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Helping the Washington State initiative planned for this November………………

The aim is to introduce a law by citizens’ ballot initiative similar to Oregon’s ten year old physician-assisted dying law. The PAC running the campaign (formerly called It’s My Decision) is now called Yes! on I-1000, www.yeson1000.org

Running the campaign is a coalition of right to die groups (Compassion and Choices of Washington: C&C National, the Death With Dignity National Center, and ex-governor Booth Gardner.) The coalition is called the WA Death With Dignity Coalition.

The best way to help the campaign is to either make direct (nondeductible) donations, by sending checks to:

YES! on I-1000,
PO Box 21984, Seattle, WA 98111

Or go to the website, www.yeson1000.org, click on the “donate” button, and make a donation online.

——-Derek Humphry, ERGO 5.1.08

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  1. Barbara Cameron says:

    I found some Jumbo Balloon Time Helium canisters today. there is no marking either on the box or canister saying “Helium/Air”. Does this mean they ore OK? I’ve written to the company asking them if their cylinders are pure Helium. Is 1 jumbo container (.42 Cubic meters) enough to die with?

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