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Various forms of medical assisted dying have been approved in the following states and nations. Each law has its own limits, rules and guidelines. All but Switzerland forbid foreigners this type of help to die. Only Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium permit chosen death via doctor lethal injection; all others are by doctor prescription which the patient drinks. A policy statement in England gives clear guidance when helping another to die would not be prosecuted, but there is no law.

Switzerland l940
Oregon 1994
Colombia l997
The Netherlands 2002
Belgium 2002
Washington 2008
Luxembourg 2009
Montana 2009 (court ruling only)
England & Wales 2010 (prosecution policy statement only. No law.)
Vermont 2014
Quebec 2015
California 2016
Canada 2016
Colorado 2016
Washington DC 2017
Hawaii 2019
New Jersey 2019
Victoria (Australia) 2019

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