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Some people wonder why in my book ‘Final Exit’ I am against the use of guns to end one’s life. The vast majority of American men who commit suicide use a gun. That’s their business.
ERGO’s campaign (as was Hemlock’s) is for peaceful self-deliverance or physician-assisted suicide for the terminally or hopelessly ill competent adult person who is
1. Too ill to leave the house or get out of bed;
2. Would like to die in the presence of loved ones, saying last goodbyes and thank yous;
3. Is too caring a person to inflict on others the awful job of cleaning up the brains and blood;
4. Wouldn’t want a loved one to have the shock of finding the body of a shot person;
5. Would prefer a tranquil death in bed, favorite armchair or garden seat by an overdose of lethal drugs or inhaling helium inert gas when they are ready to go.

It’s all a matter of choice………
— ———-Derek Humphry, Oregon Read Memoir

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