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The FBI is asking police throughout America to check up on people who have recently ordered helium hood kits from GLADD in southern California, run by Sharlotte Hydorn. So far we know of six cases. These are what the cops call ‘wellness checks’ — actually to see if the person has [or about to] kill themselves.
So if you ordered from GLADD don’t be surprised to get a police visit. Tell them you are fine, thank you, and decline their offer to be taken to a therapist (as has happened).
Tell this blog if you get such a visit from law enforcement.

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ALERT – a stranger at your door?
If you purchased or ordered a helium hood kit from the GLADD Group in southern California, it is possible that police will call to check up on you shortly.
Local police, under FBI direction, have already visited two women (in Hillsboro, Oregon, and in Los Angeles) and questioned them about their health and circumstances. Each woman had recently placed an order for a helium hood kit but not received it. (Many were confiscated in the FBI raid on Sharlotte Hydorn’s home on 25 May. She made them on her sewing machine – confiscated – and recorded on her computer hard drive, also seized.)
A lawyer friendly to the right-to-die movement tells ERGO:
“The cops do not need a warrant to do a mental health check. If they have information that a person is a serious and imminent threat to herself or others, it is legal for them to visit, speak, and make such checks as are necessary and appropriate to make sure the person is not a serious and imminent threat to herself or others. From the information about the Los Angeles visit, and the other one in Oregon, there is no indication they are asking any questions intended to gather information to prosecute Sharlotte Hydorn or anyone else. They don’t need any more information from these “victims” to prosecute Hydorn.
“If the LA woman had the presence of mind to refuse to let the cops into her home, it’s a question whether they could have entered over her objection. I doubt it. But it’s important to remember that, if the cops are challenged, their answer will be that everything they did was consensual. They asked if she would let them in; she let them in; they asked her questions; she answered them.
“When they walked around, looked at stuff, opened the refrigerator door, she did not object. When people let cops in, let them look around, or answer their questions voluntarily, there is no violation of anybody’s rights.
“The police can stop by the home of anybody in America, ask to come in, ask questions, and so forth, and it violates nobody’s rights.” unquote
THEREFORE, if you ordered a kit from GLADD don’t be surprised if you
get a call from local law enforcement. If you are visited, maybe inform ERGO at ergo@finalexit.org
—- Derek Humphry, Junction City, OR journalist & author 06.12.11

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From Derek Humphry (journalist & author)
Important alert re GLADD

For those who might have missed it, GLADD Group no longer can supply a
helium hood kit. An FBI raid on 25 May 2011 shut the operation in
Southern California down, seizing all documentation, orders, checks,
materials, hard-drive and the sewing machine.
FBI agents also went to the local Post Office and seized 15 boxed kits
which were awaiting transit.
FBI now knows from the confiscated computer hard-drive the names and
addresses of all persons who ordered the kit. It is possible that they
may try to follow up as they endeavour to gather evidence for possible
criminal prosecutions against SHARLOTTE HYDORN, the
91-year-old woman who ran GLADD as a service to humanity from her home.
Should the FBI call on you fishing for evidence against her, say nothing
to them except in the presence of your lawyer. That is your right. Be
People who placed orders with GLADD in the last six weeks will have to
wait a long time for return of their money……if ever. (There is no financial, business or other connection between ERGO and GLADD — just a common goal to help people.)
Meantime, people who want bags will have to work themselves with the DIY
section of my FINAL EXIT book, pages 132-138. It is not hard to make
the kit. And YouTube has some excellent guidance videos.
>——-Derek Humphry (writer) president, ERGO

www.finalexit.org ergo@finalexit.org

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With a search warrant, an FBI team raided the home in So.California of Shylotte Hydorn, manufacter of the helium hood kits which are sold worldwide under the name of GLADD.

They confiscated her computer, her materials and her sewing machine.
She was warned of possible charges.
Thus for the time being GLADD will not be supplying kits


Residents in Zurich were asked on Sunday 04.15.11 to decide whether assisted suicide should be banned, either for Swiss nationals or non-residents.

Some 85% of the 278,000 votes cast opposed the ban on assisted suicide and 78% opposed outlawing it for foreigners, Zurich authorities said.

This referendum was in Zurich only, but is likely to be an indication of the feeling in the whole country. People from many countries go to Zurich for help with self-deliverance, about 150 from Britain.

