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Neal Nicol writes:-
My biography of Dr. Jack Kevorkian is finally available. Books were delivered to bookstores in the US and Canada on July 5th, and are available through Barnes & Noble. Also, U of Wisconsin Press is offering a special discount on the book if you order direct from them.

Jack is 78, in his 7th year in prison and is very frail. Among other ailments, he has Hepatitis C that he contracted while doing transfusion experiments for the Pentagon many years ago–but that’s in the book.

To promote his release, it would be appreciated if you could purchase the book and also forward this email to your friends and acquaintances so they too, can forward it to their friends and acquaintances.

It would make an old man (Jack, not me) very happy.

If you would like a personalized note and autograph, please forward your snail mail address, or email it to intern1@uwpress.wisc.edu, and I will forward a “book plate” sticker to paste in the book.

If you call the Chicago Distribution Center at 1-800-621-2736 just mention the code 6BDD and they’ll give you a 30% discount; or you can use their link: http://www.wisc.edu/wisconsinpress/offer_betweenthedyingand_.html

If you prefer to purchase locally, and you don’t see the book in stores, U of Wisconsin Press invites you to have them order it – thus creating a demand.

———————-Neal Nicol, Michigan, co-author

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