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This posting reinforces what I’ve said always: To
obtain drugs for self-deliverance from unbearable illness from Mexico you have to go there. Not always possible of course. I repeat: mail orders for Nembutal from Mexico are nearly all scams.
Name: Alberto B
Purchasing Pisabental in Mexico

Last month I went to Valladolid, that is 150 km from Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Went to two veterinarian shops. Both offered to sell me Pisabental, no question asked. Got one bottle (expire 2019). Paid the equivalent to US 40.00.

(PISABENTAL® is sodium pentobarbital (also known as Nembutal)

4 Responses to “Acquiring Nembutal from Mexico requires a visit”

  1. Tonyt says:

    I’m not expecting anyone to provide a right answer but does anyone know of a nembutal source that is not a scam.

    REPLY Beware of any answers also being scams!

  2. albertalake says:

    So after being a (prepared and warned) victim of an expensive scam trying to buy Nembutal online, I finally got my hands on veterinary Pentobarbitol (Dolethal) 100 ml. It is the inyectable though, so I am wondering if I can drink that as I don’t see how to give myself an IV. I bought both antiemetics.
    Does anyone have the information on if it work to drink the product? Will it hurt?
    Any tip will be deeply appreciated as I cannot risk failure.

    ANSWER: Drinking the substance is effective for self-deliverance from a distressing illness, but it tastes horrible. http://www.finalexit.org/ergo-store

  3. jenszen says:

    I was wondering if rectal administration of Mexican veterinary Nembutal would burn or sting the recriminations? Anyone know whether or not this would happen?

    ANSWER: Doubtful if this method would be lethal.

  4. halliestephan18 says:

    I am new here. I would want to know if you guys know somthing about A, the seller mentioned in the PPH? I read he’s in Mexico.

    ANSWER — Nearly all the persons,in Mexico and elsewhere, are scams over drugs. Not found one I could suggest — wish I could.

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