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New books recently received at ERGO:

UNPLUGGED: Reclaiming our right to die in America. By William H Colby, attorney. ISBN 9780814408827. Hardcover. AMACOM, NY. $24.95 US.

BETWEEN THE DYING AND THE DEAD: Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s life and the battle to legalize euthanasia. by Neal Nicol and Harry Wylie. ISBN 0299217108. Hardcover. Terrace Books, Madison, Wisconsin. $27.95.

PATIENT-DIRECTED DYING: A call for legalized aid in dying for the terminally ill. By Tom Preston MD. ISBN 0595391448. Paperback. iUniverse Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska. $17.95.

The above books can be purchased from good bookstores or from Amazon.com (All prices quoted are US dollars.)

Other books on this subject can be viewed at ERGO Bookstore

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