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People desperate to buy the barbiturates Nembutal and Seconal are being taking advantage of by crooks
all over the world. There are at least 40 such web
sites which are fraudulent. The tricksters want
$500-$800 USD to be wired.

The following vital scam information is from the December 2018 issue newsletter of Exit International run by Dr. Philip Nitschke, who operates out of Australia and the Netherlands
Dr. Nitschke writes: Online Nembutal Scammers

2018 was a very successful year for online Nembutal Scammers!

Not only are Scammers using websites & email addresses, but this year saw them launch into the messaging service What’s App, the professional networking site Linked In & WordPress Blogs,in addition to websites & emails.

And they are using iTunes and Amazon gift cards, in addition to Western Union and Bitcoins to get paid.

In short, you can now be scammed by a range of means if you are searching online to buy Nembutal. And they come from as far afield as the US, Ukraine & Cameroon to name a few.

And, yes, a lot of them sound like Exit International & The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. (Or Final Exit or Derek Humphry)

• Euthanasia International
• Peaceful Pill Directory (above)

All are SCAMS! Caveat Emptor

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