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Veterinary Nembutal (pentobarbital) can be bought over-the-counter in veterinary supply stores in Mexico and Peru. These little stores are generally in the backstreets of poorer neighborhoods. This substance is used for either sedating big animals including horses for surgery, or euthanizing them. It is tightly controlled everywhere except Mexico and Peru.

The six grams of vet. Nembutal in the 100ml bottle is lethal, but two bottles are preferable for speed and absolute certainty. The price over-the-counter in Mexico and Peru is around $30 US each. Provided ample anti-emetics (over-the-counter) have been diligently consumed during the previous 8 hours, the dosage is always painless and fatal, normally inside 30 minutes, occasionally longer if the person has a huge bulk. A quick drink of strong alcohol enhances the drug.

If an adult is determined to acquire this substance because of life-threatening illness, they are best to travel to an inland city to search. Avoid the Mexican border towns because of drug gang violence.

Lima, Peru, has proved successful for shoppers. It still requires some hunting.

Drugs for self-deliverancesuch as Seconal and Nembutal can also be bought in Thailand, in some pharmacies, but watch out for the notorious fake or diluted drugs there.

Re China: Any person buying Nembutal from China does so at their own risk as to the honesty of the source and quality of the substance. Personally, I would not risk it, nor have I ever recommended China as a source – it is others who do that. Ask them. — Derek Humphry, author ‘Final Exit

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  1. horiadascal says:

    Dear Mr. Derek Humphry,
    It is very useful as you inform us about places where we can get Seconal and Nembutal. You say that we must be aware of fake drugs … but how would we know if a drug is fake or real: simply swallowing the drug, and suicide missing? Nobody can afford that. Do you think there is any method to know if the drug is real? I am from Romania and I intend to make a trip to Thailand, to buy Nembutal. I am worried about getting a real drug and the possibility to bring in my country. I dare to ask your opinion on how I can do to minimize risks of failure in getting a real drug.
    With gratitude, Horia Dascal, in Romania

  2. ergo says:

    Of course it is difficult to know which drugs in Thailand are
    reliable, and which are not. My suggestion would be that
    when there a person makes local inquiries as to which
    pharmacies are trustworthy. A start would be a hotel manager.

  3. james04 says:


    Please take note the drug is not freely available in Thailand as per the information i have seen here. makes it sound like you can just walk in to any store and walk out with it. I am in Thailand right now and have been here for a month now working on getting some. It is no longer available in any of the places the Peaceful Pill Handbook recommends. The pharmacy near Indra hotel ( forget about it, they wont sell it to you) even enlisting the help of Thai people to get it for you has proven difficult. the weekend market Chatuchak ( doesnt sell it) Note as the PPE published their contact numbers, they have been getting hundreds of calls, now they are too afraid to sell it. Please in future i hope PPH doesn’t publish telephone numbers but rather give the address or directions to the place, if people want it they can go there.

    If anyone can tell me where it is freely available in Thailand, I will pay for your 2 nights at the Oriental hotel Bangkok ( how’s that !)

  4. motorscom says:

    Hi, I’ve tried several pharmacies and even clinics in Bangkok but they’ve not heard of it. If anyone succeed in buying it in Thailand, please, please, please let me know. I’ll travel anywhere to get it.

  5. silencexx says:

    I have purchased nembutal 100 ml veternarian bottles in Mexico. The first one was from a local vet store. The second from a horse store that had medications. I made up a perscription on the computer for nembutal and stated that is was to sedate a horse – not kill it. I also wore my best suit so i looked respectable. It took several days for the drug to be ordered as it is strictly controlled. I paid $230.00 pesos for each bottle. It is much easier to say it is a horse, than a cat or dog. They believe that more as people here still ride horses in the towns.

    I bought my medications from a rural town ouside of mexico city, where it is common to find products and services for horses in the local high street.

    When i was asked if the perscription was fo rme i said it was for my brother in law who is a vet.

    I know the laws are much tighter now than 10 years ago but it is good news that it is still possible you can buy nembutal on the high street.

