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Author error in new movie “Nomadland” ( 3 Oscars 2021)

CORRECTION re the book ‘Final Exit’
Beginning at the 37-minute mark of this fine movie, the protagonist is having one of many “slice of life”-type conversations with a new friend who suddenly appears to be sick.

The new friend explains that she had small-cell lung cancer, that it had metastasized to her brain, and that her doctors had given her seven or eight months to live.

Then she says, “I have this book called Final Exit by Dr. Kevorkian. Some people call him Dr. Death. It’s like various ways that you can end your life if you need to. It’s kind of like a recipe.”

The author of ‘Final Exit’ is Derek Humphry, not Dr.Kevorkian.

It was 18 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in l991.  This guide book is still on sale daily — updated — in bookstores, Amazon, Kindle and the internet worldwide. See www.finalexit.org


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