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Self-deliverance and assisted dying for the terminally and hopelessly ill

By Derek Humphry

This new version of the famous guide Final Exit has been called a suicide handbook, yet careful readers will find that it is powerfully addressed to terminally and hopelessly ill adults who have fought for life and no longer wish to suffer.

It is the thinking persons bible to self-deliverance and assisted dying to achieve a peaceful end within the family when pain has become unbearable.

When Final Exit was published in 1991 it was a best-seller on the New York Times book list for 18 weeks. Final Exit 2020 eBook is the 21st century successor, encapsulating all that we’ve learned about end of life choice options, since the Final Exit paperback was published. Includes the methods of self-deliverance using inert gas and newer drugs, amply illustrated. (The original kit document is not necessary, thus removed.)

Death with dignity requires more than knowledge for drugs and inert gases; thus this book outlines family involvement, the laws on helping another to die, insurance, hospice and Advance Directives (aka Living Wills). Death by self-starvation (VSED) is discussed as an option for personal euthanasia.

Final Exit 2020 argues that there is no need for a ‘Dr.Death’ such as Jack Kevorkian was, because personal, thoughtful final options are now available . Download and read the ebook to find out how.

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Derek Humphry is an award-winner author (Martin Luther King Memorial Prize) who in 1975 helped his first wife suffering advanced cancer to die at her choosing. He wrote about this in his classic book Jean’s Way. Later he formed the Hemlock Society (1980-2003) to modernize laws and attitudes concerning end of life choices.

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