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The July newsletter of Exit International prints a list of 43 web sites which claim to sell the barbiturate Nembutal.
“They are run by scammers,” says Dr. Phillip Nitschke, Exit’s
Some scammers use trick names to give the impression that
they are Dr. Nitschke’s own sites, and in one case includes
my name as a pretense of authenticity.
Potential buyers normally lose $500-$700 USD when they take a chance on purchase over the internet.
Sorry, there is no web site that I know of which is reliable.
Some start out apparently honestly but when they realize what a gold mine they have, they become fraudulent.

One Response to “Multiple scammers offering lethal drug to the dying”

  1. bombaygirl says:

    There are a lot of these scammers especially from Ukraine and they are found on all sites on dark net such as Tochka and others where you can get access to street drugs. I too have been ripped off by $550.

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