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Veterinary Nembutal (pentobarbital) can be bought over-the-counter in veterinary supply stores in Mexico and Peru. These little stores are generally in the backstreets of poorer neighborhoods. This substance is used for either sedating big animals including horses for surgery, or euthanizing them. It is tightly controlled everywhere except Mexico and Peru.

The six grams of vet. Nembutal in the 100ml bottle is lethal, but two bottles are preferable for speed and absolute certainty. The price over-the-counter in Mexico and Peru is around $30 US each. Provided ample anti-emetics (over-the-counter) have been diligently consumed during the previous 8 hours, the dosage is always painless and fatal, normally inside 30 minutes, occasionally longer if the person has a huge bulk. A quick drink of strong alcohol enhances the drug.

If an adult is determined to acquire this substance because of life-threatening illness, they are best to travel to an inland city to search. Avoid the Mexican border towns because of drug gang violence.

Lima, Peru, has proved successful for shoppers. It still requires some hunting.

Drugs for self-deliverancesuch as Seconal and Nembutal can also be bought in Thailand, in some pharmacies, but watch out for the notorious fake or diluted drugs there.

Re China: Any person buying Nembutal from China does so at their own risk as to the honesty of the source and quality of the substance. Personally, I would not risk it, nor have I ever recommended China as a source – it is others who do that. Ask them. — Derek Humphry, author ‘Final Exit

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  1. ascanius says:

    Could you give some clarification on metachlopramide (reglan)? I don’t know what dose and what timetable to use. I think in Oregon they just give one dose of metachlopramide prior to barbiturate ingestion. Metachlopramide carries warnings about possible tardive dyskinesia as a side effect and the risk increases with repeated use. So I’m reluctant to do too many test runs or to take too many. Thanks.

  2. ergo says:

    REPLY: When doctors in Oregon legally write a prescription for barbiturates for a dying patient they recommend that before swallowing the lethal drugs the person takes two 10mg tablets of Reglan and one 8mg tablet of Zofran.

  3. ergo says:

    REPLY: Both the drugs mentioned above are lethal, and the fatal dose can be between 6mg-12mg.

  4. kiki says:

    Thanks for reply!! I would also like to know if Baclofen gives a peaceful and reliable death.. In my country recently, one girl took the drug wiz stilnox to commit suicide successfully…. I have done some research and found out Baclofen can also cause death.. But not sure if it’s a peaceful death and how about the leathal dose.. If anyone happens to know, any information provided will be highly appreciated!!!!

  5. ergo says:

    Baclofen is a muscle relaxant and most unlikely to cause death.

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