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The paperback ‘how-to’ book ‘Final Exit’ received both an honor and a blow during April 2007.

First, the editors and book critics of the American national newspaper, USA TODAY, selected Derek Humphry’s book as one of the 25 most memorable books of the last quarter century.*

Then Google Adwords, the search engine giant’s advertising unit, rejected ‘Final Exit’ advertising, giving their reason that it concerned ‘violence’. Two appeals to higher management failed.

This designation of the paperback as violent contrasts with what Publisher’s Weekly is quoted on Amazon.com as saying about a book which has been a consistent bestseller since l991:

“With deep compassion and sensitivity, it spells out why a living will may not be sufficient to have a person’s wishes carried out–and what document is a better alternative. It updates where to get proper drugs and exactly how to carry out the quickest, most peaceful way to make a final exit. Finally, it gently talks to a person considering self-deliverance about alternatives, planning, and the means to make every death a “good death” at our time of greatest need.”

“Google’s ban is strange for a book which has sold over a million copies in 12 languages,” said Humphry. “The ban applies only to advertising, not general information. Other advertising groups are not bothered.”

“Final Exit’ is published by Random House, the world’s largest publisher.

* “25 Books that leave a legacy.”

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