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Dr Henry Marsh: The law insists that I suffer until the end

Dr Henry Marsh

After many decades of working with patients facing death, a recent diagnosis of advanced cancer means that I now face death myself — possibly within a year, perhaps up to five years or more if I am fortunate.

Although my discomfort is currently tolerable, I am deeply concerned by the very real possibility of a slow, undignified and painful death. As a doctor for over 40 years, I know that dying can be deeply distressing for both patient and family, despite what the opponents of assisted dying claim, however good the palliative care.

It is not just a question of physical suffering but also of the loss of autonomy that dying so often involves and which I dread most of all. I am quite certain that if people in my situation knew they had the ability to choose how, when and where they would die, it would greatly reduce their suffering…..continued….

Read his plea in Friday’s Times of London.  But why didn’t he speak up before he fell ill ??  This argument has been going on in Parliament since l936 in the UK


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