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If you happen to be within easy reach of the pleasant Oregon seaside town of FLORENCE this coming Sunday (10 June), around lunchtime, you could pop into the local library and hear what changes need to be made to the OREGON DEATH WITH DIGNITY ACT, which became law in 1998

I will be outlining how the tread-setting Oregon medically-assisted dying came what is, outlining its now obvious limitations.

Bruce Yelle, founder of new End Choices nonprofit group, a Florence resident who moved from California to Oregon so as to take advantage (as did you may recall Brittany Maynard) of the Oregon law. But he found that Parkinson’s Disease did not qualify! Nor did other degenerative
diseases, only terminal illness. Bruce found many others similarly hampered.

Now Bruce Yelle (along with myself and others) is working to get the Oregon legislature to widen and improve this out-of-date law. Come hear us and join in discussions: “My Life, My Death, My Way”

Sunday, June 10 at 1 p.m.
Bromley Room
Siuslaw Public Library
1460 9th Street
No charges .

.. Not endorsed by the Library.

Contact Bruce Yelle at endchoices at gmail.com or HTTPS://endchoices.com
0r Derek Humphry, Oregon ergo at finalexit.org

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