    For your information – seconal is not prescribed in Mexico.

    I hope this helps.

  6. dr3811 says:

    There seem to be quite a few brands of Veterinary Nembutal available. Is the brand Sedalpharma a legitimate brand. Some of the books list no less than 10 different kinds and I am a bit confused as to what is the best or preferred brand and what may be fake as you mentioned. Will two 100ml bottles of Sedalpharma be sufficient?

  7. ergo says:

    This is a difficult question to answer concerning 10 brands of vet.Nembutal. So far as is known they are all equally effective if store-bought. Mail order is risky. Spotting a possible fake is a matter of personal inspection and evidence of tampering. Two 100ml bottles are the best euthanasic for a human, although one bottle will do.

  8. silencexx says:

    Sedapharma s a legitimate brand. I had read in the Peaceful Pill that 6gms is more than enough. Derek Humphry states that one bottle will do the trick, but in another video clip he suggested two. I have heard 9grms is what is needed. Another said 12gms. I am taking two bottles to make sure I get it right. I have final stage terminal cancer and the pain is too much to contiually bear. I domn`t want any mistakes and end up in a coma. I hope this helps.

  9. Moonwalker_II says:

    I live in Peru where the mentioned drugs are freely sold but not in residential areas but in out of town small pharmacies or horse farms. I was able to buy two bottles of Veterinary Nembutal but I am not sure if Seconal is also necessary. If someone can inform me I shall be grateful.
    A friend who also bought the same mentioned that another drug is necessary to avoid nausea and vomits, that one I don’t know what it is called. Again I will highly appreciate the information from someone who can help. I am half way down the path but I still require information as mentioned above.

  10. ergo says:

    If a person using vet. Nembutal for self-deliverance from a terminal illness does not use plenty of anti-emetics it is virtually certain that the medication will be vomited. Suggest anti-emetic pill be taken every two hours for the previous 12 hours. They are over-the-counter and the best known one is Compazine; a person should use whichever brand suits them best.

  11. landofsmiles says:

    I am in Thailand and want to buy nembutal as i am in the final stages of ALS. Can’t find it though. Can anyone help?

  12. itistime says:

    can anybody comment on the quality of nembutal powder from china?

  13. Kiap says:

    Can anyone tell me what the expiry date is, on Nembutal, from when you picked it up. Is it one year, two etc.

  14. ergo says:

    Nembutal if kept in its original packaging, in a cool, dry and dark place, lasts for 5 or more years. If a person fears deterioration,
    that can be compensated for by increasing the dosage.

  15. rudymick says:

    Can someone tell me if it is hard to buy the anti-emetic?

  16. ergo says:

    Anti-emetics are sold over-the-counter. Sometimes labeled ‘travel sickness pills’.
    Dramamine is a favorite but others work as well.

  17. sunspan says:

    I have the book Final Exit but its packed away in boxes right now. I read it and forget if people use both the nembutal and helium together or is it one or the other. I will never be able to obtain this drug so I”m hoping the helium method can be used alone/by itself. Also, my nephew is an EMT and said that Helium collapses the lungs before it goes to the brain. I said he was wrong but can someone assure me of this..Thanks.

  18. ergo says:

    There is no need for drugs WITH a helium hood death. Plus, they might make a person too drowsy to finish the tasks.
    Also, a helium death is by brain death, no connection with the lungs. D H

  19. jodana says:

    Im also wondering why the liquid form of Nembutal is seemimgly preferred over the powdered?

  20. ergo says:

    Not much Nembutal is used in medicine nowadays, so the manufacturers call it a ’boutique drug’ and produce very little, and charge a high price for it. US and European manufacturers of Nembutal appear to make only the liquid form, altho I heard that in Asia it can be bought in powder form.

  21. ergo says:

    Your nephew is wrong. Inhaling pure helium does not affect the lungs — it kills the brain, in a few minutes.

  22. dead says:

    I’m wishing to get Nembutal and will go wherever I need to get it. However, it seems to be risky and naive to fly all the way across the earth with just the hope of finding it somewhere in Mexico or Thailand.
    Should someone really just go there and look by asking people for places which sell Nembutal? it seems not so easy and very reasonable to get there and not have a clue of where getting such substance.

