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A total of 76 Britons with terminal illnesses have ended their lives at the Dignitas Clinic in Zurich since it was founded in 1999. Between 2003 and 2006, an average of 14 people a year made the trip, (The Independent reported), while 34 have done so since January 2006.

“It is appalling that the current law in the UK means that terminally ill British people who want to end their lives are being forced to travel to a strange country to do so,” said Rose Brocklehurst of Dignity in Dying. “Their lives are being ended more prematurely than would otherwise be necessary because they have to be able to travel.”

People who want to use the Swiss clinic must fill out extensive paperwork to show that they are terminally ill and that their decision to end their lives is not coerced. At Dignitas, they have a final medical interview and are then given a lethal barbiturate cocktail, which they drink themselves.

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  1. apeacefulpassing2025 says:

    Why is assisted suicide only for the terminally ill in that one MUST have cancer to desire death. For instance, what if death is TRULY one’s own right being that their life is TRULY unlivable? Look around us? Why should anyone who wants to pass on cannot? I would like to and I have excellent reasons for doing so. Even more than my chronic pain issues. Physicians today are utterly evil and they practically trigger the desire to die based on their utter cruelty and insensitivity. Half of them (or more) enjoy those of us dying as a source of study and research and I am not here for their thesis papers or for their power games and taking my money (which I do not have) Today;s physicians could care less of my pain and it is best that I am dead as I ask to be as I wish, I have that right.

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