connection with Ms Sharlotte Hydorn, of California, who used to supply helium hood kits upon request, I suggest that you respond to it this way:

Say quite firmly (if that is your view) that you are not a “victim,” and you feel Sharlotte was providing a great public service. You should explain why you ordered an exit hood.

If your check was not cashed, you should make a point of saying that. You should urge that Sharlotte be given no fine and no sentence.

Sharlotte has agreed to plead guilty on March 15 to one charge of failing to submit a tax return. Her operation, GLADD, started in 2007, was closed down in May by an FBI raid.

If you live in the San Diego area, you might wish to attend the court hearing MARCH 15 at 1:30 p.m. before Magistrate Judge Bernard G. Skomal.

This is our chance to show support for a gallant lady whose only fault (in my view) was to forget her tax liabilities in the crush to supply single-handedly the helium hood kits.
— Derek Humphry, Oregon

PS You can order the pamphlet “How to Make Your Own Helium Hood Kit’ at the ERGO Bookstore www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

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  1. faier says:

    Why do you say there is no way to get the helium hood at the moment? I thought that at http://www.peacefulpillhandbook.com/page/Buy+Helium+Fittings they’re still selling them although the price has increased from 60$ to 180$.

    ANSWER FROM D H : From what I can tell from a rather confusing site (above), they are selling ‘fittings’ – not the actual helium hood kit. The price is very high! From ten years experience, and as a co-inventor of the h h kit, I don’t think these extra fittings are necessary, but it’s the buyer choice.

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