    I will travel wherever but it seems very irresponsible just to go and hope to find a place like this in a backstreet of a poor neighborhood…as if I could just ask anyone where a place like that can be. It is known that Nembutal is dangerous and places that might give information seem reasonable to ask for legitimate certification for purchasing it, no?

    I would like comments about my questions…I’m sorry if I myself might seem naive or clueless but I am to this whole subject.

  23. jack says:

    The anti-emetic would be something like Metoclopramide, right? It’s OTC everywhere.

    Purchasing the barbs in the above-mentioned countries is not difficult. Bringing it back into the US or Europe or Australia is the difficult part. You want a peaceful death and you end up in jail for importing a classified drug. If you get caught in Thailand before exiting the country you end up in a Thai jail, where you’ll be kept alive and get beaten on a daily basis. If you *have* to smuggle it out of a foreign country, choose the South American countries.

    On another note, in the book “Peaceful Pill”, heroin is mentioned as providing a death as quick and as painless as Pentobarbital. Is this true? I have my doubts. If it is, heroin is available – and will remain so – without requiring travel. IV technique is easy. I think the heroin route deserves to be researched ahead of a global ban on barbiturates.


  24. MIKEWALTERS says:

    Hi everyone, i actually live in Mexico and when i first found out about N i tried to purchase this at vet stores and tried to bribe the people there. I found out that the mexican government knows the use of sodium pentobarbital and closely monitors the use of it in any vet clinics or hospitals. the clinics are allowed a certain amount of vials a months depending on its size and its given to them by a laboratory. Now if caught they will obviously face legal issues and no legit vet will risk thier job for the 30 dollars you might offer them for a vial.
    N is available in mexico but you must know the right people, NO BORDER TOWN WILL SELL IT TO YOU, also the locals will notify the police if you ask because of the violence ther is an overwhelming presence of police and you would have to deal with them as well.

  25. jack says:

    Regarding the question as to how to ascertain whether a drug is not a fake, a possible test is to take *a little* of the drug. If it is fake, it will usually contain less active ingredient as advertised. For instance a bottle of “fake” barbiturate advertising 3g will contain between less than 3 grams and 0 grams. It is unlikely to contain more than advertised, IMHO. Given that between one and two entire bottles are needed to cause death, taking one twentieth or one tenth of a single bottle should be safe, yet enough to induce sleep or sleepiness. Another possibility is animal testing, although I would regard this as unethical unless the animal has to be put to death anyway. BTW : instead of killing meat cattle by brutal means, why not put them to sleep with barbiturates too? Would the meat be contaminated? If not, our cause could be helped by campaigning in favour of a painless death for cattle.

  26. dr3811 says:

    Most of the forums indicate drinking veterinary Nembutal is the way to go which I understand is a bitter liquid. I am curious if you will have enough time to drink two bottles before you fall asleep. It may takes some time to get down. Further vets euthanize with IV administration. Can the drug be self-administered through IV which I assume is better. I would guess one problem might be falling asleep immediately and before all the dose gets in the IV line say if you were pushing a syringe or two full of the Nembutal through your IV. I would not think you have a lot of time this way but the method may be quicker. Does anyone know anything about this? Feedback is appreciated.

    ANSWER FROM D H : All lethal doses of barbiturates are bitter tasting. If diluted seeking sweeten then it may pass through without the effect desired. It has happened sometimes. A person seeking self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness must swallow the overdose fast (so as not to fall asleep) and to endure the nasty taste.

  27. Imperator says:

    I can’t comprehend why Nembutal is heralded as the “preferred / favored” choice for self deliverance:
    * you have to travel overseas to another country like Mexico.
    * costs involved with international travel.
    * difficulties involved with an old terminally ill person embarking on such a trip.
    * barbiturates are classed as an “illicit” drug in most countries.
    * etc etc.