The Oregon state Senate made it a felony Monday for companies to sell suicide kits to Oregonians. The vote was unanimous. The bill now heads to the House.
Senator Floyd Prozanski says people charged under this law could be brought to Oregon to face their charges.
The bill was introduced after a 29-year-old Eugene man took his own life using a suicide kit he purchased online for $60.
The proposed legislation also doesn’t conflict with the state’s Death with Dignity Act, which allows physical assisted suicide in certain circumstances.
Details on how to make such a kit have been in the book ‘Final Exit’ for the last ten years. Some people prefer to buy ‘off-the-shelf’ from a group in California called “GLADD’.
whose mailing address is 3755 Avocado Blvd, # 166, La Mesa, CA
91941. Cost is $60. Sent USPS
discreetly. No phone/internet orders.

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Trial of the volunteers of the Final Exit Network in the USA
A jury trial was held in Phoenix, Arizona during April 2011 concerning the death of Jana Van Voorhis, age 56, on April 12, 2007. She had chosen to die with the helium hood method with guides from the Final Exit Network in attendance. The accused and the verdicts were:
Laurence M. Egbert MD, aged 82, Baltimore, MD., former F E N medical director. Charge: conspiracy to commit manslaughter by aiding in a suicide. Plea: Not guilty. Verdict: Not guilty.
Wye Hale-Rowe, Ann Arbor MI, aged 82, volunteer helper. Charge: manslaughter. Pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, facilitation to commit manslaughter, because of poor health. Sentence: Probation.
Franklin R. Langsner, aged 86, Scottsdale, AZ, volunteer helper. Charge: manslaughter by aiding in a suicide and with conspiracy. Plea: Not guilty. Verdict: Hung jury. Jury voted 7 to 1 to acquit him of conspiracy, and 4-3 (1 abstention) to acquit him of aiding in a suicide. Retrial possible.
Roberta Massey, aged 65, Cherry Hill, NJ, former case coordinator. Conspiracy to commit manslaughter. Pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of facilitation to commit manslaughter because of poor health. Sentence: probation.
Length of trial: ten days. Ended 21 April 2011 Jury deliberation: three days.
27 April 2011 update Source: ERGO

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Final Exit Network doctor found not guilty

A jury found the medical director of Final Exit Network, a national right-to-die group, innocent of conspiring to assist in a suicide, but could not reach a verdict as to one of the organization’s “exit guides.”

The Maricopa County Superior Court jury deliberated from Tuesday through Thursday before finding Dr. Lawrence D. Egbert, 83, of Baltimore, the Network’s volunteer medical director, not guilty of conspiracy to commit manslaughter by aiding in a suicide.

The eight-member jury could not reach a unanimous verdict as to Franklin R. Langsner, 86, a suburban Phoenix resident and “exit guide” for the Network, who was charged with manslaughter by aiding in a suicide and with conspiracy. The jury voted 7 to 1 to acquit Langsner of conspiracy, and 4-4 to acquit him of aiding in a suicide.

Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society USA and author of ‘Final Exit,‘ said: “These results are excellent news. They mark a significant turning point in the long march to achieve everybody’s right to choose to die.”

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The attempt by a few right-wingers to make everybody who uses the Oregon Death With Dignity Act for physician-assisted suicide take a mental health check first, has collapsed.
The Eugene Register-Guard newspaper reports 7 April 2011, when surveying the present legislature’s work:
“Some divisive bills don’t even make it to the public hearing stage.
House Bill 2016, which would modify Oregon’s Death With Dignity law to
require patients seeking life-ending medication to undergo counseling,
has seen no activity –no hearing or work session — since it was
referred to the House Health Care Committee in late March.”
Thus this Bill expires at the end of this week.

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Last Wish Granted, the Colombian organization that has been quietly referring their members in Colombia to physicians for end of life consultations, has accepted their first international member for a medical referral.
Last Wish Granted follows the guidelines put in place by the Constitutional Court of Colombia’s C-239-97 decision which disallows criminal penalties to physicians who have medically assisted a patient to die if the terminal patient has expressed his unequivocal wish to die.
Asked about the legality of accepting foreign nationals into their membership ranks, Carlos Martel, Director of Last Wish Granted, says, “For years, Colombia has been a destination of choice for patients who take advantage of its excellent practitioners and superior medical infrastructure. No one has to be a Colombian national to take advantage of those services and they don’t have to be for these either, specially since the Constitutional Court did not address the nationality of the terminal patient in their landmark 1997 decision. It is simply not an issue. ”
In order to be referred to a physician for a consultation, you are required to be a member of Last Wish Granted, send a complete medical history about your actual medical condition, and, be accepted by the physician for a consultation.
For further inquiries, write to: ContactLWG@yahoo.com

—Carlos Martel, Director, Last Wish Granted

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