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A person put this question on the ERGO Listserv:
I have recently read your book ‘Final Exit‘ and thank you for writing such a book. I have 2 small older dogs that I want to take with me via helium method and I was thinking if I used a zippered mattress cover which are used for allergies and have them climb in with me, I obtained a twin size, I need to be sure this will work. Any information would be much appreciated.

—-It got these two replies:

(1) For the person who wants to take their life as well as their dogs lives:
I think it’s incredibly selfish to force your animals to die when you want to die. To impose your values or decisions on your companions is similar to doing it to children. They are helpless and need your good judgment to keep them safe. Please reconsider and instead find a loving home for these pups to go to when you are gone.

(2) Perhaps the writer of the message about taking her two older dogs with her when dying should have mentioned the age and present health of the dogs. Frankly, I do not see this as too much of a negative solution as society is overwhelmed with the number of dogs looking for new homes, and some personality dogs are ‘lost’ when their long-time owner is gone. Perhaps the author has already thought of other solutions.

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