    I think more research & emphasis should be on methods that are easy to implement for people in their own local area like:
    * Carbon monoxide generation using easy to obtain acids.
    * Cyanide salts.

  28. kerley says:

    I’d like to know if I change the liquid of contener it will lose its purpose.
    Thank you very much

    ANSWER: If re-sealed and stored carefully, probably not.

  29. Bruce667 says:

    I am a new member and I am in desperate need of some help or advise on where in Mexico I must go to find Nembutal I am planning to go to Mexico in the next 2 weeks and I don t speak Spanish and have no idea where I can find this please can anyone help me in any way to locate it where in Mexico i should go or please any help at all I will leave my e mail so if you prefer you can e mail me with any help or advise I would so very much appreciate help with this as it is very important to me
    Thank you so very much
    Bruce bruce6166@gmx.com

    AMSWER: People tell me (I’ve never been) that they hail a taxi at the airport and ask to be taken to a Veterinary Supply Store (Farmacia). It is nearly impossible for a visitor quickly to locate such a place. They tell me they ask for two bottles of veterinary Nembutal (which Mexicans use on their horses). If asked, they reply that it is for their own animals at home. Cost per bottle, I’m told, varies between $30 and $100 USD. — D H

  30. oscark says:

    I live in Mexico and to be honest, it’s not easy at all to get the veterinary sodium pentobarbital. You must have a cuantified prescription that is given only with a special registry and sold only to vets. you must show proof of your degree in medicine otherwise you can’t have it. At least not in Mexico City. Everyday it’s getting more and more regulated. Perhaps it’s a different story in small towns but I’m not so sure about that this days.
    Luckily I have a friend who has a farm in the south and he was able to get the two bottles of 100 ml each and the only part I’m missing is the anti-emetics. Will something like Dramamine do the work by taking 2 pills every 4 hours for 12 hours? After that, should I just drink the 200 ml of pentobarbital even it says “intravenous”?? is there anything else i’m missing?. (I bought The Final Exit book and I’m all the legal matters, letters and so on are being taken care of).
    A few people tell me that — as you say — the vet.Nemb. can be bought in remote backstreet stores quite easily, provided US currency is used. Not many people go there for it. Peru is also a hot spot.
    Any anti-emetic that suits your taste will suffice. Do not skimp on it.
    Glad the book Final Exit was of assistance. Take care…………Derek Humphry

  31. private says:

    I purchased N from a suggested vendor from the book in China. It is in white powder form. I’m concerned because when I opened the vaccuum sealed package to measure out the amount, the powder seemed to irritate my nose. Is this common? I mixed a tiny amount with water and it did dissolve, but I wasn’t expecting it to irritate my nose just by being around it. Is it safe to take? How long will it be good now that the vaccuum seal is open. He sent me NMR and COD from their analysis claiming its purity.
    ANSWER FROM DEREK HUMPHRY: The only way to tell if these substances from China are what they say they are, and pure, is to take them to a testing laboratory and pay to have them analyzed. How could I know the answers to these technical questions regarding an individual shipment from China? Quality is a risk the buyer takes. BTW, the book referred to in the first sentence is not mine. Mine is ‘Final Exit’

  32. gs18772 says:

    Could you please advice if there is any problem for mail order of N from China? I don’t know which of the Nembutal suppliers I should buy from in China. Please give me the name of the supplier you order from. I really appreciate your help on this matter. Please also advice if I can order N through internet (mail order) from one of the suppliers in China. Which supplier is trustworthy and reliable? Many thanks!

    Derek Humphry responds: Anybody who buys medications from China does so at their own risk. I would not take that risk of getting a sub-standard substance and therefore not lethal. If a person does buy, the drug needs to be analyzed at a local laboratory for quality. Buyers beware!

  33. ulila says:

    I’ve read that you can buy a drug test kit but that only tests for the presence of Nembutal and not the amount.

    REPLY : This test kit is only from EXIT International, in Australia. All inquiries on this, adding valves, and their publication ‘Peaceful Pill Handbook’ should go directly to them. (ERGO’s self-deliverance handbook is ‘Final Exit’ by Derek Humphry.)

