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I would like to clarify the earlier response to a question raised by Alida Westman in regard to the state of Washington I-1000 ballot initiative. First, as an organization Hemlock still exists. The name is
owned and registered under a federal trademark by Compassion & Choices.
Although “Hemlock” is no longer the overreaching name of the organization, it is still actively used as part of Compassion & Choices’ educational arm.

Second, Compassion & Choices is working closely in concert with “It’s My Decision.” The latter is engaged in securing the
roughly 225,000 signatures that are needed to get the initiative on the
November ballot, while the former is working on a public education campaign to raise awareness of Oregon’s ten years of success and how similar results can be expected if Washington were to pass its own law.
Both organizations are raising funds for their respective roles in the
initiative so, to answer Alida’s question, the appeal is “for real.”

–Roland L. Halpern, Director Community Relations
Compassion & Choices

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    1. It is patently wrong to claim that the national Hemlock Society ‘exists as an organization’. It exists as a name only, under the trade mark owned by the group which took it over.
      But there are other regional Hemlock societies in America — in Florida, Illinois and San Diego. They operate independently.
      In my opinion, the rightful descendant of Hemlock (1980-2003) is the Final Exit Network, which can be seen at http://www.finalexitnetwork.org

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