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The Adelaide Advertiser in Australia reported that a euthanasia method using a readily available gas was launched at a workshop in its city.  More than 80 people – mostly elderly – gathered at Fullerton Community Centre as Dr Philip Nitschke outlined methods to enable a reliable and quick death.

This newspaper article stopped short of explaining anything more. (Australian censorship laws are strict.) The inert gas here will be either helium or nitrogen, in disposable tanks. This method of self-deliverance was developed by NuTech and has been used in America by several hundred people in the last seven years.

See ‘Final Exit’ 3rd edition and its Addendum.

9 Responses to “Inert gas method demonstrated to 80 at workshop”

  1. ergo says:

    The nozzle modifications details are in the ADDENDUM to ‘Final Exit’. Available from ERGO in print or digital formats at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  2. fogtrike says:

    A CPAP mask and head harness would be nicer than the bag. The bag could be smaller and just before the mask, you’d need a one way valve in the bag for an over flow dump from your tank. I just wouldn’t like to be looking at the world for the last time through a plastic bag.

  3. ergo says:

    Huge experience has shown that a face mask — as suggested by kitefrog — WILL NOT WORK. It always blows off or leaks. Only the plastic bag, fastened at the neck, delivers the pure helium needed for a fast exit. If plastic bags are objectionable, then don’t do it.

  4. thisgirl says:

    I have read on a site where someone tried this method, but then subconscious reflexes took over and he started grabbing at the bag
    to tear it off. In all likelihood, do you think this is true? Have you ever heard of an attempt being made with this helium method failing?

  5. myownway35 says:

    I have questions about the nitrogen method. I have a pressure gauge and flow meter attached to the tank, but there is no way to decrease the pressure without losing the gas. Does anyone know how to lower the pressure without losing the gas.

  6. bluenose1802 says:

    what other gas regulator can i buy for a helium cylinder. cant get a helium one, so hopefully another type might be more readily available.

    Derek Humphry answers: From our experience over ten years of the helium hood method, there is no need for any type of regulator.

  7. SnackCrapplePop says:

    Someone mentioned something about using a “t-valve” to connect 2 helium tanks, just as a backup to ensure sufficient gas, and lessen the likelihood of permanent brain damage resulting from an aborted attempt. Can anyone elaborate on exactly what size/type of valve could be used, what sort of places it could be purchased from (hardware stores, or something more technical?) and also, how exactly to connect the tanks?
    Would both tanks empty out at the same time, preventing the lack of enough gas in case one tank isn’t full, or could one use the “t-valve” to control the flow of gas, to enable first one, and then the other, tank to be emptied? Could pressure be controlled also, with a “t-valve?” If not, would the pressure be raised, and what might happen if pressure were raised? Any thoughts, anyone?

  8. ergo says:

    To answer the questions posed by snackcrapplpop a person needs to read the book/ebook ‘Final Exit’ and the pamphlet “How to make your own helium hood kit” at http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store (a nonprofit org)
    This is far too serious a matter to push around the internet with assorted questions. Could lead to botches. Self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness requires forethought, planning and attention to detail. There are already plenty of wild and inaccurate statements about this on the internet

  9. bombaygirl says:

    I experimented putting the oxygen masks that you get, the sides dont fit on the face very well, so i taped it all over the sides on to my face, leaving no space at all for any leakage. I also taped and shut of the two holes on the side as well. Will this do? Since we dont get the bag in India. Also, how much gas is really needed to last 30 mins?

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