  34. womandlb says:

    Has anyone used the latest test kit by Exit for purity? Was it easy to use?

  35. anonymous says:


    I obtained powdered nembutal from China and I dissolved it in water for the purpose of taking it but couldn’t take it for some reason. Could you please tell me what is the life of that solution? The original expiration date of the powder was June 2013.

    Thanks in advance!!

  36. ergo says:

    Nembutal, kept sealed and in darkness, lasts many years. Even if then some deteriorated, a few extra pills are added to the dosage to compensate.

  37. bigjohn says:

    Hi, has anyone ordered Nembutal from this site?: Website: http://nembutalpentobarbitalforsale.webs.com

    I contacted them and for payment they give you a name and address for payment by Western Union in the Ukraine. Please advise if anyone had any success buying from them.

    ANSWER FROM DEREK HUMPHRY: I do not know about the reliability of this Ukraine connection. Some foreign sales sites are reliable (at least at first) and some are outright frauds. And then there is the question of quality?
    So ‘buyer beware’
    Derek, I just want to bring to your subscriber’s attention that the group calling itself “buynembutalonline” is definitely a fake and a scam! They get you to pay for the item and when it gets to the country of destination they demand further money from you under the threat and blackmail to notify customs for you illegally importing a prohibited product. Beware! —Big John (Alex) 19 Feb. 2014

  38. qwert says:

    Hello, I’ve noticed that most messages are quite old and that regulations might have tightened up for the past couple of years. So does anyone has recent news on how and where to get halatal, nembutal or a similar product? Thank you.

  39. peace999 says:

    BigJohn and everybody reading this! Be aware of the website In Ukraine mentioned above also using email Vladhorn111@gmail.com and using KED (Krust express delivery) ALL A BIG SCAM! and I was stupid enough to fall for it!

  40. roger112 says:

    I wonder if domperione would be as effective as metoclopramide as an antiemetic? Hard to find a reasonable comparison and don’t want to find out the hard way either.

  41. ergo says:

    Difficult to advise on which anti-emetic because suitability varies from person to person. Best to try a few brands, one at a time, and see which agrees with you.
    The best ones are Zofran 4-8 mg; Compazine 25 mg or Reglan 20 mg.
    If you tell a doctor that you nowadays get nausea when traveling, they will usually write a prescription

  42. roger112 says:

    Hi, I have another question. Does the veterinary nembutal degrade or become useless if it gets subjected to above average temperatures or below freezing temperatures? I have read it can degrade a bit but it does seem to be stable.

  43. ergo says:

    Veterinary Nembutal does not degrade provided it is kept unopened in its bottle and in a cool, dark place. It should be stable after five or more years.

  44. Barbara Cameron says:

    Is India a reliable source for Nembutal?

    ANSWER: Not via the internet, so far as we know.

  45. gooodnighttt says:


    Can anyone plz tell me how to keep N powder safe and potent for more than 5 years?
    I know it is possible.
    plz send me the complete procedure on how to keep it safe.
    I did search on google but its all confusing to me.
    What is a mylar bag? and Can we not keep it in a airtight bottle?
    If anyone knows plz tell me soon, I have to keep it safe as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  46. kiki says:

    Hi… is website from China a good source for Nembutal? Does anyone know?

  47. jurneyer says:

    Hi!Is there any reliable,intelligent source,without too much of useless discussions,about the availability of reliable,and potent enough chemicals i.e.Nembutal,that can be safely enough to obtain,and brought home!?I live in Canada!

  48. jurneyer says:

    Are there perchance any other drugs of the same effectiveness,and reliability as Nembutal, more readily available anywhere!? Thank you!

    ANSWER: Sorry, not that I know of. D H

  49. hugo07 says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m going to Peru very soon. I want to buy Nembutal. Is it possible today to do it without problems?
    Thank you for your answer.

  50. ergo says:

    I have heard indirectly that Nembutal can sometimes be purchased in Peru. Veterinary supply stores are the most likely to have Veterinary Nembutal. It is best hunted down with a local assistant.

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